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Author: Mr1k3
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Created: Apr 6th 2021 at 3:08 AM
Last modified: Feb 12th at 7:41 AM
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A mod that adds new fuels. I originally created this mod to be able to reclaim my iron-shavings from the AnvilMetalRecovery mod. Also includes fire logs and peat processing.

Now you can stack fire logs, and both refined peat bricks into piles.

Firelogs and the handbook aren't playing nice, firelog now has a description that includes crafting cost, the item should be hidden by the handbook now.

Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon



High-Grade Fuel:

Burns fairly long at extreme temperatures, useful for melting all metals, but poured metals take a very long time to cool. (Outputs two items and anthracite can be used instead coke)


Fire Log:

Burns at very low temperatures but each log lasts 40 minutes! For use in a fireplace to keep you warm during winter but not much else. (Outputs 8 items), stacks to 128.


Peat processing:

The vanilla peat is now a little worse at smelting things- 20 sec burn time at 400c, this is because the peat should be dried in a chest for 36 in game hours. (image out of date)


Dried peat- will burn for 30 sec at 900c, it can also be improved when you add certain materials to it. (image out of date)


Bio-Char- A charcoal dust with all sorts of organic compounds inside. Obtained by smelting most plants in the fire pit eg: cattails, ferns, flowers, etc.


Refined peat- mix bio-char with peat in the crafting grid for 2 bricks of refined peat, this stuff burns for 128 seconds but only at 850c, great for cooking food.


Propolis- A resin-like substance that is obtained when breaking any type of hive or skep, this stuff never goes off and can be eaten but its main use is in the next fuel.


Bituminous peat- Combine dried, refined peat with some resin or propolis for 4 bricks of bituminous peat, this peat burns for 60 seconds at 1100c so its a alternate to charcoal. Cant be used in bloomeries however. (image out of date)



Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v2.0.7 2173 Feb 12th at 7:41 AM Show
v2.0.6 266 Feb 2nd at 2:33 AM Show
v2.0.5 252 Jan 31st at 8:09 AM Show
v2.0.4 201 Jan 29th at 6:23 AM Show
v2.0.3 693 Sep 6th 2021 at 8:29 AM Show
v2.0.2 343 Aug 14th 2021 at 6:01 PM Show
v2.0.1 270 Jul 30th 2021 at 5:08 AM Show
v1.0.1 437 Apr 6th 2021 at 3:09 AM Show

24 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Craluminum, Oct 22nd at 12:29 PM


it doesn't have any code and thus is compatible with any version

💬 WTF27pl, Oct 22nd at 11:13 AM

i really hope this mod gets updated to new version


💬 Aisling, Oct 21st at 10:34 PM

Refined peat is indeed great, and actually the main reason I wanted SuperFuels in our co-op game. I'm the primary cook between my partner and I (both irl and in the game, heh), and she keeps me supplied with refined peat so I can more efficiently keep her supplied with food (making good use of your mod in so doing, I might add; my forum/Discord user is Azure, I've posted briefly on the Expanded Foods forum page).

💬 l33tmaan, Oct 3rd at 7:47 PM

No problem. I've been making a TON of refined peat in my latest playthrough and I love it.

💬 Aisling, Oct 3rd at 5:10 PM

Confirmed, working for us in 1.17 as well, thanks!

💬 l33tmaan, Oct 2nd at 7:41 AM


I run it in 1.17 and it seems to work fine.

💬 Aisling, Oct 1st at 10:41 PM

@Mr1k3 Awesome-looking mod! My parnter loves it (I haven't tried it yet but it looks fantastic) and we're looking to add it to our current co-op game. May I ask, to clarify, does your last comment mean that the mod is already working on 1.17, or that you are working on updating it to 1.17?

💬 Mr1k3, Sep 2nd at 3:12 AM

Working on 1.17.

💬 l33tmaan, Apr 6th at 8:47 PM

I know I've brought this up before, but is it intended that fire logs can't be used for cooking? I wouldn't mind if they were more expensive to make if that meant I could make stews with them. 175 or 200 degrees would be enough.

💬 Gepard, Apr 6th at 8:12 PM

Great mod 

It's very usefull for melting chromium, platinum, uranium titanium (for made titanium armor in "Buggi's Random Changes" mod) or another metal alloys (like in "More Metals" mod).
Mr1k3 - It would be nice to add gunpowder as a fuel with a very high temperature (e.g. 3000°C), but also a very short burning time (e.g. 4 seconds). Damned idea, isn't it?

I made Polish translation for 2 files in 2 diferent destination:



💬 Mr1k3, Feb 12th at 7:41 AM

I am unable to directly fix the issue regarding the melting of raw iron ore nuggets down in a crucible, as a fix I have added a description to both the high-grade fuel item and the iron nuggets stating to not melt them in a crucible in bright red text. Hopefully this keeps people from accedentaly doing so.

💬 Pakratt, Feb 8th at 6:34 PM

CLIENT CRASH: DO NOT try and cook hematite or similar iron in a crucible with super creates a hot crucible that will crash you the moment you try and look at it!

💬 YokieWartooth, Feb 2nd at 8:56 PM

I'm really enjoying this mod, although I found out that the firelogs are incompatible with the braziers from Medieval Expansion. 
Is that something that could get worked on for a future update?

💬 Mr1k3, Feb 2nd at 2:33 AM


  • still unable to track down the root issue of the firelog handbook crash, in the meantime-
  • firelog has been excluded from the handbook because of the crash sometimes experienced when looking it up
  • added description to the firelog letting players know how to craft it, as a workaround
💬 Mutziel, Jan 31st at 12:04 PM

@Mr1k3 It didn't work. I tested each item in the mod to make sure, and the only one that causes a crash is specifically fire log when it's clicked in the guidebook. I know you said the error logs didn't help before but heres mine just in case.

💬 Mr1k3, Jan 31st at 8:13 AM

Mutziel  Someone else had the same issue, but the logs didn't offer much insight to the issue. I found out that I was using a wrong entityclass/class so could you try 2.0.5 to see if that fixes it? I cannot seem to trigger the crash with my game for whatever reason, even before this fix.

💬 Mutziel, Jan 31st at 7:32 AM

For whatever reason, regardless of what mods I enable or disable, when I click the fire log in the guidebook my game crashes.

💬 Mr1k3, Jan 29th at 6:23 AM


Pile stacking and balance update

  • Now you can stack firelogs, and both refined peat bricks in piles
  • Improved burn times of all peats by 5 seconds, increased burn temp of dried peat to 900
  • Increased refined peat burn time from 96 seconds to 128 seconds
  • improved bituminous peat burn time from 40 seconds to 60
💬 Mr1k3, Jan 24th at 10:57 AM

Works fine in 1.16, should work through most major version changes in the future.

💬 Mr1k3, Sep 6th 2021 at 8:29 AM


  • To prevent a crash with peat in firepits you now need to craft vanilla peat in the grid to get a dryable version
💬 Arielessar, Sep 3rd 2021 at 1:46 AM

Hi, I am getting consistent crashes with just this mod activated. The crash can be found here (this version does include multiple mods, but I tested it out with just super fuel active too and got the same crash). The crash seems to be caused by peat drying while its on a pit-kiln. So for example if you start a pit kiln with peat that is at 0% cured it won't crash. But one that is at like 75% will cause a crash. (I tested it by just setting time speed to 9999). Let me know if I can provide any additional information. And if that is too hard of a problem to fix, might I suggest a new recipe that has one peat turn into the curable peat so its player's choice instead of automatic.

💬 Mr1k3, Aug 14th 2021 at 6:18 PM

2.0.2 changes:

  • Added new peat processing chain, now peat can be dried once mined then improved with further processing
  • New peats either burn longer at lower temps or burn hotter for a shorter duration, bituminous peat is a low-end charcoal substitute. Refined peat is meant for long duration low temp cooking eg: cooking.
  • Fire logs recipe now only output 8 instead of 16, but burn time was doubled to 40 real minutes. For recipe consistency.
  • Added descriptions to items.
💬 Mr1k3, Jul 30th 2021 at 7:11 AM

Fixed crashing issue, should work fine in 1.15 now with current release.

💬 Craluminum, May 1st 2021 at 11:21 AM

A fantasy item called "Doped coal", unfortunately, kills the delicate balance of smelting metals. Thank goodness most crucibles melt at these temperatures, that is, you completely lose them. Yeah, this item is op, kills bloomeries, but also kills crucibles (they just melt at these temperatures)

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