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Author: Apache
Side: Client
Created: May 16th 2021 at 6:23 PM
Last modified: May 3rd at 11:30 PM
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Accessibility Tweaks

A client-side mod made for content creators, and for people who suffer from epilepsy, or similar. This mod give you the option to remove all visual and audiable effects related to rain, hail, lightning, and snow; and completely removes involuntary camera shaking (for instance, when cold, or injured). These effects can be life-threatening for some people, and currently, the game has no way to disable the flashing lights and jittering camera effects... this mod changes that. Also removes the white noise sound effects of rain, and hail. as well as removing the ridiculously loud thunder sound effects.

Rain still falls, and snow still accumulates; only the dropping particles are removed. You'll still see rain splashes in water, and you'll still take damage from the cold.

Feature: Accessibility Hub `(Default Hotkey: F8)`

Provides easy access to all settings, within all features of the mod.

  • - Visual Effects Settings
  • - Sound Effects Settings
  • - Colour Correction
  • - Scene Brightness

Feature: Visual Tweaks

Various effects within the game can be harmful, and even potentially fatal to some players. This mod helps to aleviate some of these issues by allowing the player to disable various rendered effects and sound effects. This also helps streamers and content creators to combat the effect of particles on the compression rate of videos, leading to higher quality footage, especially when recording timelapse footage. For best results, also turn off Waving Foliage within the game settings, on your camera accounts.

  • - Disable Raindrop Particles
  • - Disable Hailstone Particles
  • - Disable Snowflake Particles
  • - Disable Dust Particles
  • - Disable Lightning Flashes
  • - Disable Cloud Rendering
  • - Disable Fog Rendering
  • - Disable Mist Rendering
  • - Disable Camera Shaking (Shivering, Low Health Camera Drift, Damage Shake, etc.)
  • - Disable Temporal Storm Warp Effect (Separate to Waiving Foliage setting)

Feature: Sound Effects

The sounds within the game have not been normalised, so some sounds will be very loud, compared to others, even when played at the same game volume. This feature allows the user to selectively choose the volume level for each in-game sound, individually, so that any white-noise can be filtered out. Very useful for sufferers of Tinnitus, or white-noise affected epilepsy.

  • - Change the volume (0% - 200%) of every sound in the game, individually.

ROADMAP: Currently, it is very difficult to reliably control the pitch of game sounds. I have submitted a request for the sound objects within the game to be unobfuscated, so they can more easily be manipulated by mods. All the code is written within my mod, so that as soon as the vanilla game allows for it, the feature can be introduced immediately. Bear with me on this.

Feature: Colour Correction

Helps people with poor vision, light sensitivity, or colour-blindness. Playing around with the colour settings can give everything a warm, or cool hue.

  • - Choose from different presets to simulate different colour vision deficiencies.
  • - Adjust the colour balance, and saturation of the game scene (Good for screenshots/thumbnails).

Feature: Scene Brightness

Helps people with light sensitivity, and for content creators, compensating for compression rates on YouTube / Twitch.

  • - Adjust the brightness level of the game scene.


Command Description
.acTweaks Displays a GUI to toggle various rendered client-side effects.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v2.3.1 66 May 3rd at 11:30 PM Show
v2.3.0 68 Apr 27th at 12:29 AM Show
v2.2.0 90 Mar 30th at 1:51 PM Show
v2.1.2 79 Mar 9th at 10:13 PM Show
v2.1.1 65 Mar 8th at 5:20 AM Show
v2.1.0 60 Mar 6th at 4:43 PM Show
v2.0.0 148 Jan 14th at 6:42 PM Show

11 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

RedPine, Mar 20th at 12:55 AM

The incessant sounds of loud waves when adjacent to small bodies of water that very much don't have waves, on a calm day - gone!

Butterhai, Mar 9th at 4:25 AM

yes, thank you so much!

i will call this mod


i left the aggro sounds on and muted the idle ones, now i can leave the headphones on

Apache, Mar 8th at 5:22 AM

Buterhai, this should now be fixed in 2.1.1.

emberglow, this should now be fixed in 2.1.1.

Please let me know if there's any other issues.

Butterhai, Mar 7th at 8:24 PM

i try to use this mod to mute the drifter sounds that slowly but surely make me want to quit the game but it doesnt work, though i am on 1.16.4 and the mod version is for .3, so that might be the reason
please, i am loosing my mind, is there any way i can stop the never ending moaning?

emberglow, Mar 6th at 4:21 AM

Wonderful mod, but it disables the frost overlay when cold. Any chance of turning that into a toggle so I can turn the frost back on please?

Chia, Feb 11th at 4:47 AM

very nice, now i can actually see where I am going at night and not getting jumpscared by every animal I see

Apache, Jan 21st at 1:08 AM

RedSpecsGaming, this should be disabled when you disable camera shake.

skurk, Jan 18th at 2:18 AM

Great idea for a mod!

Could you alter the pickaxe chipping sounds to be lower pitched? It's triggering my tinnitus something fierce...

RedSpecsGaming, Jan 15th at 7:55 PM

Any chance for adding an option to turn off the low health camera drift?

melodelic, Jan 3rd at 5:54 PM

Could it be possible to add the twisting of everything during temporal storms? I know the motion is under "Waving Foliage", but it would be wonderful to not have to turn that on and off every time a temporal storm rolls around. Also, I absolutely love this mod!

OpPointBaker, Aug 1st 2021 at 8:59 AM

Would it be possible to radd the ability to educe the volume of ambient sounds individually? I love the thunder but it is happening way to offten and way, way too loud. It makes me jump every time.

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