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Category: #Crafting #Tweak
Author: Melchior
Side: Both
Created: Feb 14th at 7:21 PM
Last modified: Aug 18th at 12:47 AM
Downloads: 3886

Time to take back what is owed: Get them METAL (bits) Back when Smithing !

Tools and Weapons may shatter into fragments - when the last of their durability is spent. (Recycle these metal leftovers)

0.1.15 (Release):

  • Finally really fixed that Metalbits recipie output overwriting bug...

DON'T USE 0.1.14 ! (Its flawed...)


0.1.14 (Release):

  • Fix for some recipies giving metalbits instead of normal output...
  • Now configurable Metal Voxel equivalence ratio, plus Tool-breakage can be disabled
  • SEE: amr_config.json - (in /ModConfig)

0.1.12 (Release):

  • New ability to actually break down "Broken Metal bits"; (Use the Chisel, and it will smash the former-tool into metal bits...)
  • [That means the "Broken Metal bits" arn't smeltable anymore...]
  • "Metal shavings", may eventually be removed (changed) in the future, FYI

0.1.9 (Release):

  • Entirely new Item damage detection code.
  • Breaking crafting tools, also become scrap-metal.
  • No more trouble with spears & hammers...


Notes: While testing with every other mod that could interact with AMR+ is way beyond my resources; it was previously tested with XSkills & Mystical Metals...while no obvious faults were found - there could still be a bug or 5 lurking.

Weapon/Tool breakage; is mostly bugfree....I think.

P.S. Iron still isn't meant to be smeltable. (not with this mod)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.1.15 1109 Aug 18th at 12:47 AM Show
v0.1.14 237 Aug 9th at 10:44 PM Show
v0.1.12 174 Aug 6th at 12:38 AM Show
v0.1.10 464 Jul 19th at 10:36 PM Show
v0.1.9 183 Jul 9th at 8:49 PM Show
v0.1.8 593 May 14th at 11:54 PM Show
v0.1.7 173 May 10th at 11:30 PM Show
v0.1.6 225 May 8th at 10:30 PM Show
v0.1.5 728 Feb 14th at 7:32 PM Show

19 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

Buggi, Sep 30th at 11:03 PM

Moonmonk, use chisel with the fragment in the crafting grid to break them down.

Also, how to smelt the steel/blister steel bits down? Bloomery?

Moonmonk, Sep 15th at 5:21 AM

Is there a use for the broken metal fragments? I can't smelt them in the crucible or break them into nuggets?

Berkyjay, Aug 13th at 8:44 PM

Is it possible to turn down the amount of metal retreived from broken tools?  I feel the balance is off and it only takes minimal effort to mine enough to keep my tool rack filled.

SimonTheVampyre, Aug 10th at 7:44 PM

Noticed that if the install directory is different than C-drive, adding the mod won't add the amr_config.json file to /ModConfig.
Putting the mod in the C-drive's Mod folder does.

Xorberax, Aug 9th at 1:03 AM

Might be a mod compatibility issue but with v0.1.12 when I try to use shears on vegetables to get seeds, such as with onions, it outputs copper bits instead of the seeds. I have a video of it here with more detail:

Downgrading to v0.1.10 fixed the issue for me.

Hoof_Lover, Aug 8th at 10:13 PM

chiseling broken tools will result in every saw recepie giving said metal bits instead of planks until restart

Berkyjay, Jul 12th at 8:37 PM

@Lisabet - Hmm, I dunno if I like the idea of a hotter burning charcoal.  Maybe if there were a bellows setup.  That'd be cool.

Lisabet, Jul 11th at 11:22 PM

if you also use the Mystical Metals mod, it has charcoal that gets high enough to smelt iron (it's not updated to 1.15 though, but neither is this atm afaik)

Berkyjay, Jul 11th at 8:48 PM

So iron bits and above are useless at this point?  I was kind of wondering what to do with them as well.

Melchior, Jul 9th at 8:51 PM

Iron, STILL isn't smeltable - this mod doesn't DO that.

V0.1.9 - Should fix the bug with spears, hammers, ect...

Asraiel, Jul 1st at 9:34 AM

How do you resmelt iron or steel shavings? Using the bloomery?

Berkyjay, May 31st at 4:53 AM

I've been getting "Broken Metal Fragments" popping into my inventory while throwing spears, but the spears don't dissapear.  Is this the glitchy behaivior you were talking about?  Is there a way to turn this bit off while it's glitchy?

l33tmaan, May 19th at 2:58 PM

@Doornydew If that's your idea of a fun time, I guess....

Doornydew, May 19th at 9:09 AM

if i may ask,  what is preventing you from for instance making an axe head,  finishing it,  keeping the bits, then just smelting back down the axe for another ingot?

surely this must be heavily exploitable.

Melchior, May 8th at 10:46 PM

Also - the actual values for the Broken metal fragments (or tool shards); is from the SMITHING recipies voxel count. If a mod adds a custom / unusual method of creating an item - AMR+ may not figure it out...and won't issue fragments for these 'unususal' items.

For Reference: 1 Voxel = 2.38 metal units.

Melchior, Mar 11th at 9:50 PM

Indeed - it can ONLY issue shards when a work-item completes. (Both a technical limitation, AND due to gameplay reasons)

[Research IS being carried out to have an updated version that is fully 'Harmonic' - and plays nicer with new steel & helve-hammer anvils]

Theisgood, Mar 1st at 9:25 PM

Auhh I see what you did now. Very smart. Thank you so much for this! I always though we were kinda be wasteful leaving all those metal bittys behind :(. Like they have friends too hahahah. Great mod friend :) Keep up the great work!

Craluminum, Mar 1st at 8:06 PM

You will get bits back ONLY after work was completely finished

Theisgood, Mar 1st at 5:51 PM

Could you explain what this does. Well I get the basic concept, but where are the bits stored? In my inventory? So when I split any metal I get the bits back? Or it just prevents you from destroying the tool head?

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