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Author: egocarib
Side: Both
Created: Jun 27th 2021 at 1:09 AM
Last modified: Jun 25th at 6:16 PM
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Latest file for v1.18.6:
Auto Map Markers (1.18.6 ).zip 1-click install

Automatically adds map markers to your map when you interact with certain objects. Fully configurable to add only the map markers you are interested in. Current options include:

  • Add map markers when you harvest resin, berries, or mushrooms.
  • Add map markers when you collect loose surface ores.
  • Add map markers when you interact with traders.

Makes it easier to remember locations and return to those locations later, and eliminates the tedium of manually opening the map and creating map markers. Can also help to ensure you don't miss out on gold or silver surface ore, which are sometimes difficult to spot!

Also supports hotkeys:

  • Up to 3 custom, configurable map markers linked to hotkeys.
  • A hotkey to delete the nearest map marker.


The mod is disabled by default when first installed. To enable the mod, open the configuration menu (Ctrl+Shift+M by default, adjustable keybind), and click the Enable button. You can also configure all of your preferences from this menu, including the icons, colors, and names that should be used for each type of automatically created map marker.


Works both in singleplayer mode and on multiplayer servers. Check out the file changelogs for more details!

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v2.6.0 6628 Jun 25th at 6:16 PM Show Auto Map Markers (1.18.6 ).zip Install now
v2.4.0-pre.1 4320 Jun 25th 2022 at 6:44 PM Show Auto Map Markers (1.17.0-pre.1).zip Install now
v2.3.0 2807 Jan 22nd 2022 at 4:47 PM Show Auto Map Install now
v2.2.2 1691 Jul 14th 2021 at 4:21 PM Show Auto Map Install now
v2.1.0 375 Jul 13th 2021 at 1:55 AM Show Auto Map Install now
v2.0.1 468 Jul 2nd 2021 at 12:31 PM Show egocaribautomapmarkers_v2.0.1 (1.15.pre11).zip Install now
v2.2.1 357 Jul 14th 2021 at 4:21 PM Show Auto Map Install now
v2.0.9 339 Jul 13th 2021 at 1:19 PM Show Auto Map Install now
v2.0.0 396 Jul 2nd 2021 at 12:30 PM Show egocaribautomapmarkers_v2.0.0 (1.14.10).zip Install now
v1.0.0 380 Jun 27th 2021 at 1:11 AM Show Install now

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💬 Falco, 1 day ago

When using this with 1.18.15 I get the exact same error as Ruukuegg.

> unable to fulfill waypoint create request from player - ServerPlayer, WaypointMapLayer, or Reflected method is inaccessable

From what I can see in the source code, it seems like whenever you pick something up, it generates a waypoint. But surface ores usually come in clusters, so it would be nice if there was some kind of threshold, like say 10 blocks, around which no more points are created if one exists already for that specific ore. so if you pick up some copper and then some tin right next to that it should still create 2 points, but not if a point already exists with the same text that would've been set by this mod.

💬 Zwamsasa, 3 days ago

i for the love of god am not able to enable this mod?


i tried ctrl+shift+M (which is default) and i just open the map, nothing happens, i tried it in every menu but nothing.

is this mod currently not working or am i doing something wrong?

when i look into controls i can see info and buttons for other mods like carry on but this one is listed nowhere

💬 Pamela, 3 days ago

Will this be updated for .net 7 soon??

💬 iodide, 5 days ago

Can anyone confirm if this works using v.1.19pre?

💬 MichaelJMAD, Dec 2nd at 4:24 AM

Would it be possible to add a hotkey? Eg Hold key and pick up a bit it will create a waypoint so I only have 1 waypoint for an area


💬 Ruukuegg, Oct 23rd at 4:19 PM

Silly question... I'm guessing I have something wrong with the config, but I'm using automapmarker on both server and client side and am getting "unable to fulfill waypoint create request from player - ServerPlayer, WaypointMapLayer, or Reflected method is inaccessable" in the server log, then it doesn't mark it on the map. Has anyone had this?

💬 saxfone, Oct 13th at 1:38 PM

Essential mod, ty!

💬 Intangir, Sep 12th at 8:52 AM

I don't understand why this cant work on clientside only, seems like everything it should need is already known to the client, really limits its usefulness requiring serverside to also run it


💬 Pamela, Sep 11th at 6:01 PM

Will this be released for .net 7 soon??

💬 DanaCraluminum, Sep 5th at 3:43 PM
💬 Frovix, Sep 5th at 3:41 PM

@egocarib, czy mógłbyś zrobić aktualizację? Dobrze byłoby też dodać kompatybilność z modami, które dodają moby do gry, tak aby wrogie moby były oznaczone kolorami

💬 Pamela, Aug 30th at 1:17 PM

Will you be updating this to 1.18.8 (.net7) soon?

💬 Frovix, Aug 25th at 5:03 PM

Can you make a version that would add automatic waypoint sharing? Or another idea for a mod that would fit the game, a cartography table that reads waypoints from the map after interaction, so that another user can approach the table and read (save) our waypoint, something like the cartography table from the Valheim game.

💬 Bl0ckparty, Aug 24th at 11:31 PM

I wouldn't mind a marker for "good" mushrooms on trees that do not give you -hp similar to the resin marker.  Would it be possible for this mod to be compatible with mods like the "More Map Icons" mod by Kosher or the "Not Enough Map Icons" by DanaCraluminum?  IE:  I like to mark blue clay, red clay, and peat with different colored "rocks" in the original available markers, but I use a shovel for the "Not Enough Map Icons" because that's what I use to dig them up.  I've already requested more custom map markers before, but from the comments I'm seeing previous to this comment, it may be a solution for many of us.  As a suggestion and possible solution to Shion's question about setting a marker for something like surface copper nuggets without picking them up, have you looked into the code used to set spawn using the teal temporal gear (TTG)?  If you use the TTG it uses the block on which you are standing upon as spawn when you activate it.  I've also come across the same situation where I didn't want to pick up the nuggets or wanted to mark a food item that wasn't ripe or that I didn't want to harvest immediately.  I'm wondering if standing on the same block as, say, copper nuggets, berry bushes without berries, young fruit trees, reeds/papyrus, clay, peat, or flowers and then shifting or pressing shift + G would be useful in marking them without having to interact with the item.  This would also be a way to mark ground mushrooms or crops without harvesting them.  You could also set it up so that if there is nothing on the block (not counting grass), it might bring up the map marker GUI if it doesn't conflict with any other control actions.  This would allow a greater accuracy on the map to mark the location of special items.  A solution to or alternative to adding more custom map markers?  Thank you for reading.

💬 MrTango, Aug 8th at 6:41 PM

Any plans to make the pin colour options ui more like vanilla? 

💬 Nate_GTHO351, Jul 29th at 4:34 AM

Yup, at first it was not working for me either. I went through and enabled the mod but nothing. Then I noticed after talking to a trader that a marker appeared. I grabbed some berries and more dots. They all haven't showed but I still need to find things. A great little mod, thanks.

💬 Kirona, Jul 20th at 2:40 AM

For some reason, even after enabling the mod as instructed, it won't add any map markers for me.

💬 Kyosasha, Jul 19th at 10:31 AM

DanaCraluminum do you have any side version ? 


💬 DanaCraluminum, Jul 18th at 12:14 AM

Kyosasha Entire mod can be purely client side, I have no idea why mod author still haven't done that

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jul 17th at 7:05 PM

Shion - That feature is already part of the mod. There are 3 custom keybinds you may set for that purpose. Perhaps not exactly as you describe (doesn't dynamically determine block name).

Kruktooth - Thanks for the report. Possible it's platform related as I wasn't able to immediately reproduce on Windows, but I'll look into it more closely next time I'm making an update.

Laerinok - I appreciate your help with the French translation. I'll add it to the next release of the mod!

Kyosasha - Yes, the mod is required on both server and client side. Also works fine in single-player mode.

💬 Kyosasha, Jul 17th at 6:12 PM

Hello egocarib@  sorry to ask this but did the mod need to be install to both side fore using ?

💬 Shion, Jul 13th at 12:33 PM

Is it possible to make an universal bind to mark any block/object you look at with a simple dot and block/object name?

💬 Kruktooth, Jul 10th at 2:15 PM

I just found a bug that causes a consistent crash, though has an easy workaround. Will add it to the bug tracker soon.

For those experiencing the following:

  • game crashes with a "ArgumentNullException" when trying to enable the mod

please try the following:

  • open your map and close it BEFORE trying to activate the mod

that should allow you to enable it without crashing your game.

💬 Laerinok, Jul 8th at 9:04 AM


Hello, Here is the fr.json ;)

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jul 7th at 12:39 PM

The latest version of the mod requires 1.18.6 or later.

💬 Loco, Jul 4th at 9:59 AM

I am using the current version of the mod on version 1.18.1 of vs. It says the mod is missing dependencies.  I dont see any required. 

💬 lord_luba, Jun 30th at 7:16 AM

egocarib that would be great if it'd be possible to make a bit more of the custom markers. Now I'm using those 3 slots to mark down Ruins, hollow trees (primitive survival), veggies in general.
Any new additional slot would be appreciated.

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jun 29th at 12:12 PM

You aren't the first person to suggest that, so I'll try to look into adding more for the next update.

💬 lord_luba, Jun 29th at 7:34 AM

QuakingDoom I meant the hotkeyable custom markers, which are withing this mod and you have only 3 available. I can see myself using even up to 10 (usually to cover stuff from other mods to cover).

💬 QuakingDoom, Jun 28th at 2:59 PM


Check out More Map Markers and Not Enough Markers.

Unless you mean the custom markers that you can hotkey from this mod, in which case I agree. Or some kind of hotkeyable waypoint dialogue that places a marker directly where you're standing, for those times you wanna quickly mark something that you don't have as a preset marker

💬 lord_luba, Jun 28th at 7:50 AM

Great mod, would love to have more custom markers tho :)

💬 ThreeHeadedDingo, Jun 26th at 2:16 AM

QuakingDoom Knapster works on 1.18.6 as well.

💬 QuakingDoom, Jun 26th at 1:00 AM

Aw man.. now I have to choose between this on 1.18.6 rc2, or Knapster on 1.18.5 D:

💬 Nebux, Jun 25th at 6:50 PM

thank you

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jun 25th at 6:30 PM

Hey everyone,

The GUI dropdown formatting bug was fixed as of 1.18.6-pre.2. As a result, I have now finally been able to release a version of the mod that will work with 1.18.6-pre.2 and any future 1.18.* releases. Enjoy! 🙂

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jun 6th at 7:37 PM

ChadStevens - While I empathize with the situation you describe, I prefer not to release the mod to new/unsuspecting users in poor GUI state. It makes for a very bad impression. Unfortunately it is also a lot of work to revamp the GUI, and I haven't had time to do that. So for now I will await a possible fix from the VS developers and keep the 1.18.* version on Github only.

💬 ChadStevens, May 23rd at 12:07 PM

I would appreciate the 1.18 update even if the dropdown is broken, at least it works (and without CTD). This is a pretty essential mod, but servers won't let users autodownload it unless it's on this site.

💬 DanaCraluminum, May 11th at 8:35 AM

egocarib You can attach EntityBehavior to player entity and override OnServerGameTick, it will be compatible with any block and entity

💬 Lostar, May 5th at 6:53 PM

I'm really enjoying the convenience this mod brings. Future feature suggestions; wild crops for veggies in the organic section; clay and peat in the rocks section; and additional custom hotkeys. I'm using the 3 for bees, ruins, and cave entrance and a few more would be incredibly useful. Thank you!

💬 Lostar, May 3rd at 11:28 PM

I will check it out. Thank you for your work on this mod!

💬 egocaribAuthor, May 3rd at 7:09 PM

That's a good idea, and I had tried to do something similar when I first implemented the mod. I think the trouble I ran into was it turned out to be difficult to determine what the cursor was looking at without relying on interaction events (like the event that triggers when breaking the ground copper). That's not to say it's impossible - I can keep it in mind to investigate for the future. In the meantime, you might find the existing custom map marker options useful for achieving a similar effect using a custom key binding.

💬 Lostar, May 1st at 6:57 PM

I look forward to the official upload here when the icon issues are fixxed. One question. Wondering how possible it is to have a hotkey tied to the activation of a waypoint? For instance.. Instead of gathering ground copper to activate it.. you must be sneaking/crouching and click on it. It won't gather the resource but it will mark your map.

💬 egocaribAuthor, Apr 25th at 6:55 PM

Thanks for the note - I fixed the package structure on github.

💬 NerdScurvy, Apr 25th at 4:02 AM

Thanks for the interim 1.18 build. Note that it has not been packaged correctly and has an extra subfolder in the zip.

💬 egocaribAuthor, Apr 22nd at 2:11 PM

I've updated the mod to work with 1.18+.

Unfortunately, there is a bug that prevents icon dropdowns from rendering properly in the GUI starting in 1.18. While this issue is only cosmetic, it makes the map marker menu look bad and is harder to use. I'm hoping that the dev team will look into the issue and resolve it - otherwise the GUI would need to be rebuilt to not use drop-downs anymore.

For now, you can grab the new 1.18-compatible release from github:

I'm not going to post the new release here yet because people who don't read will think it's broken.

💬 egocaribAuthor, Apr 21st at 11:59 PM

evan_b - this mod is not yet supported on 1.18.

💬 evan_b, Apr 10th at 4:17 AM

In 1.18 rc2, interacting with a trader seems to crash the game in this mod's code.

Running on 64 bit Windows with 32 GB RAM
Game Version: v1.18.0-rc.2 (Unstable)
2023-04-09 9:06:06 PM: Critical error occurred in the following mod: egocaribautomapmarkers@2.3.0
Loaded Mods: game@1.18.0-rc.2, zoombuttonreborn@1.4.0, egocaribautomapmarkers@2.3.0, commonlib@2.0.3, prospectorinfo@3.1.2, creative@1.18.0-rc.2, survival@1.18.0-rc.2, playercorpse@1.7.1
Involved Harmony IDs: Egocarib.AutoMapMarkers.Patches
System.MissingFieldException: Field not found: 'Vintagestory.API.Common.Entities.Entity.Pos'.
at Egocarib.AutoMapMarkers.EntityBehavior.TraderMarkerBehavior.OnInteract(EntityAgent byEntity, ItemSlot itemslot, Vec3d hitPosition, EnumInteractMode mode, EnumHandling& handled)
at Egocarib.AutoMapMarkers.Patches.EntityTrader.Base_OnInteract_Patch0(Object instance, EntityAgent byEntity, ItemSlot slot, Vec3d hitPosition, EnumInteractMode mode)
at Egocarib.AutoMapMarkers.Patches.EntityTrader.Prefix(EntityTrader __instance, EntityAgent byEntity, ItemSlot slot, Vec3d hitPosition, EnumInteractMode mode) in C:\Users\justin\source\repos\VintageStory\vsmodtemplate-1.5.5\mods\egocaribautomapmarkers\src\Patches\EntityTrader.cs:line 25
at Vintagestory.GameContent.EntityTrader.OnInteract_Patch1(EntityTrader this, EntityAgent byEntity, ItemSlot slot, Vec3d hitPosition, EnumInteractMode mode)
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.SystemMouseInWorldInteractions.HandleMouseInteractionsNoBlockSelected(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\Systems\Player\MouseInWorldInteractions.cs:line 438
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.SystemMouseInWorldInteractions.OnFinalizeFrame(Single dt) in


I tried accessing the configuration menu, but that also causes a crash:

2023-04-09 9:16:38 PM: Critical error occurred in the following mod: egocaribautomapmarkers@2.3.0
Loaded Mods: game@1.18.0-rc.2, zoombuttonreborn@1.4.0, egocaribautomapmarkers@2.3.0, commonlib@2.0.3, prospectorinfo@3.1.2, creative@1.18.0-rc.2, survival@1.18.0-rc.2, playercorpse@1.7.1
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiComposerHelpers.GetButton(GuiComposer composer, String key) in VintagestoryApi\Client\UI\Elements\Impl\Interactive\Controls\GuiElementTextButton.cs:line 438
at Egocarib.AutoMapMarkers.GUI.MapMarkerGUI.OnGuiClosed() in C:\Users\justin\source\repos\VintageStory\vsmodtemplate-1.5.5\mods\egocaribautomapmarkers\src\GUI\MapMarkerGUI.cs:line 690
at Vintagestory.API.Client.GuiDialog.TryClose() in VintagestoryApi\Client\UI\Dialog\GuiDialog.cs:line 299
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.GuiManager.OnEscapePressed() in VintagestoryLib\Client\Systems\Gui\GuiManager.cs:line 153

💬 Pamela, Mar 6th at 3:17 AM

Will you be updating this mod to 1.18??  AND fixing the Agriculture trader??

💬 Pamela, Oct 10th 2022 at 6:52 PM

Still having issues with traders not automatically marking.  Playing on 1.17.6 now....and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to whether they mark or not.  Also, the amount of gears I have is doubled in the trader GUI.....

💬 Bl0ckparty, Sep 27th 2022 at 2:42 AM

Suggestion:  Would it be possible to create a tool (or existing tools) that would mark items on the map?  Tapping clay, fire clay, peat, terra preta (I use the cloud/mound symbol and the colors are light blue/aqua, fire brick, brown and red), or an ore filled block would create a marker (the ladder?) with the matching color of the ore nuggets (which use the pickaxe symbol).  Tapping tree logs could mark tree types (oak, walnut, larch, bald cypress, etc.) or fruit trees.  Not sure how you would mark reeds, papyrus, and mushrooms although you do have to use a knife to harvest them similar to using a hand to harvest berries.  I use one of the custom buttons to mark wild crops (lime bee), to mark the entrance to caves/deep holes (red cavern), and ruins (magenta/fuschia vessel).  I wouldn't mind a few more custom buttons though.

💬 egocaribAuthor, Sep 9th 2022 at 7:45 PM

There must be an incompatibility with XSkills. I've been playing 1.17.2 and all traders leave markers except for Agricultural traders.

I'll look into fixing the traders and adding some new options next next time I'm feeling motivated to update the mod. 😇 

💬 Pamela, Aug 23rd 2022 at 5:15 PM

Just added XSkills & now the traders don't leave a map all.

Would love to see markers for vegetables and the Wildcraft berries and herbs also.

💬 ManaWei, Aug 21st 2022 at 5:23 AM

Found a possible bug, the Agricultural traders doesn't leave a map marker, so far everything else does.. i think..

As a suggestion you could add an extension for Wildcraft mod maybe, so we have an option to add the extra berries ? just a suggestion..

💬 egocaribAuthor, Aug 2nd 2022 at 12:15 AM

Make sure you have the mod installed on both the server and the client, and that you are using the correct version. I just tested the 1.17* version of the mod on the latest version (rc3) and it is working fine for me on both singleplayer and multiplayer server. If you're having issues, you'll need to be more specific.

💬 gibbelblonk, Jul 15th 2022 at 8:38 PM

and by that i mean doesn't work in multiplayer

💬 gibbelblonk, Jul 14th 2022 at 5:28 PM

doesn't work with 1.16.5

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jun 21st 2022 at 5:20 PM

Please make sure you are using the correct version for your game. The latest file I just uploaded is for use ONLY with 1.17.* and it will not work on the current stable release (1.16.*)

💬 keerp, Jun 20th 2022 at 6:59 PM

still having the same problem as Orbray with the latest version, the default keybind doesn't work and the entry for it doesn't show up in keybinds menu either. im on 1.16.5

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jun 19th 2022 at 4:57 PM

Added a version of the mod compatible with 1.17.0-pre.1

💬 SalazarWindriver, Apr 26th 2022 at 12:01 AM

Is it possible to add one for wild beehives?

💬 Nashty, Mar 18th 2022 at 2:43 PM

Any chance you can look into compatability with Wildcraft berry bushes?

I am asking gabb about it also.

💬 Pamela, Mar 10th 2022 at 10:07 PM

Soooo, the berry markers do not work with Wildcraft.....

💬 BlueFuryDragon, Jan 26th 2022 at 9:42 PM

This mod is very time saving when exploring, awesome mod.

💬 Orbray, Jan 22nd 2022 at 7:38 PM

Sage, thanks again! Unfortunately, it doesn't give me that option, it goes straight from Map Dialog to Hud Clock settings. I tested it by creating a new world, still doesn't come in. I'll just put it on the side for now and check again later, who knows if there will be another game patch soon haha. Many thanks!!!

💬 Pervy_Sage, Jan 22nd 2022 at 7:13 PM

Orbary, In the files tab at the top it tells you which version of the game you're playing. But if you have 1.16.1 it seems to be working for me. It should be the one downloaded today. The keybinds in the controls menu check the "User Interface & More" area it's the second set of keybinds. The last keybind should read "Auto Map Marker Config" it's right under "World Map Dialog". My computer had an issue with ctrl + shift + M for some reason. I had to remap it.

💬 Orbray, Jan 22nd 2022 at 6:44 PM

Thanks Sage, quick question, where do I change that at :). In the .json? I just updated the game to 1.16.1 and the latest version of the mod. So maybe the mod isn't up to 1.16.1 yet ha. I just saw htis mod as I was browsing and it sounded awesome!

💬 Pervy_Sage, Jan 22nd 2022 at 6:39 PM


Check to see that you downloaded the correct version of this mod for the version of the game you're playing. In the keybind controls it's last entry under the "User Interface & More" area, if that helps.

💬 Pervy_Sage, Jan 22nd 2022 at 6:39 PM

Something on my computer doesn't like ctrl + shift + m but assigning it to another hotkey let's me open the menu at least. So it seems to be working. And I'm playing on the latest 1.16.1 if that helps.

💬 Orbray, Jan 22nd 2022 at 6:08 PM

Greetings, I pres ctrl+shft+m, but it doesn't open the configuration menu, is there another place to look or a different default command that I am not aware of? I've checked under the keybind controls settings, but don't see a listing for it. I'm still fairly new to modding my game, so I'm guessing thats why I don't really know the standard/alternate places to look for keybinds and things like that. Thanks for all the work on what sounds like a great feature!

💬 Pervy_Sage, Jan 22nd 2022 at 5:57 PM

Thank you. Lol 1.16.1 is out now too. Let's hope it doesn't break again.

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jan 22nd 2022 at 4:47 PM

New version up now - should work with 1.16, and also adds a new Russian translation. 😀 Let me know if you encounter any issues.

💬 Pervy_Sage, Jan 17th 2022 at 10:11 PM

Thank you egocarib.

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jan 17th 2022 at 4:35 PM

I will try to take a look soon to see what needs to be updated to fix that in 1.16.

💬 Pervy_Sage, Jan 14th 2022 at 5:51 PM

I'm play 1.16 and the ctrl + shift + m isn't bringing up anything. And it's not listed in the control menu as a changable keybind.

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jul 26th 2021 at 2:03 PM

It is possible but it is not the direction I want to take this mod right now. For additional context, you may refer to the following:

💬 DArkHekRoMaNT, Jul 24th 2021 at 1:29 PM

Can't it be client side only?

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jul 22nd 2021 at 7:13 PM

It needs to be installed on both the server and the client for use on multiplayer servers.

💬 Kurazarrh, Jul 19th 2021 at 8:03 PM

For use on servers, does this mod require that both the server and client have this installed, or does it only need to be installed on clients?

💬 Dudepool, Jul 13th 2021 at 11:12 AM

Thanks a ton for getting to work on servers!!!

💬 Apache, Jul 6th 2021 at 5:35 PM

The GUI for this is pretty much exactly what I'm working on for the next version of Waypoint Extensions. I've been working on a lot of the automatic triggers, and stuff. This is a very good implementation, from what I can see in the screenshots.

💬 1618, Jul 4th 2021 at 7:31 PM

Absolute Great Mod. Thanks

Here is a suggestion: Auto Mountains and Caves markers. 

Alternatively add a togglable Height overlay

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jul 4th 2021 at 3:31 PM

Malachite is supported currently, it is just grouped together with copper (they use the same setting). Maybe I'll add some tooltips to the UI to make that clear. I'll look into some of the other things folks have requested for the next update. :)

💬 Lisabet, Jul 4th 2021 at 11:52 AM

maybe not quartz, that's everywhere lol...would make the map full of markers; but definitely silver/gold :) 

maybe malachite too?

💬 JyeGuru, Jul 4th 2021 at 3:12 AM

Thanks for this - it will GREATLY assist with our server! Would it be possible to add silver/gold/quartz as an option too?

💬 Entity, Jul 2nd 2021 at 10:01 PM

This will save so much time exploring, thank you.

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jul 2nd 2021 at 12:57 PM

Significant update. Includes the ability to mark berries and mushrooms, too, as @Entity suggested.

💬 SpearAndFang, Jun 30th 2021 at 4:52 AM

And no, you won't get resin from a tree that you plant yourself.

💬 egocaribAuthor, Jun 29th 2021 at 10:02 PM

If you do not break the resin-leaking wood block, then yes, it will continue to produce more resin a few days later.

💬 Berkyjay, Jun 28th 2021 at 9:44 PM

Is it confirmed that the same trees always spawn resin?  I tried making trees manually but never saw them respawn again.

💬 Entity, Jun 28th 2021 at 1:32 AM

This is a great idea. Would it be possible to make an all in one mod for resin, berries, and mushrooms?

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