Mods / Advanced Backpack Construction System

Author: Jobediah
Side: Both
Created: Feb 20th at 3:55 PM
Last modified: Feb 20th at 3:57 PM
Downloads: 1385

A 6-stage system for constructing backpacks out of Linen, Twine, Rope, and Stationary Baskets. Also includes Nomad Mode Mod to alter the Flax output and WorldGen amounts. 1.0.5 is for existing worlds, 1.0.8 will adjust Worldgen to 0.08 Chance of Flax.

See the forum post for much more information. 

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.8 860 Feb 20th at 3:57 PM Show
v1.0.5 152 Feb 20th at 3:57 PM Show
v1.0.0 373 Feb 20th at 3:56 PM Show

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Majnun, Sep 30th at 3:08 PM

The ABCS mod works with 1.15.6.

Not sure about the NomadModeMod.

GenocidalAgent, Aug 18th at 9:07 PM

Is this Version compatable with 1.15.5?

Smile, Jul 2nd at 12:57 AM

This is basically the backpack system that I wanted to implement, where you can upgrade a backpack to slowly increase its size. 

copygirl, Mar 1st at 7:04 AM

@l33tmaan The dependencies in the modinfo.json specify the minimum version, so when it says "1.14.7" the game will still load it in "1.14.8" and even "1.15.0". There might be another issue that prevents the mod from loading properly.

l33tmaan, Mar 1st at 2:33 AM

@MegaGaara You can do it yourself by opening modinfo.json and editing  '"Dependencies": { "game": "1.14.7" }' to 1.14.8, or just removing it altogether.

MegaGaara23, Mar 1st at 12:09 AM

Would love to see this mod updated to work in 1.4.8 so I can try it as it currently doesn't load in the new version for some reason.

Edgareredra, Feb 28th at 1:29 AM

This mod looks great! Thank you!

Craluminum, Feb 27th at 6:53 PM

Can you add "leather way"?

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