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Created: Feb 11th at 6:35 PM
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This mod contains a basic framework for generating dungeons, so it can work along with other mods that add more dungeon builds to the game. For further information checkout the repository readme.

Dungeons will only appear in parts of the world that are generated after the mod was added.


  • procedural dungeon generation
  • room based generator, hand made rooms that are just vinteagestory schematics
  • very extensible though its config for other mods aswell for server admins though the modconfig
  • enable reinforcement of all dungeon blocks
  • replace rocks with their local variant
  • configurable entrance generation, so if you dont want the dungeons to be findable from the surface you can turn of the entrance
  • as admin or in singleplayer you can run `/mapth3dungeons 10` to add a waypoint for every dungeon within 10 chunk radius - very helpful for testing


Huge shout out to  NiclAss  who made all the awesome dungeons within this mod.


For help or discussion about the dungeon generator join my Discord Server

If you are interested in making dungeons check out VintageStoryBuilders Discord by NiclAss


For documentation on how to configure and how to make a addon mod to add more dungeons click here



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3 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Ikirou, Mar 19th at 4:08 PM

Ah okay u speak already about an Ocean check just came here to ask for it!^^

that would be awsome cuz there are lots open in the ocean of them.

💬 Th3Dilli, Mar 19th at 8:43 AM


 best would be if you can give me world seed and location so i can debug it

although there are dungeons that are not fully walled off so that could be "by design", i need to add something like a ocean check 

💬 OpPointBaker, Mar 19th at 2:14 AM

Generates partial dungeons in oceans. All blocks are there except the actual stone so they are flooded with water.

I can provide screen shots if neccessary. 

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