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This mod is best used with Lavoisier and A Culinary Artillery. Using both mods, all items from ChemistryLib can be made.

About ChemistryLib

ChemistryLib is a library mod adding a fair amount of common chemicals to Vintage Story.

I first thought about this mod when I saw that multiple mods used sulfuric acid in their recipes, and every mod added their own sulfuric acid: none were compatible with each other. This mod is trying to fix this kind of issue.

This mod is also the reason why I created Lavoisier: I was missing an immersive crafting system to be used as a default for ChemistryLib.

The mod adds the following items:

Hydrochloric acid ("Spirit of salt")
Sulfuric acid ("Oil of vitriol")
Nitric acid ("Spirit of niter")
Hydrofluoric acid ("Spirit of fluorite")
Aqua regia
Acetic acid (glacial; not exactly the same as vinegar)
Pyroligneous acid (wood dry distillation product, contains acetic acid and methanol, mostly)

Sodium carbonate ("Soda ash")
Sodium hydroxide ("Caustic soda")
Potassium hydroxide ("Caustic potash")

Pure elements:
Phosphorus (white and red)

Calcium acetate
Glauber's salt
Ammonium chloride ("Sal ammoniac")

Organic compounds:
Methanol ("Wood spirit")
Coal tar

Seltzer (carbonated water)
Lens (a glass lens)

Mods using ChemistryLib:

Kingdom of Science: Fire & Explosions : adds dynamite (and nitroglycerin to make it) and phosphorus matches.

Simple Alchemy : adds potions with various effects, and a potion-making system.

Kingdom of Science: Photographic Memories : adds silver photography to the game.

Pretzels : adds pretzels and lye croissants.

For modders:

The goal of ChemistryLib is, obviously, to be used by other mods! Right now a lot of things aren't craftable, but they will be in the near future! You could use this mod as a basis, and I will take care of the primary recipes (using both Lavoisier and ChemistryLib-recipes) probably before you release your mod.

Please tell me if you make a mod that uses ChemistryLib so I can list it here.

Also please tell me if you'll need any other chemical that you feel could be widely used (or if it's already used by another mod), or if you see any chemical used by two separate mods, so I can add it here!

Using Lavoisier:

Check the Lavoisier wiki.


just adding ChemLib to the page since I call it that most of the time, for referencing

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💬 l33tmaan, Mar 13th at 5:06 AM

Neato. I could use some of this weirdo stuff in Expanded Foods. Like the nitric acid!

💬 Frepo, Mar 11th at 12:03 PM

Well done! Thank you for this!!

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