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Author: Sp0wN
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Created: May 6th at 3:27 PM
Last modified: 6 days ago
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Latest file for Various v1.18.x: 1-click install

The original mod is Advanced Backpack Construction System, the author of the mod is Jobediah
Many thanks to him for the idea of developing this mod.

Advanced Backpack Construction System this is construction system for Linen and Leather backpacks.

Fixes, edits, development and testing are done specifically for/on the server: [UA] Wooden Story Tale

Before installation, I RECOMMEND backing up files.

Linen Backpacks available for crafting:

Linen Backpack:                              Leather Backpack:

Mini (8 slots)                                   Mini (10 slots)
Tall (10 slots)                                  Tall (12 slots)
Basic (12 slots)                               Basic (14 slots)
Super (16 slots)                              Super (18 slots)
Mega (20 slots)                               Mega (22 slots)
Ultra (24 slots)                                Ultra (26 slots)

Possible updates note:

  • reverse craft recipes or backpack cutting (50/50)
  • add config file for capacity (in process)


  • After talking with players on the servers and just friends, I decided to radically change the backpack crafting system.
  • Now crafting will require more materials than before, crafting has become more complex and interesting (in my opinion).
  • Added leather backpacks that can now be crafted.
  • Added new standard backpack craft.
  • Added the ability to cut a linen bag and a hunter's backpack.

I know about overlapping textures of backpacks, I am working on a solution to this issue.
Unfortunately, I still can't figure out how to make the lights work in leather backpacks. The linen lanterns work.

If you don't want to make it harder for yourself to survive, or you don't want innovations, just don't update yourself on a server or solo game. But keep in mind, updates to the old version will not be released.

Before installation, I RECOMMEND backing up files.



Small fix of config files (please test Ultra backpack)
If there are bugs, please revert to version 0.0.3, bversion 0.0.4 and 0.0.5 are slightly changed. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks DeNoven for the testing, and here are his notes:

Did a little testing with 0.0.3 through 0.0.5;

  • Going forward a version turns the backpacks from the previous versions into a flat white square, no inv, itemtype: ID
  • The inventory is preserved but inaccessible - as chuckles says, this reverts ok when downgrading, inventory is still there.
  • Newly created backpacks (post-upgrade) do not have this issue.

My advice for users seeing this is; dump your items into other containers. Swap to a future version, then dump the broken backpacks and either make new ones or spawn them via a quick change to creative via /gamemode


Fix capacity Ultra linen backpack
Added the ability to put backpacks on the ground and pick them back up.
Added models of leather backpacks: mini, basic, super, mega, ultra.
Some configs that could cause a crash have been changed (thanks to the master, guru, mentor and just a good friend DArkHekRoMaNT for the tips).

Updating the game to version 1.18.2 and 1.18.3 doesn't seem to break anything (checked on the server)


Changed background colors in linen backpacks 
Fixed some bugs in mod code.
Added two leather backpacks (They are implemented simply as models, it is not possible to craft them because there are no recipes. They are required for future updates).

Most important:
Fixed a bug that led to the departure of players on servers. The tests were conducted on the test server. I will be very grateful for your feedback. Don't forget to save just in case!


Fix error [missing modinfo.json]

This mod is not mine, I just adapted it for version 1.18 and is it my first mod or fix mod, thanks for your understanding.

For faster resolution of issues, recommend following to my Discord Workshop

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.0.6 351 6 days ago Show Install now
v0.0.5 468 May 13th at 7:25 AM Show Install now
v0.0.4 71 May 12th at 6:58 PM Show Install now
v0.0.3 201 May 10th at 7:56 PM Show Install now
v0.0.2 410 May 6th at 4:24 PM Show Install now
v0.0.1 22 May 6th at 4:05 PM Show Install now

30 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Sp0wN, 3 days ago

Thank you, it is very nice to hear such words.

💬 Zanzibar, 3 days ago

Thankyou so much for this type of mod! I feel like vanilla bag crafting is a bit too easy...Your doing gods work my friend.

💬 Sp0wN, May 19th at 9:03 PM

Thanks, I have seen and am aware of this error. I am working on an update, I do not consider it necessary to download an incomplete version.

💬 DArkHekRoMaNT, May 19th at 6:09 PM

[Warning] [abcsreborn] Dependency 'game': Failed parsing version string '1.18.0, 1.18.1, 1.18.2, 1.18.3' at index 6: Expected PRE_RELEASE or BUILD_METADATA, found ',' (best guess: 1.18.0-

Dependencies only supports a well-defined minimum version, not a list

💬 Sp0wN, May 14th at 4:08 PM

Thanks for the detailed description. I think you helped not only me but also other players. Yes, this is a problem, it is not possible to fix it, because without transition to 0.0.5 it is not possible to develop the mod further. So I apologize for some inconvenience! I hope further developments will bring only joy.

💬 DeNoven, May 14th at 3:44 PM

Did a little testing with 0.0.3 through 0.0.5;

  • Going forward a version turns the backpacks from the previous versions into a flat white square, no inv, itemtype: ID
  • The inventory is preserved but inaccessible - as chuckles says, this reverts ok when downgrading, inventory is still there.
  • Newly created backpacks (post-upgrade) do not have this issue.

My advice for users seeing this is; dump your items into other containers. Swap to a future version, then dump the broken backpacks and either make new ones or spawn them via a quick change to creative via /gamemode

Hope this helps, Sp0wN!

💬 Sp0wN, May 13th at 6:37 AM

Thanks, I didn't see that during the tests. I will make corrections as soon as possible. Fix, pls testing.

💬 Chuckles, May 12th at 8:42 PM

0.0.4 version changes existing Ultra backpacks into white flat squares, no inventory, with an itemtype: ID name

reverts ok, no permanent damage when downgrading to 0.0.3

💬 Sp0wN, May 12th at 5:18 PM

Thanks for the message, I'll try to fix it today 😌


I am very glad to hear such words, the main joy of a modder is to make users happy 😜

💬 Whiteindia, May 12th at 4:11 AM

The in game description for both the mega and the ultra shows 20 slots.

💬 Neoforerunner, May 12th at 3:34 AM

Sp0wN Awesome ill add it back in and keep a note of it for everyone! I really appreciate the hardwork you put into this mod! I love it! 💙

💬 Sp0wN, May 11th at 3:14 PM


Unfortunately, I did not test the lamp from the "still useful staff" mod, but I am in contact with the author of this mod.I think it can be fixed, thanks for the tip.

I had no problems yesterday during the tests on the server with a tall backpack. Are you playing solo or on a server? What mods do you use? Is it possible to view the crash log?

UPD: Just checked the operation of the lights, everything works. Backpacks are not crush the game. I tested everything in multiplayer.

💬 Pabbley, May 11th at 7:59 AM

What are the chances the mod 'still useful stuff' 's lantern clip feature is causing the crash?

💬 Pabbley, May 11th at 6:41 AM

Hey there, the moment I upgraded my minipack to a tallbackpack and equip it back on my game crashed, now I cannot log back in at all.

💬 Mendall, May 11th at 2:12 AM

Yanazake I already use backpackplusplus my only problem with it is the largest size is not a backpack but a temporal something or other. And if it's not a backpack proper, it will not work with lantern clipping from useful stuff mod I was hoping to switch to this one, but it's just too easy makes me feel life I'm giving up a big chunk of game play. So for now I figure ill stick with plusplus and just run 3 temporal whatsits and one slightly smaller backpack, so I can clip my lantern.

💬 Yanazake, May 10th at 8:45 PM

You can just go with Backpack Pack. It also has a nice progression, but it is certainly not an easy path.

💬 Mendall, May 10th at 12:22 AM

I would like to see a version of this mod that was a lot more expensive. These bags are way overpowered(a good thing) but they're way to cheep. (a kinda bad thing) being this cheep means there is no progression, and it misses a chance to give the player more game to play by making him work for things more. I realize not everyone will want that so it's not a complaint, just an observation. Maybe make an option where some hard to get resources are required for the bigger ones, so we have a reason for an explore.

💬 Sp0wN, May 9th at 9:05 PM

Tested a bit today what you described below. On our server, of all the reported problems, only the game crashes with the inability to log in again. It was necessary to restore the world from the backup - I will work on it! There is a problem with the horses, unfortunately I cannot protest. There are no problems with the display problem either. You most likely have a conflict with the mods you are using on the server.

💬 Sp0wN, May 9th at 3:37 PM


Thanks for the message, in theory the problem with horses does not apply to fashion with backpacks. Although everything can be. On the server I work on, the horses were completely removed, because there were a lot of problems with them. Little by little, I will solve the problems that have already been discovered, and thanks to you, we will improve the mod.

💬 Kapibarion, May 9th at 12:54 PM

Hello Sp0wN,

Great mod! I wanted to add some observed problems, besides those already mentioned: while one of our players wearing the ultimate backpack had been invisible (only lantern was visible), I tried to fix it by rebooting the server. It resulted in something even worse: a few of my horses disappeared (some stayed) and also some sheeps, hens and pigs (but only part of them). I had to restore the server to previous save.

Despite those issues I hope to use this mod in future after they are fixed :)

Thank you!

💬 Sp0wN, May 9th at 7:05 AM


I thought about it too, but I still don't know how to make a config that could be edited by the admin on the server. If possible, I will ask more knowledgeable fashionistas about it.


Thanks for the message, it means a lot to me. I'm an admin on the server myself, so this is really a problem. I even guess what the problem might be, I will prepare a fix. The failure is not on the server, but causes the client to crash. Please clarify this. The server will not break from this. By the way, after testing, it turns out that only one basic backpack leads to this. I will record! Thank you again.

💬 bringitonwimps, May 9th at 1:29 AM

i like this mod as well, what would be cool is if you make a back pack and add on "pouches" to the packs to add spaces.   regardless this is cool, but is there a way to have a config to adjust the slots?.. 24 slots feel to large, id reather have a smaller jump per bag on our server.  but i understand that others may not.  idk if there is an easy way to config that, or if its there already.  i havent added this yet to server as im a little worried about it being balanced.

💬 Neoforerunner, May 8th at 9:53 PM

I love the mod concept! I would love to see some of the bugs fixed! I know the Mini Backpacks makes me invisible to others and cause a floating item to the right! When moving backpacks to different slots cause a server wide crash loop which caused me to have to remove the mod! Other than that I think the mod works great but think everyone should be aware so they dont corrupt there game! I will def add it back if these get resolved!


💬 dakko, May 8th at 1:28 PM

I had not seen Jobediah's original post where he explained his thought process when I posted earlier. It's very interesting and adds to my enjoyment and appreciation for this mod!

💬 Sp0wN, May 8th at 1:22 PM

@Yanazake this is quite an interesting idea, I'll make a note of it. Thank you.

💬 Yanazake, May 8th at 11:04 AM

this is pretty cool, and doesn't use metal for reinforcement :0 Can they be deconstructed to go back one stage and go up more stages? I'm not sure from the pictures which pack is used for the progression in some parts. Still a  great idea.

💬 Sp0wN, May 7th at 4:04 PM

dakko just thought it would be better that way. Especially since I only recently started to understand fashion at least a little. All your comments are important to me. It helps to move forward. Thank you.

💬 dakko, May 7th at 2:02 PM

Why did you reduce the capacity of the Tall (11 slots to 10), Basic (14 slots to 12) and Super (17 slots to 16)?

Since the ingredients for each upgrade are consistent, it 'feels' (to me) as though increasing to Basic is an inefficient use of resources.

I was not aware of the earlier version of this mod and excited to try it out. Thank you for updating it and making it available!

💬 Sp0wN, May 7th at 7:48 AM

Chuckles thanks for the feedback, I made a note in my notebook

💬 Chuckles, May 6th at 11:43 PM

Can the background color of the backpack slots be configured to the default? It's hard to see some items in purple/other colors

(edit comment delete)