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Category: #Creatures
Author: Gerste
Side: Both
Created: Oct 29th at 6:39 AM
Last modified: Nov 21st at 9:58 PM
Downloads: 721

>>Needs PetAI to function!<<

Russian translation provided by Mamoru Mondai.

Current features:

Wolfes can now be tamed and utilized by the player. A small guide in the handbook should contain everything to get you started.


  • Make the wolf able to fight alongside the player✔️
  • Make more vanilla✔️ and modded creatures interact with tame wolfes
  • Pet Nests✔️
  • Split this into a code and a content mod, so that the petAI can be utilized by other mods to tame entities✔️
  • Cosmetic accessories like dog collars✔️
  • A wearable backpack for the dog


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 202 Nov 21st at 9:58 PM Show
v0.0.8 52 Nov 20th at 4:08 PM Show
v0.0.7 57 Nov 19th at 11:38 PM Show
v0.0.6 74 Nov 16th at 10:57 PM Show
v0.0.5 99 Nov 12th at 7:59 AM Show
v0.0.4 54 Nov 10th at 7:57 AM Show
v0.0.3 90 Nov 5th at 7:58 AM Show
v0.0.2 13 Nov 2nd at 7:42 AM Show
v0.0.1 47 Oct 29th at 6:40 AM Show

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Evilteen18, 3 days ago

i love this mod and hope you add fox pups in to be tamed i would love to have a fox pet. keep up the good work

Sindanarmo, Nov 24th at 1:22 PM

Yeah that helped, thank you for quick update :) Works great now :)

Gerste, Nov 22nd at 8:15 PM

Fixed in PetAI v1.0.1, thanks for your feedback Verlia, Sindanarmo

I also added some small config options for making wolfes easier to tame/ raise.

Verlia, Nov 22nd at 5:09 AM

Only thing so far that's a bit harsh I'm finding is the nerf on feeding. 10mins in between each feed on raw red meat that gives 10%. That's quite a while to sit and tame but, maybe the payout will be worth it. If the dogs can breed and each gen be stronger than the next, that'd make taming them worth it.  Can they breed as is? 

Second input on the growth time, I think that triple the amount is a long time. I think 14 days was just perfect. Triple the amount goes up to 42 in game days. That's a long time to sit after taming a puppy and it can't follow me back home. Is there a configuration file that would allow us to change the growth rate of wolves and dogs as well as the taming effectiveness for different food types?

Bug; right clicking with empty hand crashes game. :/

Sindanarmo, Nov 22nd at 4:54 AM

Hello again :) New changes are brilliant, this is one of my favourite mods :) Unfortunately since yesterday I have weird issue - when I right click my pups with empty hand my game completely freezes, tried a few times and everytime ended with freeze. When I feed them everything is ok, nothing weird happens. Have other mods installed, but they wasn't updated recently and I tamed my pups before 0.7 version of this mod. Should I find new pups, would that help?

Verlia, Nov 22nd at 12:03 AM

Thanks! Always good to have some info in handbook just in case. ^_^ I'm still trying to find a puppy to tame but I'll let you know my thoughts when it happens! Btw, I've got quite a few creatures made I may input your code onto them, think it'll make great stuff! My creatures so far; Faunling, Geode Crab, horse, cat, rat, land griffon, frog, snake, turtle, large hog. Not all of these would be tamable, but if you can figure out how to attach a backpack to a wolf, it'd make some awesome pack mules. Feel free to DM me on discord as well (I'm not always active, but I get back to msgs in time); Verlia#5712

Gerste, Nov 19th at 11:43 PM

Neat idea! Version 0.0.7 now includes a small guide in the handbook for taming wolfes. I upped the growth time for both wolfes and dogs to 1008 ingame hours to give players more time to tame the pup before it grows aggressive. This translates to 3 times the original value. I nerfed the dog quite a bit and made it harder to obtain one. I hope he is still a viable companion. Verlia

Verlia, Nov 19th at 9:31 PM

Really enjoying this mod so far! Is there going to be a guide to be included in the handbook? Also, do the pups grow up at the same rate as a wolf pup would? I don't know the exact amount of time/how long it takes for a puppy to grow up.

InfernalSkys, Nov 13th at 3:42 AM

Awesome, yeah that fixed it, thanks!

Gerste, Nov 12th at 8:05 AM

Should be fixed in version v0.0.5, I also added a short check that should convert any already tamed wofles into dogs. InfernalSkys

Turns out I simply deleted some of the code responsible for spawning the tame dog ...

Let me know if you still run into issues with it.

InfernalSkys, Nov 11th at 7:54 PM

Ah, ok yea I do have them trapped in a small walled off area so they won't run away so that makes sense

Gerste, Nov 11th at 7:56 AM

When the pup is colliding with a block once it reaches 100% tameness, I delay the spawning of the tame variant until the pup is not colliding anymore. For some reason this delayed spawn is never called. I will hopefully fix this in the next update. In the mean time, please make sure your pup is not colliding with anything when reaching the 100%. InfernalSkys 

InfernalSkys, Nov 10th at 9:40 PM

So a few wolf pups wandered close to my house and I started taming them all at the same time, once they reached 100% and it let me name them nothing happened, the name didn't appear and they seemed like a regular wolf pup and I couldn't interact or feed them bones or meat anymore, I tamed 1 wolf pup before and he is great but these 3 that I was taming at the same time stopped working upon reaching 100% tameness(still running away like wild pup, can't bring up interaction menu like my first tame pup, can't feed either), any idea why?

Sindanarmo, Nov 9th at 10:17 AM

Oh I see, it is very logical :) So the only solution for pups I guess is to lock them somewhere every time we don't want them to follow.

Gerste, Nov 9th at 10:14 AM

Currently the pup does not follow the stay command and is also unable to fight for you. I wanted to make the pup less obedient because it is still, well, a pup.
But this might change in the future, depending on how I will implement the feeding mechanic (maybe a dog will be willing to to more complex tasks the more obedient it is).

Sindanarmo, Nov 9th at 10:06 AM

Thank you for the response, I don't know anything about making mods and wasn't sure if this is possible, so I understand that some of my ideas can be rather difficult to implement :) I have another question about command "stay" - should it work only with mature dogs or also with pups and how long? I lost one pup in the deep cave because he didn't obey it and dunno if this is ok or something went wrong. Maybe you can add lash or something similar to tie them to trees or fences when it is better if they stay in one place longer?

Gerste, Nov 9th at 8:10 AM

Thanks for your feedback. :) Sindanarmo Vintagebob

I am indeed trying to include a fetch mechanic in the (probably far) future. Currently I am trying to implement a dog collar in different variants to make your dog feel a little bit more personal.
You are right about the meat thing. I played around with the idea of beeing able to hand feed him and wanted to make the food render into the dogs mouth (like it does for the raccoon), but I ran into all kinds of trouble an it may take me a while to figure it out. 

Sindanarmo, Nov 9th at 4:46 AM

Brilliant mod, thank you for making it :) Pups are adorable, was afraid that they will do stupid things like minecraft dogs - walking into fire etc but so far they seem to don't do any of that. I'm curious if you would consider adding more abilities to interact with them like petting or playing simple games like throwing a stick? They also don't seem to want any more meat after being fully familiarized - will they hunt for food?

Vintagebob, Nov 3rd at 12:28 PM

This is a very nice mod :) this small dor pups are cute!

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