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Author: Th3Dilli
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Created: Feb 11th 2023 at 6:35 PM
Last modified: Mar 15th at 6:52 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.5-rc.1: 1-click install

This mod contains a basic framework for generating dungeons, so it can work along with other mods that add more dungeon builds to the game. For further information check out the repository readme.

Dungeons will only appear in parts of the world that are generated after the mod was added.

If you want to always have an entrance visible at the surface install Th3DungeonTopEntrance alongside Ancient Dungeons.
It is safe to add that new mod if you already have been using this mod. The new dungeons will then only appear on newly generated chunks.



  • procedural dungeon generation
  • room-based generator, handmade rooms that are just vintage story schematics
  • very extensible through its config for other mods as well for server admins though the modconfig
  • enable the reinforcement of all dungeon blocks
  • replace rocks with their local variant
  • configurable entrance generation, so if you do not want the dungeons to be findable from the surface you can turn off the entrance
  • as admin or in singleplayer you can run `/mapth3dungeons 10` to add a waypoint for every dungeon within 10 chunk radius (can't be undone yet) - very helpful for testing



  • dungeons will only spawn underground and no longer in the water
  • the provided dungeons shouldn't contain any water sources within them (underground)
  • due to some issues the dungeons sometimes won't generate perfectly, which means missing parts of a room or miss placed rooms (this seems to be less of an issue when the dungeon is generated when normal exploring but can be more of a problem when teleporting towards a dungeon that hasn't been yet generated)
  • Dungeons spawn positions are saved to a separate file ModData/<WorldID>/th3dungeon.bin this was needed to boost performance while preventing the overlapping of dungeons




Vanilla (some dungeons won't have a surface entrance)

Download the vanilla th3dungeonconfig.json config and put it into your ModConfig folder.

All dungeons have a surface entrance

Download this TopEntrance th3dungeonconfig.json config and put it into your ModConfig folder.
If you just put this file into your ModConfig folder without modifications it will do the same as the Th3DungeonTopEntrance mod.


Huge shout out to  NiclAss  who made all the awesome dungeons within this mod.


For help or discussion about the dungeon generator join my Discord Server

If you are interested in making dungeons check out VintageStoryBuilders Discord by NiclAss


For documentation on how to configure and make an addon mod to add more dungeons click here



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Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.2.1 5884 Mar 15th at 6:52 PM Show Install now
v0.2.1-rc.1 7389 Jan 7th at 8:16 PM Show Install now
v0.2.0 10675 Oct 1st 2023 at 8:05 AM Show Install now
v0.1.3 5134 Aug 9th 2023 at 10:43 PM Show Install now
v0.1.2 6328 Apr 29th 2023 at 10:08 AM Show Install now
v0.1.1 1663 Feb 23rd 2023 at 3:22 PM Show Install now
v0.1.0 173 Feb 23rd 2023 at 12:05 PM Show Install now

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💬 Vassil, 1 day ago

Unfortunately it appears that with the latest version of VS starting a new world with this active causes a worldgen issue. been trying for the last week and keep getting a thrown exception:
Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at th3dungeon.Data.DungeonRoom..ctor(ICoreServerAPI api, BlockSchematic schematic, IBlockAccessor chunkGenBlockAccessor, String fileName) in /home/dilli/drive_linux/git_repos/vintagestory/mods/Th3Dungeon/Th3Dungeon/Data/DungeonRoom.cs:line 11
at th3dungeon.Th3Dungeon.<>c__DisplayClass27_0.<InitWorldGen>b__6(KeyValuePair`2 asset) in /home/dilli/drive_linux/git_repos/vintagestory/mods/Th3Dungeon/Th3Dungeon/Th3Dungeon.cs:line 444
at System.Linq.Enumerable.SelectEnumerableIterator`2.ToList()
at th3dungeon.Th3Dungeon.<>c__DisplayClass27_0.<InitWorldGen>b__1(DungeonConfig dungeon) in /home/dilli/drive_linux/git_repos/vintagestory/mods/Th3Dungeon/Th3Dungeon/Th3Dungeon.cs:line 443
at System.Collections.Generic.List`1.ForEach(Action`1 action)
at th3dungeon.Th3Dungeon.InitWorldGen() in /home/dilli/drive_linux/git_repos/vintagestory/mods/Th3Dungeon/Th3Dungeon/Th3Dungeon.cs:line 395
at Vintagestory.Server.ServerSystemSupplyChunks.LoadWorldgenHandlerAndSpawnChunks() in VintagestoryLib\Server\Systems\World\LoadThread\SupplyChunks.cs:line 1341
at Vintagestory.Server.ServerSystemLoadAndSaveGame.OnWorldgenStartup() in VintagestoryLib\Server\Systems\World\LoadThread\LoadSaveGame.cs:line 185
at Vintagestory.Server.ServerEventManager.TriggerWorldgenStartup() in VintagestoryLib\Server\ServerEventManager.cs:line 481

💬 dangerousb, Mar 29th at 10:38 PM

I just started using this mod and I love it, but I think there are some incompatibilities with the Rivers mod:


The dungeon can try to generate under the rivers and just seems not to spawn if that happens. I added map markers using "/mapth3dungeons 10" but I dug down and never found the dungeon at that location. They did spawn correctly when not under a river on this same world, though.


Also, the Top Entrance mod seems to block rivers spawnning completly. The mod author for Rivers has some notes on locating rivers in other mods. Would you have any interest in making a compatibility patch?

💬 Hydromancerx, Mar 15th at 8:05 PM

"I also made it so that If lore content is disabled (Homo Sapiens) it won't spawn dungeons."
If you do decide to make the Fantasy monster versionyou should probby disable this because you could have a situtation where you don't have lore content but do have fantasy creature. I currently play on Homo Sapiens (with tweaked settings) but use Feverstone Wilds too.

💬 Th3DilliAuthor, Mar 15th at 7:27 PM


As of now, that would require an alternative mod that adds the same dungeons with slight modifications and a dependency on those mods. So unless there is high demand for that I would not do that in the foreseeable future. sorry

💬 Th3DilliAuthor, Mar 15th at 7:25 PM

I have now added a new config mod to enable surface entrances for all dungeons.

I also made it so that If lore content is disabled (Homo Sapiens) it won't spawn dungeons.



For now, I would not add back dungeons that have infinite spawning enemies. Since the way it is currently it is more in line with the base game where you should still get underground enemies spawn just not that high as with spawners.
If there is more demand for such an addition I may consider making an extra extension to achieve that.


i have now added a configuration section here on the moddb page 

💬 Hydromancerx, Mar 15th at 7:05 PM

Could you make a patch so monsters from Fantasy Creatues mod and Feverstone Wilds mod spawn in the dunegons?

💬 SunshineFaith, Mar 4th at 10:02 PM

Love the mod.  I haven't been playing VS long so I haven't seen many dungeons yet.  I love the ideas in the last two posts.   Having options to clear once is nice.  Thank you for your hard work.  

💬 Screwy, Feb 28th at 6:11 PM

Thanks for the awesome mod! We've been using it for a while now on our server. You asked for feedback on the enemy spawns in dungeons? On our server we use the dungeons to farm jonas parts from sawblades, as they are an important part of our economy. We still have some old dungeons with the respawning enemy waves, dozens of locusts and bells all the time (love it!). But we also have the new ones, so we can compare.

I understand that not everyone wants to use dungeons as a permanent source of hightech materials and rather wants to clear them once and then loot in peace. But we do use them for that, so we want to keep those old dungeons as long as possible.

We percieve basically almost every newly generated dungeon as totally harmless, as soon as someone was there once to trigger the spawners. This makes them a one-time-funpark and causes our adventurers to generate massive ammounts of new land to uncover the ever next dungeon.

Sadly we have to wipe our map soon, so the old "highlevel" dungeons will be gone. Would it be possible to give a config option on the respawn capability of enemies in dungeons? Maybe in two or three difficulty settings?

Another solution could be that not every dungeon has respawning enemies, but only half of them (or specific/special ones).

💬 Sooner535, Feb 27th at 6:47 PM

Just curious on a few things:

  1. When is the next update planned to be out?
  2. Is there anything we can do to make the dungeons bigger in configs?
  3. Thank you for making this mod!
💬 Th3DilliAuthor, Feb 2nd at 4:45 PM

with the next update that I hope to do soonish, I want to add an option so one can easily enable only dungeons with entrances or change them to all have one and add a configurable chance to have one or not

💬 Fettuccine, Jan 30th at 1:18 AM

Same here, the dungeons generate without entrances, landcover 40%, land scale 200%, default height

Way I have fixed it is by going into the json config in assets/worldgen and setting the spawnchance to 0 for all no entrance dungeons. I imagine that, due to the config missing, worldgen just spawns all types, entrance and no entrance included. Due to no entrance types having a higher chance to spawn, this might create the illusion that dungeons spawn without entrances

💬 DarkThoughts, Jan 9th at 10:27 PM

Bug: This unfortunately spawns in homo sapiens mode. I believe it should be disabled with I presume the Lore Content toggle in the world gen settings.

💬 Jozhin_z_bazhin, Jan 9th at 7:43 PM

Can confirm no entrance issue too on 1.19.rc6, with world height 320

Also, there is no config in modconfig folder, and binary dungeon cache file in moddata/%worldid%

💬 Luminescence, Jan 9th at 2:10 PM

I can join DudewithPizza's feedback - the dungeon generation itself works for me however no entrances are being generated.
Other worldgen affecting mods that I am using are: BetterRuins, BetterTraders, Teleportation Network and Underground Mines.
I'm playing on game version 1.18.15 using the 0.2.0 version of Th3Dungeon, world settings are all standard

💬 Syndo, Dec 5th 2023 at 10:38 AM

thanks :)


💬 Th3DilliAuthor, Dec 3rd 2023 at 3:12 PM

yes it works on 1.18.15, i added the tag now

💬 Syndo, Dec 2nd 2023 at 11:57 AM

Will this work for 18.15?

💬 DudewithPizza, Nov 20th 2023 at 9:52 PM

Does anyone know if any world gen settings mess up dungeon entrances? Was trying to create an island map and none of the dungeons are spawning with entrances. I first suspected changing world height was the culprit but remaking the map with default height yielded the same problem. So now i suspect it might be something to do with maybe upheaval rate or landform scaling but want to know other's experiences and/or potential solutions.

To reiterate, the dungeons are spawning they are just completely submerged in the ground with no entrance generated and no real chance of players finding them without unnecessary mass excavation.

💬 gndrneutralnoun, Nov 13th 2023 at 4:59 PM

Love this mod SO much. The procedural dungeons creating sprawling mines is exactly what VS needs. Highly reccommend it for any playthrough.

💬 TheNiteFox, Oct 30th 2023 at 7:05 PM

Amazing mod! 

💬 Th3DilliAuthor, Oct 7th 2023 at 7:13 AM

you will need some weapons and eventually armor too to properly loot them anyway, you will find chests and vessels in them as well as raw ore and other stacked up materials like bricks

💬 jamescook, Oct 6th 2023 at 4:21 PM

welp so far every dungeon i went to was underground compleatly and i'm yet to hit copper age due to lack of charcoal (about to make that) just got to ask if i find any storage chests in these dungeons, am i able to take them with me back home? eather by picking them up via caryy on or just mining them up

💬 Th3DilliAuthor, Sep 18th 2023 at 8:57 PM

yeah unfortunately right now the spawn rate is just endless, it will be fixed with the next update for newly generated dungeons, if you are on single player you could enable creative mode and then turn on meta rendering with CTRL+F4 to destroy them

💬 Cian, Sep 16th 2023 at 4:29 PM

Have to agree, the spawn rate is ridiculous. Is it just endless? 


Maybe you can give us an option to turn off the respawns? Or at least limit them? I tried to clear a dungeon with steel chain armor and 100 arrows with a recurve bow as a hunter. I explored a few halls deep and had to retreat with the swarms of nightmare drifters and sawblade locusts just endlessly spawning and rushing me from both directions. I ended up leaving with 94 out of 100 arrows broken (steel arrows, I fired and picked up repeatedly until they broke) and bodies were everywhere and I still only got a few hallways deep. 

I would like to be able to clear a dungeon eventually.

💬 Th3DilliAuthor, Sep 11th 2023 at 8:11 AM


hmm yeah I can see I, will have a look how we can tweak those better, for now you can turn on creative mode to enable Metablock rendering (CTRL + F4) and then you can destroy the spawners for yourself for SP



yes you can just overwrite what you want to change and the rest will load the default values

💬 BlackJackal84, Sep 10th 2023 at 1:42 PM

The mod is beautiful and I love it.
However I have to make one complaint alas..
The spawn rate is really excessive, as you literally kill one 75 seconds later you spawn another. Since I'm a drifter, that's fine, I have an iron armor so I don't even feel them.
However, the story changes if it's Chainsaw Locusts, Two-Headed Drifters, Bells and other drifters that do heavy damage.
Constantly having chainsaw Locusts in your face even though you just killed one is annoying, not to mention how the Armor's durability literally says goodbye to you.
I only play in SP with loss of loot upon death and I don't want to use mods that nerf drifters and company.
But it's difficult for me to explore even just one of the mod's dungeons. Just think that I have 3 near my house that already have 1 bell and 3 chainsaw Locusts at the entrance.
Killing them is not a problem with the right equipment, the problem is precisely the spawnrate.

I don't know how to work with the mod files, is there any advice? Or are you thinking of fixing this problem?

Thank you,

💬 Zinloz, Sep 3rd 2023 at 5:40 PM

I really enjoy exploring these - normal caving/ruins don't feel like a good risk vs. reward scenario (because they're all basically 0 risk and 0 reward...). But in these you end up fighting a lot of corrupted sawblade locusts and nightmare/double headed drifters, but you also get a lot of loot (including what seems like a good chance at some silver/gold deposits).

If we want to change just some of the settings and not all, is it sufficient to only modify specific fields in a config JSON? i.e. can I do:

    "Chance": 0.1

to increase the spawn chance, while keeping all the other default values the same? Or do we need to include a complete file similar to what is in the example? Including a config template in the download would be nice.

💬 Th3DilliAuthor, Aug 10th 2023 at 6:01 PM

yes, 1.18.8 is also net7 only so thats why the update

💬 Moon_Dew, Aug 10th 2023 at 12:29 AM

Is the latest update Net 7 only?

💬 Chuckles, May 10th 2023 at 3:21 PM

Utterly amazing.  Having multiple bells spawn on top of you, soooo many sawblade locusts, VERY fun with "Better Drifters" mod. 


Awesome work, @Th3Dilli, and @NiclAss!

💬 AzuliBluespots, Apr 29th 2023 at 11:19 AM

Right on time for me to test this beast today x.x Oh gawd.

💬 Darkpaapi, Apr 23rd 2023 at 9:43 AM

Cant wait :D Got proper addicted on your mod :D

💬 Th3DilliAuthor, Apr 20th 2023 at 3:36 PM

update will be this week/weekend ;)

💬 AzuliBluespots, Apr 20th 2023 at 3:34 PM

Waiting eagerly for the 1.18 ocean check :D

💬 Ikirou, Mar 19th 2023 at 4:08 PM

Ah okay u speak already about an Ocean check just came here to ask for it!^^

that would be awsome cuz there are lots open in the ocean of them.

💬 Th3DilliAuthor, Mar 19th 2023 at 8:43 AM


 best would be if you can give me world seed and location so i can debug it

although there are dungeons that are not fully walled off so that could be "by design", i need to add something like a ocean check 

💬 OpPointBaker, Mar 19th 2023 at 2:14 AM

Generates partial dungeons in oceans. All blocks are there except the actual stone so they are flooded with water.

I can provide screen shots if neccessary. 

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