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Author: Moby_
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Created: Mar 3rd at 12:02 AM
Last modified: Mar 5th at 6:56 PM
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Requires ChemistryLib and A Culinary Artillery. Lavoisier is recommanded to make sure that everything can be crafted.

This mod isn't really balanced right now, and could probably use polishing. Please tell me (tag me @Moby_Dick#4585 on the VS discord) if you have any suggestion!

About the mod

Kingdom of Science: Fire & Explosions is the first mod of the Kingdom of Science series, a series which aims to add various modern(-ish) technologies to the game in a vanilla-friendly, medieval way.

Fire & Explosions adds three items as of now: the phosphorus match, the dynamite stick and the dynamite bundle.

The phosphorus match (check the handbook for the recipe) can light any ignitable block practically instantly. To use it, simply shift+right-click the block you want to ignite (sometimes, a simple right-click works). Note that you still have to hold right-click for a short time. This works on all blocks that can be lit (firepits, pit kilns, boilers, torches, explosives...).

The dynamite stick is a throwable explosive. You can throw it like a stone or a beenade, by holding right click. It will explode on impact, so make sure to toss it a bit far away!

The dynamite bundle is an explosive block that, much like the ore blasting bomb, can clear chunks of rocks. However, unlike the ore blasting bomb, the dynamite bundle is really good at breaking rocks, but ineffective against ores. It's also considerably more powerful than an ore blasting bomb. You can make a dynamite bundle from three dynamite sticks and a flax twine.

The mod also adds nitroglycerin, an ingredient for dynamite: this is made by kneading (in a mixing bowl) three parts nitric acid, one part sulfuric and one part glycerin. Making a dynamite stick requires six parts nitric acid, two parts sulfuric acid and two parts glycerin.



If you're thinking about putting this mod on a server, you might be afraid that people could use dynamite sticks (the throwable dynamite) to grief inside claims, but fear not!

Two configuration options will help you prevent that:

- CanStickExplodeInClaim: like its name suggests, if you set it to false, dynamite sticks won't be able to explode in claims at all.

- IsDynamiteStickThrowable: if you want to turn off throwable sticks entirely, you can set this option to true. Dynamite sticks will now only be used to craft dynamite bundles.

- CanDestroyBlocksInClaim: set that to true if you want dynamite sticks to be able to break blocks when they land in claims (off by default)

Note that dynamite sticks won't break dirt or grass, so you don't risk having holes everywhere because of people throwing sticks around.

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💬 Moby_, Mar 3rd at 9:42 AM

Amarillo They hit the strength of the reinforced block. It will remove several uses, but won't break reinforced blocks instantly.

💬 Amarillo, Mar 3rd at 9:15 AM

Do these explosives wipes reinforced blocks from 1 explosion or it hits the strenght of the reinforced block instead?

💬 Moby_, Mar 3rd at 9:12 AM

Michaloid There was indeed a typo! Thank you for noticing!

💬 Michaloid, Mar 3rd at 2:06 AM

The Culinary Artillery link leads to a 404 error.

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