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Author: Verlia
Side: Both
Created: Jan 5th at 4:41 AM
Last modified: Jan 23rd at 9:15 AM
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You do not need to have Feverstone Horses ( if you have this mod, horses are included.

This mod introduces new items and creatures

it’s also a WIP (Work in Progress); so things are subject to change.

This mod requires PetAI. --> Please be sure to have updated versions.



New Creatures

Faunlings; Friendly nomads that wander the forests.

Direwolves; abnormally large wolves that can be raised to be domesticated and ridden.

Golems; A large sentient formed of the earth.

Geode Crabs; A skittish creature formed of the earth.

Spiders; Small 8 legged critters that skitter about.

Toads; Small stubby potatos that hop about.

Horses; Draft, Arabian, Zebras (not in yet), Donkies (not in yet); Faithful ridable companions that can hold items when saddled.

Fish; Sharks, Stingrays, Buromenfish and Discus; More fish to populate the void of water.




Item drops relative to creatures.

Faunlings being able to assist players with fighting & farming.

Golems spawn matching environment.

Additional sounds to various creatures listed.

Revisiting some textures.

Horses pulling carts.

More creatures & critters.


Co-partner; Ahrondus

Contributors; CaptainOats, Spear&Fang, G3rste


Discord: We are in the official Vintage Story discord! Please drop in, say hello, and feel free to reach out to us on our Feverstone Wilds mods thread if you have any questions/concerns/bugs!

If you'd like to support or donate, come by here; Verlia's Ko-Fi

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.9 323 Jan 23rd at 9:15 AM Show
v1.0.7 341 Jan 17th at 9:03 AM Show
v1.4.0 668 Jan 5th at 5:12 AM Show

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💬 Verlia, Jan 23rd at 2:23 AM

BeetleSong Thank you for reporting this, I'll be putting out an update shortly to remedy this.

Lumber I'll see if I can do this in the upcoming update so they're less likely to spawn in small pools.

liefy Their spawn rate should be much less now, any sharks there will probably remain till killed but won't spawn anymore like it was previously. In the next update they should spawn deeper as well.

💬 BeetleSong, Jan 21st at 6:43 AM

I'm having strange behavior with Direwolves, namely adult Direwolves. Killing them causes them to instantly disappear. Looking into creative I cannot easily find them unless I search in which case they appear textureless. Placing them down its a Direwolf. Nothing unusual but again killing them causes them to instantly disappear as if they don't have a dead state?

I'm not well versed in modding so I can't easily read the json file to know if there is something missing however

💬 Liefy, Jan 20th at 5:25 PM

@Verlia Ah, I see. Okay. Waiting on that for various reasons including the bull shark infestion issues >_>'


Also, any possibility of the direwolves getting compatible dog accessories? (Collars, scarves, armor, etc)

💬 Lumber, Jan 20th at 2:55 PM

Just saw the comment from Stejer, and I've noticed the same issue. A few small ponds around my base full of sharks. I've even found them spawning in waterfalls and dying at the bottom of them. I think an easier way to prevent large fish from spawning in small ponds would probably be to set the spawn height lower. The surface of water is typically at the same height across the world with a few exceptions. So, if you set the max spawn height to something like Y=110 or Y=105 they could only spawn in deeper water bodies.

💬 Verlia, Jan 20th at 3:35 AM

@Liefy no, not yet. Our focus is primarily on other things. Configs take a lot of work that'll be worked on when we can. 

💬 Liefy, Jan 19th at 6:58 AM

No configs yet? :(

💬 Stejer, Jan 17th at 1:59 PM

hey, just something that i had since the first one that wasnt patched so it might not be a bug, but sometimes sharks spawn in very small pools of water, hardly three blocks deep. my idea would be to make so sharks need x amount of space around them to spawn, like 3 blocks deep with 4 blocks around of water. no idea how easy it would be to implement but it just feels weird seeing sharks spawn in a very small pool.

💬 Verlia, Jan 16th at 10:37 PM

For those that have golems crowding their area, please try to clear them out as an update is inc soon. This update will pertain in updating the golems closer to what they're supposed to be like.

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 16th at 8:29 AM


Buromenfish is still not real, is it? I searched for it and only found this site.

I didn't realize that "Rrrriibbbittt" was a frog's croak!
This is the difference between English and Japanese expressions. I learned other animals in junior high school.

I am glad that automatic feeding from troughs will be implemented to feed direwolves.
If it is implemented, I hope it will be compatible with Vanilla Variants as well as horses.

💬 Pawsitively, Jan 16th at 4:32 AM

Love the mod, spawns are a little much to the point of hurting my fps. Would be super happy to see the direwolves improved to be on the level of horses, their turning is a lil bit too slugish for me and the lack of auto moving over 1 block changes in height makes them super hard to ride.

💬 Ahrondus, Jan 15th at 11:40 PM

macoto_hino  Buromenfish does not have a translation as it is not a real fish name. The toad description "Rrrriibbbittt" is just supposed to be a spelling of the audible croaking sounds that toads and frogs make, with a little exaggeration for humor.  Currently, the tamed direwolves can only be hand-fed. But that is a great idea for them, and we have discussed and will implement a trough feeding behavior for them in an upcoming release!

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 15th at 9:30 PM


I am trying to translate, but I don't know what "Buromenfish" and "Rrrriibbbbittt" mean.
Is it only by hand feeding a tamed direwolf? Or does it also eat from the troughs?

💬 Voidwalker, Jan 13th at 11:05 PM

I love this mod even with Higher Spawn Rates its still a much needed mystical breath of fresh air to help the world feel lived in, Though The spawns can get out of hand. Theres a Small pon near my current Base and its just filled with Bull sharks and ONLY Bullsharks. there are like 20+ just hanging out. Intsead of getting made I made it a feature and named it Shark Lagoon. Looking forward to the updates~

💬 Voidwalker, Jan 13th at 11:02 PM
💬 Ahrondus, Jan 12th at 1:41 AM

Lumber -- This is fixed in an upcoming release. Code/animation cleanup is in the works.

💬 Lumber, Jan 9th at 2:14 AM

Death animation on the golems is borked for me. They fall to their knees, the head and arms fall off, then he stands back up and reassembles and starts the animation over.

💬 Verlia, Jan 8th at 8:31 PM

A github and config is in the works. 

An update for spawn rates and some updates to creatures is incoming.

Thank you for your patience <3

💬 StewBag, Jan 8th at 3:00 PM

Loving the extra creatures but i would really like to be able to tune the spawn rates. Is a config file in the works?

💬 Orangutanion, Jan 7th at 10:17 PM

+1 for the github repository. Many of us want the mods we use to be open source, and it's a reliable way to track bugs.

💬 Maxwell, Jan 7th at 6:17 PM

Is there a github repository?

💬 Yanazake, Jan 7th at 9:16 AM

I kinda want to see how the shark looks. Might trade dangerous waters for this after all, since it adds still more variety, and I'm tired of piranas.

💬 Mendall, Jan 7th at 5:37 AM

Is there any way to tone down spawn rates a bit. my home is surrounded with cute little horned girls.
which you would think is a good thing... but there are just to many of them, I’m wore out.
Also I have a drifter trap that stays full of little crabs that drop copper.
But worst of all I get a new batch of dire wolves in my front yard every single day, I spend half of every day killing off dire wolves.
I haven't seen a golem yet though.

💬 Verlia, Jan 6th at 11:38 PM

@lumber There's texture on all of them, some are contrasted more than others so it may appear more vibrant.

💬 Verlia, Jan 6th at 11:37 PM

@Belarrius That may be something you have to contact on their side rather than mine. I couldn't tell you why as this mod only does creatures and items atm.

💬 Belarrius, Jan 6th at 10:02 PM

@verlia but look at this


If it's not because of Wildcraft trees, how to fix the problem? It's about "douglas wood" and same for wooden chest, I don't understand why

💬 NiclAss, Jan 6th at 9:44 PM


I have tested this mod with BetterRuins and both seem to work fine.

💬 Lumber, Jan 6th at 9:03 PM

Is the hair on the faunlings supposed to be stark white? It's almost like there's no texture for them.

💬 Verlia, Jan 6th at 7:43 PM

Belarrius This mod doesn't effect any compatiablity or textures with Wildcraft trees. 

znatik We play with Better Ruins mod, I'm not sure why there would be issues there. This mod only introduces creatures/items. Nothing that affects textures nor environment such as trees, ceramics, etc. 

💬 Belarrius, Jan 6th at 2:26 PM

and some textures like wooden chest and textures of Wildcraft Trees v1.1.4 mod are also suffer

💬 znatik, Jan 6th at 1:30 PM

Fish in fashion are beautiful. Everything is very great. But the mod is not friendly with the ceramics mod. Textures suffer. The Beter Ruins mod has stopped working. Fruit trees texture is not correct 



💬 macoto_hino, Jan 6th at 8:20 AM


There was an update from FS Horses that they have made it compatible with Vanilla Variant troughs, but it didn't work in my environment, so I'm hoping for FS Wilds troughs.

💬 Verlia, Jan 6th at 8:14 AM

PeterSanderson Setting up the config file in the mod isn't in atm; but it is one of the things planned.

Macoto_hino So the horses didn't seem compatiable with Vanilla Variant troughs? 

💬 Lexingtondavid, Jan 6th at 4:32 AM

I adore the concept of building a village of faunlings, I can't wait~ 

💬 Wandour, Jan 6th at 2:13 AM

holycrap yes I cant wait for more <3

💬 PeterSanderson, Jan 5th at 9:11 PM

Are the spawning rates changeable via the config file? One of the issues I have with Feverstone Horses is that far too many horses seem to spawn at the moment for my liking. Thanks again for your work on this mod, I am looking forward to trying it

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 5th at 8:13 PM


FS Horses. I have not tried FS Wilds yet.

💬 Verlia, Jan 5th at 7:57 PM

@macoto_hino Yes and yes. Which Feverstone's Horses are you talking about? The one from FS Wilds or just FS Horses? We're still trying to figure a way for the cart but it's definitely something we want to do.

@Maxwell Unfortunately, you'll lose any existing horses as they get replaced with Feverstone Wilds. 

💬 Maxwell, Jan 5th at 3:53 PM

How would an existing server go about moving from Feverstone's Horses to this mod? Can we add this, and then remove Feverstone's Horses? We'd like to keep our existing horses.

💬 macoto_hino, Jan 5th at 1:46 PM


So this mod will be updated separately from Feverstone's Horses.
Will compatibility be implemented separately as well?
Feverstone's Horses seems to be compatible with Vanilla Variant troughs, but they did not eat from the troughs in my environment.

I am really hoping for a cart for horses on the roadmap.
It would be nice to be able to rope the horses somewhere like in Minecraft.

💬 Belarrius, Jan 5th at 1:20 PM

The bug is with "Wildcraft Trees v1.1.4" about douglas tree and wood, and all "Wooden Trunk"

💬 PiddlyWink, Jan 5th at 11:23 AM

Just loaded this up and looks great so far!

💬 Verlia, Jan 5th at 10:34 AM

macoto_hino Yes it'll be updated independently. As horses are split off from this mod originally in case people didn't want other fantasy origins in their game.

There'll also be configurations later on for those that would like to turn off/on certain things, too.


💬 macoto_hino, Jan 5th at 8:49 AM

I understand that Feverstone's Horses is included with this mod, but will Feverstone's Horses be updated independently of the original?
Or will it reflect the version updated in the original? I can only sleep at night wondering.

💬 Verlia, Jan 5th at 7:00 AM

@CaptainOats Lmao 😂

@Voragine Thanks.

💬 CaptainOats, Jan 5th at 6:16 AM

Do YOU suffer from existential dread? Has YOUR home become re-possesed by the bank and roaming spirits? Do YOU lack all awarness of space and time, resulting in loss of multiple limbs and timelines?

This mod WON'T fix those issues BUT what it does do...

- Provide a good variation of fantasy creatures.

- Potato-like toads ftw.

- Love Dark Soul's crystal lizards? Re-live the annoyance of catching those buggers with Geode Crabs!

- Adds challange that the game needs past the usual drifters and wolves.

- Need more Waifu's in your life? Faunlings are your go-to cute creature.

- Ever look at rock/ore and think "What if alive and kill me?"? Look no further!


CaptainOat's totally un-biased, non-associated, independant review.

💬 Voragine, Jan 5th at 5:46 AM

very interesting mod

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