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Category: #Cosmetics #Graphics #Other #QoL #Tweak #Utility
Author: Apache
Side: Client
Created: May 16th at 6:23 PM
Last modified: Jul 18th at 9:08 PM
Downloads: 188

Environmental Tweaks

A VintageMods release, by Apache Gaming


A client-side mod made for content creators, and for people who suffer from epilepsy, or similar. This mod give you the option to remove all visual and audiable effects related to rain, hail, lightning, and snow; and completely removes involuntary camera shaking (for instance, when cold, or injured). These effects can be life-threatening for some people, and currently, the game has no way to disable the flashing lights and jittering camera effects... this mod changes that. Also removes the white noise sound effects of rain, and hail. as well as removing the ridiculously loud thunder sound effects.

Rain still falls, and snow still accumulates; only the dropping particles are removed. You'll still see rain splashes in water, and you'll still take damage from the cold.

COMMAND: .et | .envtweaks

Change settings for Environmental Tweaks.

Syntax: .et [settings|lightning|rain|hail|snow|sounds|shake] [on|off]

Example: .et shake off
Example: .envtweaks settings
Example: .et lightning on


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.2.0 76 Jul 18th at 9:08 PM Show
v1.1.0 112 May 16th at 6:24 PM Show

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OpPointBaker, Aug 1st at 8:59 AM

Would it be possible to radd the ability to educe the volume of ambient sounds individually? I love the thunder but it is happening way to offten and way, way too loud. It makes me jump every time.

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