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Author: EreticKB
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Created: Jul 16th 2021 at 1:23 PM
Last modified: Sep 2nd at 9:54 AM
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Despite separate my own items and recipes into another folder i can't be sure which original code wasn't tweaked, so all features in single list:

1. Added mold for spear, double and quad knife (2 and 4 knives in one mold, last demands x2 metal)

2. Straw, thatch block. Not fully substitute for dry grass, but mostly. Drops from most grain crops. Straw skep is decoration only, put into craft slot to get normal skep. (Surprisingly straw works with aurochs food recipe from Medieval Expansion).

3. Leather preparing overhaul. Hide produce tanned hide and must be sliced into leather. Also can be sliced prepared and scraped version. Use shears for better result.

4. Add cooked in firepit egg (surely from Lazy Warlock, no needs any changes since branching). 

5. Ash (chop some wood into flinders and "bake" them), Lye (fixed in v1.2.3) and Potash making. Potash is great fertelizer, lye can replace limewater.

7. Flint saw. Crude and fragile with limited use but still saw. Slightly imbalanced because let skip reed basket storage and not essential since introducing rough doors. But i like it. Seems many have trouble with crafting it. So i'll say: You cannot CRAFT flint saw, you must KNAP it. It no needs any handle.

8.Grinding charcoal. Charcoal powder has many uses. My favorite is briquette from straw(only straw, so you need some supplies from your fields), peat and charcoal powder. It's best for bronze and copper smelting and fueling forge.

9. Composting. Mix 4 straw, 4 rot with any soil and give it some time. Fully cured compost can be used as fertilizer or for creating composted soil, terra preta and compound fertilizer. Don't mistake it with vanila compost

10. Smithing: you can forge spear heads and two knives at once.

11. "Washing" muddy gravel for limestone.

12. Fully growth "grain" plants no more drops seeds, only products. You can craft seeds from soy beans, grains, pumpkins and bell peppers.

13. Skep drops when you harvest honey too.

14. If i remember correctly, you need (until any other mods override it) knife or scythe to get straw from grain crops.


BTH is a CONTENT mod. What it means? First, it have ZERO of scripting and CANNOT broke other mods scripts. Second: it cannot affect directly any recipe except hardcoded in it (and i make or patch no recipes outside of vanilla recipe list or mod's own items). Third, it works fine despite any version differences until version directly affects crafting mechanics or vanilla items used in mod (i'll try fix all found troubles although, just PM me or make something other that notify me) so mod counts "Up to date" until some broken things will found dispite any verision numbers.

P.s. I still support mod, just not develop it further right now.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.2.4 235 Sep 2nd at 9:54 AM Show
v1.2.3 538 Apr 5th at 10:49 PM Show
v1.2.2 85 Apr 5th at 9:37 PM Show
v1.2.1 689 Sep 9th 2021 at 11:01 AM Show
v1.2.0 343 Aug 22nd 2021 at 11:03 PM Show
v1.1.2 348 Jul 30th 2021 at 4:14 PM Show
v1.1.1 207 Jul 30th 2021 at 11:53 AM Show
v1.1.0 247 Jul 27th 2021 at 6:30 PM Show
v1.0.2 306 Jul 18th 2021 at 8:24 PM Show
v1.0.1 251 Jul 16th 2021 at 4:14 PM Show
v1.0.0 234 Jul 16th 2021 at 1:25 PM Show

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💬 Ziru, 3 days ago

is this working with v1.7.9?

💬 EreticKB, Sep 20th at 5:31 PM

Try to use knife or scythe.

💬 headtread, Sep 17th at 12:56 AM

Grain crops aren't dropping straw on a server I'm on. BTH was added midway; is this a known issue, and is there a fix? Other tweaks are all working, including the grain-to-seed recipe.

💬 EreticKB, Sep 1st at 9:43 PM

No, i try to fix it soon. Thx.

💬 Craluminum, Aug 24th at 3:52 PM

Is a straw basket ground storable like any other vanilla bag?

💬 EreticKB, Aug 10th at 10:41 AM

M.b. too late, this was solved weeks ago, it was unknown troubles on Thranos side and was fixed by fully reinstalling all mods. 

💬 Thranos, Jun 29th at 5:17 AM

The whittling recipes (specifically with the saw) are causing a lot of recipe issues with other mods. If this ever gets picked back up, a config to disable various things would be nice.

💬 Thranos, Jun 21st at 8:17 PM

Kazeoni I know how it's supposed to work, but no recipes actually appear. Unsure if it's a mod conflict on my end- running latest VS version.   

💬 Kazeoni, Jun 21st at 9:52 AM

Thranos, the flint saw is a nerfed saw. Most recipes where you need the vanilla metal saw accept it. Tho very low durability and produces less planks from logs.

💬 Thranos, Jun 17th at 8:42 AM

Flint saw appears nonfunctional- no recipes for it. It can be made but is basically a paperweight. 

💬 Theisgood, Apr 10th at 5:49 PM

Would you be able to add a config for the flint saw. True or false type deal. I feel cheaty using it. lol

💬 GamingToast, Mar 31st at 1:36 PM

Leatherworking doesn't seem to work anymore since 1.16, i get the tanned hide out of the barrel but i can't make anything out of it. The H-Menu also doesn't show any recipes for leather? Will there be an update for this mod?

💬 Mendall, Oct 3rd 2021 at 5:48 PM

I’m sure your description is amazing for the people that know what Warlocks's tweaks is.
but for the rest of us a short list of the added featured would be appreciated.

💬 Victory, Aug 21st 2021 at 1:20 PM

When the wood finishes burning it leaves ash and when you try to interact with it the game crashes. Is there a fix for this?

💬 Dragon_Attack, Aug 19th 2021 at 7:07 PM

when trying to get the ashes out of the oven, the game crushes

💬 Hoof_Lover, Aug 8th 2021 at 2:20 PM

how do you craft wooden path now?

💬 Pinkytwigosh, Jul 18th 2021 at 11:01 PM

I appreciate you updating my favorite mod to 1.15 🤩

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