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Author: Apache
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Created: Sep 11th 2022 at 4:01 AM
Last modified: Apr 1st at 1:29 AM
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Latest file for v1.19.3: 1-click install


Easier knapping, clayforming, and smithing, for those with low manual dexterity.

Suport the Mod Author

If you find this mod useful, and you would like to show appreciation for the work I produce; please consider supporting me, and my work, using one of the methods below. Every single expression of support is most appreciated, and makes it easier to produce updates, and new features for my mods, moving fowards. Thank you.


There are four different modes the server admin can set for each feature:

  • Disabled: The feature is disabled for all players on the server.
  • Enabled: The feature is enabled for all players on the server.
  • Whitelist: The feature is only enabled for players added to the whitelist.
  • Blacklist: The feature is enabled for all players on the server, except for those added to the blacklist.

Easy Clayforming

Provides an easier way for players to form clay items within the game.

  • Adds a new mode to clay, when clayforming.
  • Click and hold anywhere on the clayforming grid to place/remove voxels as needed, to complete the recipe.
  • Server Admins can change the number of voxels handled per click (1-8) (Default: 1).
  • Server Admins can enable instant completion of recipes.

Easy Harvesting

Provides an easier way for players to harvest grass, with a scythe.

  • Server Admins can change the speed multiplier to make harvesting faster, or slower. (x0-x2) (Default: x1).

Easy Knapping

Provides an easier way for players to knap items within the game.

  • Click and hold anywhere on the knapping grid to place/remove voxels as needed, to complete the recipe.
  • Server Admins can enable instant completion of recipes.

Easy Panning

Provides an easier way for players to pan resources.

  • Server Admins can change the speed multiplier to make panning faster, or slower. (x0-x2) (Default: x1).
  • Server Admins can change the amount of saturation drained when panning. (x0-x2) (Default: x1).

Easy Quern

Provides an easier way for players to grind resources in a quern.

  • Server Admins can change the speed multiplier to make grinding faster, or slower. (x0-x10) (Default: x1).
  • Server Admins can apply the speed multiplier to automated querns, as well as manual querns.

Easy Mixing Bowl

Provides an easier way for players to mix resources in a mixing bowl. This feature is only available when the mod "A Culinary Artillery" is enabled within the same gameworld.

  • Server Admins can change the speed multiplier to make mixing ingredient faster, or slower. (x0-x10) (Default: x1).
  • Server Admins can apply the speed multiplier to powered mixing bowls, as well as manual mixing bowls.

Easy Fruit Press

The press doesn't need to be fully compressed before it can be unscrewed.

Easy Smithing

Provides an easier way for players to smith items on an anvil within the game.

  • Adds a new mode to the hammer, when smithing.
  • Click and hold anywhere on the smithing grid to place/remove voxels as needed, to complete the recipe.
  • Server Admins can change the hammer durability loss per click (1-10) (Default: 5).
  • Server Admins can enable instant completion of recipes.

Server-Side Commands:

Command Description
/knapster scope [global|world]
Change whether the mod should use global settings, or per world settings.
--- ---
/knapster [feature] mode [disabled|enabled|whitelist|blacklist] Change the mode for the given feature.
/knapster [feature] whitelist Show players currently on the feature's whitelist.
/knapster [feature] whitelist [playerName] Add/Remove a player from the feature's whitelist.
/knapster [feature] blacklist Show players currently on the feature's blacklist.
/knapster [feature] blacklist [playerName] Add/Remove a player from the feature's blacklist.
--- ---
/knapster clayforming voxels [1-8] Change the number of voxels handled per click.
/knapster clayforming instant [on|off] Clayforming items are instantly completed, on use.
--- ---
/knapster harvesting speed [0.0-2.0] Change the speed multiplier for harvesting grass with a scythe.
--- ---
/knapster knapping voxels [1-8] Change the number of voxels handled per click.
/knapster knapping instant [on|off] Knapping items are instantly completed, on use.
--- ---
/knapster panning speed [0.0-2.0] Change the speed multiplier for panning resources.
/knapster panning saturation [0.0-2.0] Change the saturation loss multiplier for panning resources.
--- ---
/knapster quern speed [0.0-10.0] Change the speed multiplier for grinding resources.
/knapster quern automated [on|off] Apply the speed multiplied to automated querns.
--- ---
/knapster mixingbowl speed [0.0-10.0] Change the speed multiplier for mixing resources.
/knapster mixingbowl automated [on|off] Apply the speed multiplied to automated mixing bowls.
--- ---
/knapster smithing voxels [1-8] Change the number of voxels handled per click.
/knapster smithing cost [1-10] Change the hammer durability loss per click.
/knapster smithing instant [on|off] Smithing items are instantly completed, on use.

For all of these commands, it is possiblle to use the initial, as a shortcut. For example, /knapster k v 8, or /knapster p sa 0.25.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v2.9.4 2239 Apr 1st at 1:29 AM Show Install now
v2.9.3 964 Mar 15th at 1:48 AM Show Install now
v2.9.2 405 Mar 7th at 11:14 PM Show Install now
v2.9.1 252 Mar 5th at 10:36 PM Show Install now
v2.9.0 201 Mar 4th at 5:19 PM Show Install now
v2.8.5 214 Mar 3rd at 1:08 AM Show Install now
v2.8.4 105 Mar 2nd at 4:19 PM Show Install now
v2.8.3 128 Mar 1st at 11:14 PM Show Install now
v2.8.2 155 Mar 1st at 12:11 AM Show Install now
v2.8.1 755 Feb 21st at 11:28 AM Show Install now
v2.8.0 202 Feb 20th at 7:39 PM Show Install now
v2.7.1 811 Feb 12th at 2:43 AM Show Install now
v2.7.0 883 Jan 29th at 11:53 PM Show Install now
v2.6.3 2130 Nov 4th 2023 at 12:43 PM Show Install now
v2.6.2 213 Nov 2nd 2023 at 9:28 PM Show Install now
v2.6.1 683 Oct 23rd 2023 at 10:57 PM Show Install now
v2.6.0 197 Oct 22nd 2023 at 11:01 PM Show Install now
v2.4.2 3498 Apr 22nd 2023 at 11:10 AM Show Install now
v2.4.1 216 Apr 22nd 2023 at 2:05 AM Show Install now
v2.4.0 253 Apr 21st 2023 at 4:53 PM Show Install now
v2.3.1 869 Jan 25th 2023 at 10:58 PM Show Install now

110 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Theisgood, Apr 2nd at 5:47 PM

Also for people who are just lazy like myself and want to text while doing the molds LOL.

Thank you so much this mod is perfect for any level of player! 

💬 Patroclus, Mar 17th at 1:26 AM

Hi Apache,

I looked through the comments here and entered the commands /knapster clayforming mode enabled and /knapster knapping mode enabled. I was able to knap a spearhead using the mod. Will try out clayforming later.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Mar 17th at 12:34 AM

Patroclus, this is not the place to report bugs. Please create a ticket on GitHub. The Issue Tracker link is above. Include as much detail as you can, and attach your log files for inspection.

💬 Patroclus, Mar 16th at 10:17 PM

Hi, Knapster was working fine for me until today. I removed another mod that I thought might be causing the issue, but that didn't fix anything. I updated to the current version of Knapster, but on either version I'm not getting the additional mode to activate knapster. I'm not sure what else to do.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Mar 14th at 3:09 AM

DisorderlyF, you can always copy the settings files from one world to another, within the `ModData` folder. But, I'll see if I can add a command to save the current settings as global.

EDIT: Now added in v2.9.3

💬 DisorderlyF, Mar 14th at 1:48 AM

Any chance we could see this with ways to configure other than server commands? I'd prefer to not have to enter the same few commands every time I start a new world.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Mar 9th at 11:53 PM

Berkyjay, if you redownload the mod, that problem should solve itself now.

💬 Berkyjay, Mar 9th at 7:21 PM

Is anyone else getting a "harmony.log.txt" file written to their desktop after loading up a game?  It's a long log of code but the top shows this:


### Harmony id=Knapster, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, version=,


💬 ApacheAuthor, Mar 8th at 8:03 PM

Ok, please create a ticket on GitHub. I can't do anything here. Include your log files (you can zip the whole folder), and include your system specs. It's likely a mod confict. But I won't discuss it any further here.

💬 gumwyrm, Mar 8th at 7:17 PM

Apache look, i've poured through the log files available to me and there's literally nothing. the code itself isn't erroring, but it refuses to function as intended.

the problem occurs both on singleplayer and multiplayer, and i've ensured everything is as possibly correct as i can. i reuploaded the zip from here to the server, and a fresh install from here to my client. server restarted each time, feature checked enabled.

unless there's an issue with the server that i simply can't see, or a mod conflict, then im unsure of how to proceed... given that the logs only mention knapster when it's loaded.

i've got a video of the behaviour.

modlist: arrowsstayaround, autoclose, betterfirepit, blacksmithenhancements, carryon, charcoalpitrebalance, chickenSit, commonlib, compass2, configlib, craftingjonas, Crateful, debarkedlogintofirewood, dsd, delaylamavoice, depthscan, easylightlevels, freedomunits, fromgoldencombs, immersivecorpsedrop, itemlights, jlj, knapster, knifemold, lessannoyingdrifters, less-squeaky-chests, mio, meteoricexpansion, millwright, moredrygrass, nailsmold, naturalnight, NoFallAnimation, primitivesurvival, prospecttogether, roas, rivers, dzsalvageplus, scythemold, sleepvote, sortablestorage, statushudcont, sticksfromfirewood, stonequarry, translocatorengineeringredux, treetapping, usefuldrifterloot, vmetp, vtpp, vgaas, vsimgui, vsinstruments, Xcore, xlib119, xskills119, yeet

💬 ApacheAuthor, Mar 8th at 10:12 AM

gumwyrm, it definitely works. The one chnage I did make to clayforming is that the alias for the command is now "cf" rather than "c". If you type `/knapster cf`, you will see the current settings for it. I've just tested, with the 2.9.2 zip file from here, on single player, and multiplayer world. Clayforming works as expected. Make sure your mod cache is cleared, and make sure the feature is enabled `/knapster clayforming mode enabled`. If there are any other issues with it, can you open a ticket on GitHub, and provide your log files, as well as a description of exactly what the issue is, and how to reproduce it.

💬 gumwyrm, Mar 8th at 4:15 AM

Apache knapping is functioning properly now, though clayforming is still non-functional. i'd advise testing the other crafting methods.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Mar 7th at 11:20 PM

Shion, fixed now. My own stupid mistake. Sorry.

💬 Shion, Mar 7th at 11:22 AM

Looks like ClayForming does not work anymore: there is no mode for the auto forming in 2.9.1 version. Knapping is working as in vanilla too.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Mar 7th at 3:18 AM

DiZek, that's true. The XP will be affected as well. This mod effectively turns your arm into a Helve Hammer. XSkills penalises XP gain from Helve Hammer hits. Both mods re-write parts of the smithing, and clayforming processes, so there will be issues using both of them together. At the moment, I'm not sure I'd want to change that. It's always possible turn off Knapster while levelling skills up.

💬 DiZek, Mar 7th at 1:28 AM

Just wanted to share this with anyone whom it may concern!

If you use this mod to auto-complete the Metalworking (Smithing) and have xSkills (Metalworking trait that gives a quality to items smithed on the anvil) that you MUST COMPLETE the item using the regular method (in the F menu) for it to apply a quality to the item.
I am unsure if this affects other things such as experience gained for Metalworking or Pottery or any other auto-completing stuff.


That aside, thanks again for making this mod. Very happy with it and saves me a ton of pain :)

💬 CKitt, Mar 5th at 11:02 PM

Thanks a million! I'm excited to try it out.

I think you've now managed to remove every last source of tweaking an existing repetitive stress injury in this game, even with my chosen mods.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Mar 5th at 10:38 PM

CKitt, there you go. That was surprisingly easy to add in. And thank you to l33tmaan, for permission to add this feature.

Easy Mixing Bowl

Provides an easier way for players to mix resources in a mixing bowl. This feature is only available when the mod "A Culinary Artillery" is enabled within the same gameworld.

  • Server Admins can change the speed multiplier to make mixing ingredient faster, or slower. (x0-x10) (Default: x1).
  • Server Admins can apply the speed multiplier to powered mixing bowls, as well as manual mixing bowls.
💬 CKitt, Mar 5th at 4:37 PM

I greatly appreciate this mod! Thanks for keeping it updated as you do.

This is likely an unreasonable question, but is there a way to implement the incresed quern/automated quern speed for Expanded Food's mixing bowl and automated mixing bowl? I'd find that exceptionally useful.

If not, no worries! It's not part of vanilla, after all.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Mar 2nd at 1:01 PM

Mirok, no thank you. I have no need for it.

💬 Mirok, Mar 2nd at 7:32 AM

it's time for you to get to know Linux better... (Try ArchLinux) :D

💬 ApacheAuthor, Mar 1st at 11:09 PM

Arroz126, within the commands list above, you can see that the command would be `/knapster k mode enabled`. If that doesn't work, then please open a support ticket, by following the Issue Tracker link at the top of this page.

💬 Arroz126, Mar 1st at 9:53 PM

Hi, the mod is not working for my version (1.19.4), for example when I write in the chat box /knapster k enable, I get the following: insufficently set up command - no handlers or subcommands set up, I don't know why :c

💬 Amscram, Feb 28th at 1:53 AM

Without this mod, I would stop playing Vintage Story, so thank you very much for continuing to support it!


Bug report: Is anyone else having trouble using the latest version with the mod "Primitive Tools"? The auto knapping is not working with the stone pickaxe from that mod for me. If I revert to the previous version of Knapster, it works fine again.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Feb 28th at 1:34 AM

I found a file that wasn't merged into the assembly, which may have caused issues with Linux. I've merged it all together now, so hopefully, it will work. I have no way of testing anything on Linux. Windows is much better.

💬 liliya, Feb 22nd at 5:46 AM

Thank you so much for this mod.

💬 Wizard76, Feb 21st at 10:27 PM

Doesnt seem to work with 1.19.1

💬 DrBubba, Feb 21st at 2:32 PM

You are the king, Apache

💬 ApacheAuthor, Feb 19th at 7:51 PM

I've just tested all features; harvesting, panning, smithing, clayforming, and knapping, and the new quern feature, in my test world. They all work as expected.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Feb 19th at 7:31 PM

If the problems persist, can you add an issue, here:

Please do not paste anything here, in the comments.

I will need a list of any mods you have installed for that world, as well as the server and client log files: `server-main.txt`, `server-debug.txt`, `client-main.txt`, `client-debug.txt`.

That will give me everything I need to be able to sift through, and find any issues.

💬 caloris, Feb 19th at 4:47 PM

Roughgalaxy I seem to be having the same problem. I'm trying to active it through the commands but the console tells me that there are no such commands. Haven't found the solution yet.

Edit: Issue resolved. It seemed to not be working on one specific save I had. Other saves are fine.

💬 Roughgalaxy, Feb 19th at 6:18 AM

So I've been giving this a try and the knapping and panning don't seem to be working for me (1.19.3) but the clayforming and smithing work great! Wondering if user error. not running on a server or anything


Edit: just started working today. no idea why.

💬 DrBubba, Feb 15th at 9:25 PM

Fair point, Apache...I could have just checked myself!  LOL!
The act of smithing does, indeed, seem to work.  I did notice that one of the skills you can unlock for Metalsmithing that allows you to recover bits when you do a certain number of Splits doesn't, though.  I'll keep digging.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Feb 14th at 9:57 PM

DrBubba, I've never actually tried. But, you're post sounds very much like you're volunteering to experiment. Haha. I would imagine it would, because it patches the core functionality of the different skills. With Smithing, it pretty much re-writes the whole smithing process, and turns your arm into a helve-hammer. It would be interesting to find out how well they play together.

💬 DrBubba, Feb 14th at 9:12 PM

Been meaning to ask, Apache

Does this tie in with XSkills? 

💬 Wilfern, Feb 12th at 7:51 PM

Awesome mod, these systems are quite tedious.

💬 DetPikachu, Feb 4th at 2:08 PM

Apache ComradeSoupBeans I've raised an issue on the GH repo regarding flint knapping.

💬 AmyFoxxo, Feb 2nd at 8:09 PM

Thank you for updating! Most essential mod, in my book.

💬 Cuiwi, Feb 2nd at 2:17 AM

Just started using this mod the other day, wish I had used it sooner! I'm sitting here with my hand in a brace but can still get my monotonous crockmaking done, lol

💬 AdolChristin, Jan 30th at 6:06 PM

Oh sweet it updated! I really enjoy the modifications to panning, so this is one of my favorite mods to have.

💬 SSKIPP, Jan 30th at 10:09 AM

thank you 

💬 Lunala_Eternia, Jan 30th at 5:39 AM

was holding back on all my iron slag for this as I don't have automation set up for that glad to see this updated and now I can mass produce crocks at last!

💬 DrBubba, Jan 30th at 4:02 AM


💬 Petalwing, Jan 30th at 12:46 AM

Much appreciated! Thank you. :)

💬 SpacemanSpliff, Jan 30th at 12:10 AM

Thank you for the update. I use it to clayform roof shingles which is such a large and monotonous task. Appreciate your work.

💬 AmyFoxxo, Jan 29th at 8:53 PM

Holding off on more Vintage Story for this mod, as clayforming and knapping manually cause pain these days. Definitely looking forward to the update.

💬 Berkyjay, Jan 21st at 6:18 AM

This is the only mod that matters when considering moving to 1.19.

💬 Darklight_Koski, Jan 20th at 9:45 PM

Well now its the stable version of 1.19.1 and 1.19.0, both stable and i wish i had it now, bc clay forming and metal forming are my biggest dislikes "sad face" :{

💬 Nightwolf, Jan 18th at 5:23 PM

I agree with Liam, it is well worth the wait and I understand why the author doesn't want to update until the full release of a new version happens.  It can take a lot of work to create some of these mods and if the dev was to make a change to the way something is handled, it could create twice the work for the author to fix it after trying to update for one of the pre release candidates.  I just want to give a big thank you to the author (Apache) for making this mod and maintaining it.  I have carpal tunnel and this mod is a huge benefit for me and I am sure others like me.  I consider this mod essential to have working for me to move to a new version.

💬 LiamEoinWolfe, Jan 17th at 11:07 PM

Apache does not update until the full releases happen and as 1.19 has just (a few hours) released, we will have to wait a little bit :) It is worth the wait.

💬 UfaiX04, Jan 5th at 12:59 AM

I am getting crashes with 1.19

💬 AdolChristin, Jan 3rd at 2:50 AM

Unfortunatley crashes w. 1.19.

💬 RikeiR, Dec 30th 2023 at 7:07 AM

I strongly hope that you will support ver 1.19.x games.
With the current Knapster v2.6.3 the game crashes and will not start.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Nov 25th 2023 at 1:43 PM

ComradeSoupBeans, can you make a bug report please. I haven't come across this issue before.

💬 ComradeSoupBeans, Nov 23rd 2023 at 1:53 AM

For those having issues with flint knapping not working with this if you hold a stone it still works on flint. Hope this temporary work around helps!

💬 ApacheAuthor, Nov 19th 2023 at 2:27 PM

Yes. As always, I never update my mods until after the new version is released. This mod will not work on 1.19, until 1.19 is available. I don't even start looking at updating the mod until the new version is released, so it will take time.

💬 Karidwen, Nov 17th 2023 at 11:56 PM

In case someone wants to try, it does not work with 1.19. -7

crashes the game.

💬 balloonhead666, Nov 5th 2023 at 8:54 AM

Thanks for updating this one to show up Auto Completion again. Missed it for months in clayforming and smithing

💬 ApacheAuthor, Oct 23rd 2023 at 10:58 PM

- Fixed: EasySmithing auto-completion doesn't properly take rotation into account.
- Fixed: EasySmithing iron blooms waste voxels on instant complete.
- Fixed: EasySmithing commands change the wrong settings.

💬 Charleston, Oct 23rd 2023 at 7:17 PM

Thank you so much Apache

Best VS mod by far, absolutely needed to not give myself hand cramps making 10 clay jugs and knapping 50 stone tools haha.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Oct 23rd 2023 at 4:57 PM

Ingvard, I've found a couple of problems with instant complete. Mainly with blooms. You can lose the work item. I've added an issue to my tracker, and I'll work on it this week.

💬 Ingvard, Oct 23rd 2023 at 3:54 AM

Fantastic, I also replicated the rotation issue with a piece of chainmail. The other issue I am having, if not unique to me or user error, is that instant complete for smithing doesnt seem to be working.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Oct 23rd 2023 at 1:55 AM

McTaco, This is a known issue that cannot easily be resolved. I need to refine the logic a bit more, to take into account rotation. It's a lot of trial and error though. Thanks for the feedback.

💬 McTaco, Oct 23rd 2023 at 12:04 AM

Tested 2.6.0 works perfectly. F menu option for auto fill and functionally.

There was a small bug where when smithing an iron bloom, the auto fill kept moving a bit back and forth instead of progressing, right click to rotate the work item allowed the auto fill to resume work properly.

💬 jamescook, Oct 7th 2023 at 3:41 PM

ya this sadly only works with knapping stone tools :(

💬 Jobnor, Aug 23rd 2023 at 11:17 AM

Good luck, Apache! Take your time.

💬 ToadSquish, Aug 22nd 2023 at 4:19 PM

The flint knapping is working for me, but everything else lacks the F button auto complete now. Clay/smithing ...


💬 ApacheAuthor, Aug 14th 2023 at 4:48 PM

I will be updating this mod. But, real life comes first. I have a new full time job, and August is always a busy month, as I'm away every weekend at different festivals, around the UK. I've just got home today from one, today. I'll have a look at this, "soon", but I will not give any schedules, or deadlines. Real life always comes first.

💬 kuki99, Aug 11th 2023 at 2:11 PM

Will this get updated? Currently not working for 1.8.8 with NET7

💬 Camio, Aug 4th 2023 at 8:27 AM

For those waiting on a NET7 fix, after looking through the GitHub issue tracker it looks like the dev's stated they won't fix it due to... ModDB not letting them upload 2 versions of the mod (for NET4 & NET7).

Not sure how exactly that prevents the development of a NET7 version, but there you go. It's the dev's choice, so I can respect that.

Hoping for a fixed NET7 eventually, as clayforming on a controller suuuucks.

💬 EchoHuntsman, Aug 3rd 2023 at 12:16 PM

Word of warning: if you Left Click on a knapping material without having first selected an item to knap, it crashes the game. I'm using v2.4.2 of this mod with v1.8.6 of VS

Also a suggestion, but when knapping, the game doesn't count voxels that are diagonally adjacent to the item, so you don't need to break those. Only the ones adjacent up, down, left and right

💬 Fefa, Jul 31st 2023 at 2:15 PM

If the GUI mode to witch with F is broken, one way to make the mod work is by making the autocomplete option choosen by default. That way people can use the mod even if they cant change it to autocomplete once he change to any other vanilla mode. Is not the perfect solution, but its one that could work. This mod saves hours and hand pain when smithing. Is frustrating having to smith the vanilla way, to much time consuming even with helve hammers.

💬 sushieater, Jul 29th 2023 at 8:16 AM

The stuff that requires a GUI (mode switching with f) is broken with NET7. Knapping still works.

The source on Github is outdated (only version 2.3.1).

💬 Fefa, Jul 28th 2023 at 1:31 PM

Not sure if i did something wrong, it was working just fine yesterday, i changed to NET7 and is not working anymore at least with clayforming, i tried the command to enable clayforming, but still no auto complete F option. Am i doing something wrong? or it is not compatible with NET7?

💬 Teqa, Jul 16th 2023 at 7:02 AM

I've been using this on the linux net7 build with zero issues.


Can there be a configuration option to hold CTRL for auto-knapping and use vanilla knapping by default instead?

Sometimes I want to do the actual knapping just for fun and the auto-knapping is secondary.

EDIT: Nvm lol doesn't work for clay

💬 HoosierDaddy, Jul 6th 2023 at 11:25 PM

Awesome, Apache! Good luck with the new job!

💬 ApacheAuthor, Jul 3rd 2023 at 11:36 PM

I'm starting a new full-time IRL job this week. Please be patient.

💬 SpearAndFang, Jul 1st 2023 at 1:36 AM

There's a source code link right up there at the top.   

💬 QuakingDoom, Jun 29th 2023 at 10:21 PM

Hoping for a Net7 build soon, now that Net7 is stable and officially released. I rely a lot on this mod because of my physcial problems, so it's very unfortunate that it doesn't fully function on Net7. Fortunate, the fix is as simple as transitioning from using System.Drawing.Bitmap to BitmapExternal. Considering System.Drawing.Bitmap was deprecated in the latest 1.18.6, and that BitmapExternal works fine on both Net4 and Net7, I see no reason not to fix it to ensure future compatibility

I would attempt to do so myself, but without the source code I'm unable to :(

💬 Jaarl, Jun 6th 2023 at 8:39 AM

Thank you for this mod. It's a must for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome!

💬 Guimoute, Jun 3rd 2023 at 9:04 PM


Do you think it would be possible to make an "easy fruit pressing" module? Holding right click for 8s on the fruitpress screw is starting to drive me crazy.

💬 Shion, May 1st 2023 at 1:49 AM

Mod seems to be creating a "Global" folder for settings, but no files are inside. Is it possible to set default values for new worlds with it?

💬 Shion, Apr 30th 2023 at 2:17 AM

Having this crash every time when hitting a placed flint before selecting what to make from it:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at ApacheTech.VintageMods.Knapster.Features.EasyKnapping.Patches.EasyKnappingClientPatches.IsOutlineVoxel(BlockEntityKnappingSurface blockEntity, Int32 x, Int32 z)
at ApacheTech.VintageMods.Knapster.Features.EasyKnapping.Patches.EasyKnappingClientPatches.FindNextVoxelToRemove(BlockEntityKnappingSurface blockEntity)
at ApacheTech.VintageMods.Knapster.Features.EasyKnapping.Patches.EasyKnappingClientPatches.ClientPatch_BlockEntityKnappingSurface_OnUseOver_Prefix(BlockEntityKnappingSurface __instance, IPlayer byPlayer, BlockFacing facing, Boolean mouseMode)
at Vintagestory.GameContent.BlockEntityKnappingSurface.OnUseOver_Patch4(BlockEntityKnappingSurface this, IPlayer byPlayer, Int32 selectionBoxIndex, BlockFacing facing, Boolean mouseMode)
at Vintagestory.GameContent.ItemFlint.OnHeldAttackStop(Single secondsPassed, ItemSlot slot, EntityAgent byEntity, BlockSelection blockSel, EntitySelection entitySel) in VSSurvivalMod\Item\ItemFlint.cs:line 156
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.SystemMouseInWorldInteractions.HandleHandInteraction(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\Systems\Player\MouseInWorldInteractions.cs:line 237
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.SystemMouseInWorldInteractions.OnGameTick(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\Systems\Player\MouseInWorldInteractions.cs:line 163
at Vintagestory.Common.EventManager.TriggerGameTick(Int64 ellapsedMilliseconds, IWorldAccessor world) in VintagestoryLib\Common\EventManager.cs:line 84
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainRenderLoop(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 807
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientMain.MainGameLoop(Single deltaTime) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientMain.cs:line 709
at Vintagestory.Client.GuiScreenRunningGame.RenderToPrimary(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\MainMenu\Screens\GuiScreenRunningGame.cs:line 163
at Vintagestory.Client.ScreenManager.Render(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ScreenManager.cs:line 681
at Vintagestory.Client.ScreenManager.OnNewFrame(Single dt) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ScreenManager.cs:line 625
at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ClientPlatformWindows.window_RenderFrame(Object sender, FrameEventArgs e) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\GameWindow.cs:line 119
at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e)
at OpenTK.GameWindow.RaiseRenderFrame(Double elapsed, Double& timestamp) in C:\Users\Nexrem\Desktop\transfer\opentk\src\OpenTK\GameWindow.cs:line 476
at OpenTK.GameWindow.DispatchRenderFrame() in C:\Users\Nexrem\Desktop\transfer\opentk\src\OpenTK\GameWindow.cs:line 452
at OpenTK.GameWindow.Run(Double updates_per_second, Double frames_per_second) in C:\Users\Nexrem\Desktop\transfer\opentk\src\OpenTK\GameWindow.cs:line 375
at Vintagestory.Client.ClientProgram.Start(ClientProgramArgs args, String[] rawArgs)
at Vintagestory.ClientNative.CrashReporter.Start(ThreadStart start) in VintagestoryLib\Client\ClientPlatform\ClientNative\CrashReporter.cs:line 93

There is also an issue with panning: as it maximizes hunger so much Satiety becomes zero after a few pans. Had to disable it.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Apr 22nd 2023 at 11:16 AM

Shion, this should now be fixed. Feel free to remove the big stack trace in the comments here.

💬 Shion, Apr 22nd 2023 at 8:53 AM

Got this crash when knapping a spear during the temporal storm:


💬 ApacheAuthor, Apr 22nd 2023 at 2:06 AM

Ruyeex, this should now be fixed. Feel free to remove the big stack trace in the comments here.

💬 Ruyeex, Apr 21st 2023 at 8:31 PM

It crashed my game

(Also I put the crash info on the issue tracker)

💬 Agatha, Apr 19th 2023 at 4:27 PM

I just want to thank you for this mod. I have unreliable hands, trying to make it work with the vanilla system was very hard so this mod makes the game much more enjoyable.

💬 Ruyeex, Apr 8th 2023 at 4:39 PM

It instantly crashes with 1.18 when I open a world

💬 Ruyeex, Apr 7th 2023 at 10:38 PM

It instantly crashes with 1.18 when I open a world

💬 ApacheAuthor, Feb 16th 2023 at 2:29 AM

With the issue on Steam Deck. The problem seems to be that you do not have the full version of Mono (mono-complete) installed on the machine.

"The package mono-complete should be installed to install everything - this should cover most cases of "assembly not found" errors."

💬 Virvius, Feb 15th 2023 at 10:02 PM

I created an issue here: [BUG] Load failure on steamdeck · Issue #4 · ApacheTech-VintageStory-Mods/ApacheTech.VintageMods.Knapster ( with the error. It seems at a glance to be the same as the PetAI crash (which I've linked in the bug issue). But I'd let someone with more (any, as I have none!) VS mod experience weigh in on this.

💬 Germugulgon, Feb 15th 2023 at 3:25 PM

Separately confirming what Virvius is saying. An excellent mod that I enjoy deeply enjoy on my PC, which would make taking Vintage story on the go a lot easier.

On Steam Deck, the mod appears properly in the in-game mod menu, but whenever I try to use the /knapster commands. it doesn't recognize the command.

I performed the debugging mentioned earlier in the thread related to deleting the cached version and extracting to a separate folder, but the issue persisted.

I'll also go hunt for log files, I have some time this weekend I can hopefully throw at this. Just wanted to chime in and say its reproducible and not a one-off thing.

Appreciate your work on the mod, it's been saving my wrists these last few weeks.

💬 Virvius, Feb 14th 2023 at 7:01 PM

Thanks Apache , I'll see if I can find the log files. The steamdeck file system is a bit clunky to navigate.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Feb 14th 2023 at 6:34 PM

Virvius, I have no idea tbh. The last time I used a controller, was playing Tekken 2, on a PS2. I've never even seen a Steam Deck, not alone used one. And I've never heard of the phrase "flatpack", other than IKEA style furniture.

For now I'd say to check your log files, if you can. See if there's any exceptions being caught on there. Can you open a support ticket on GitHub (Issue Tracker link, above)? I'll be able to track this a lot more easily from there.

💬 Virvius, Feb 14th 2023 at 5:34 PM

Hi, first of all, this mod is amazing! It's a great solution for situations where knapping/crafting is time consuming to the detriment of the game. Unfortunately, while the best argument for this mod seems to be for using a game controller (knapping with a controller is awful), I ran into an issue:


The mod does not seem to work with a steam deck! (at least for me). Is this possibly a flatpack issue? When I try to use /knapster , the game doesn't recognize the command, although the mod says it's loaded in the main menu. Knapster doesn't seem to be running by default, either. Maybe it's running into the flatpack issue with library imports?

💬 ApacheAuthor, Jan 15th 2023 at 3:55 PM


`/knapster clayforming voxels [1-8]` to increase the number of voxels per click, when clayforming; up to a maximum of eight.
`/knapster knapping voxels [1-8]` to increase the number of voxels per click, when knapping; up to a maximum of eight.
`/knapster smithing voxels [1-8]` to increase the number of voxels per click, when smithing; up to a maximum of eight.

These are server-side settings, so if you are on a server, you'll need to ask the server admin about increasing the number of voxels per click.

In a single-player game, you'll be able to use the commands yourself.

💬 blueblynd, Jan 15th 2023 at 11:48 AM


2: My one and only critique is that I assumed this would be like the Copy & Paste mode already in the game – which is pretty fast, probably 5 or 6 voxels at a time. As it is, one voxel at a time means you are going to be holding down the action key for a LONG TIME for most recipes. That is equally (if not more) painful for my wrists and tendons than just putting in the voxels manually. So far, my solution has been to precariously balance my controller (with its own weight pressing down the action trigger) and leave it there for the 10 minutes it takes to click through every single voxel. (Maybe go make a cup of tea.) Your mod has given me that option, but it hasn't taken away the underlying issue. If anything, it's just created different ones.

I can understand why you didn't do multiple voxels at a time (I assume it's so people can backtrack) but if that's the case I really think you should add two modes, fast (multiple voxels) and slow (one voxel). I can't speak for other hand/dexterity issues, but I can't imagine most people with effed up wrists are going to be able to hold down a controller trigger or a mouse button for ~10 minutes at a time. (At least, not without some amount of pain.)

Regardless, I love this mod, it's a lifesaver. Course I don't know anything about programming so I have no idea if those changes would be easy to implement, but I do hope to see them someday! In the meantime, I will continue to use this mod and just play a game of "jerryrig the controller" every time I need a storage vessel.

3: Thank you :)

💬 HoosierDaddy, Sep 26th 2022 at 7:00 PM

Thanks! That didn't fix the problem, but because of some other weirdnesses my daughter ran into, I uninstalled and reinstalled VS, and it's working fine now. Haven't looked at clay yet. Something evidently got corrupted, and deleting Cache wasn't enough.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Sep 26th 2022 at 2:43 AM

HoosierDaddy, that's really odd. It sounds like it hasn't cached the mod properly. Try this:

1. Goto your Mods folder (Launch the game, goto Mod Manager, and Open Mods Folder. Then exit the game).
2. Unzip the mod into it's own folder, so that you have the file \VintagestoryData\Mods\ApacheTech.VintageMods.Knapster_v2.0.0\modinfo.json, and a load of other files as well in that folder.
3. Delete the zip file.
4. Go back one directory, and delete the \VintagestoryData\Cache\ folder, and everything inside it. Only the cache folder. This will remove any corrupted files.
5. Launch the game, and make sure the mod is enabled within the Mod Manager.
6. Generate a Creative Building world to test that the mod works.

If this doesn't work, can you open a support ticket here:

💬 HoosierDaddy, Sep 25th 2022 at 11:25 PM

I must be doing something wrong. Both

  • /knapster k enabled
  • /knapster knapping enabled


  • knapster:Features.Knapster.Mode

Commands like 

  • /knapster k mode enabled


  • knapster Features.Knapster.SetMode

But it does not seem to do anything different. Similarly, clayforming does not add a tool mode, like I think it is supposed to. I did a clean install of 17.4 a couple days ago, and have only Essentials, Creative, Survival and Knapster 2.0.0 enabled. Brand new world, all defaults.

Obvious typos give an error message, but I'm not sure which reply I'm looking for, if either.

💬 Adirosa, Sep 19th 2022 at 1:36 AM

Wow, I got caught up with some real life work and I come back to see this! What a delight, thank you so much! I'll be giving it a shot as soon as I can.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Sep 12th 2022 at 3:52 PM


I did play around with the Napster logo, to see if I could integrate it into this logo, but nothing looked right. :P I also tried playing around with Metallica puns, because it's about Knapping, and Metalworking, but got nowhere. I'm happy with Knapster though. :D

💬 SpearAndFang, Sep 12th 2022 at 2:45 PM

That mod name though...perfection.   Incoming litigation from KMetallica.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Sep 12th 2022 at 4:15 AM

It's ok. There was a decently significant bug in it, but that's now been fixed. I hadn't given default values, if it tried to read settings before network packets had been sent. On a single-player server, this doesn't matter, because all the values are right there. But in multiplayer, you need to check, and make sure things are where you expect them to be, and if they're not, you need to give a default value. All my testing was done in a single-player world, so it was never picked up. I'll know for future. Always test universal mods on a dedicated server.

💬 Charleston, Sep 12th 2022 at 4:09 AM


Strange but it started working after one crash. No idea what caused it. Just booted me out of the server then started working as intended.

💬 ApacheAuthor, Sep 12th 2022 at 3:21 AM


Thanks. I'll look at this tonight, and get a patch out asap. Serves me right for trying to release a mod in under a day. :P

💬 Charleston, Sep 12th 2022 at 2:44 AM

Hosting a dedicated server, crashing out as soon as I being knapping. 

💬 ApacheAuthor, Sep 12th 2022 at 12:50 AM

It's currently an RC release. I'll release a full version now. Thanks for the heads up.

💬 Foxy_Grandpa, Sep 11th 2022 at 11:33 PM

Knapster@1.0.0 is not recognized as an available version when used on a server.
Other players cannot download the mod automatically if the server has this mod installed.

(edit comment delete)