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Category: #Food
Author: OmegaHaxors
Side: Both
Created: Sep 14th
Last modified: 6 hours ago
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Hate eating all the time? Think that hunger mechanics are more annoying than they are fun?
Become a plant. They can make energy from the sun, skipping the eating process completely!

Simply type /photosynthesis to become a plant. If you type it again, you'll turn back into a boring mundane animal.
While a plant, you restore energy when in light. Not just sunlight, but also held light, block light, and even light coming off of entities.
Your plant skin will also generate sugar and inject it right into your blood, giving you a sugar rush. The more light, the faster you go.

All values are based on real life. A lot of research and effort went into ensuring a perfect balance, backed up by real world values.
It's not all good though, there's downsides. Your heavy plant skin will make you 20% slower. Clothing and armor also blocks light.
This means that you'll have to put up with harsher winters, will be more vulnerable to enemy attacks, and will likely live in a greenhouse.

By typing /exposure, you can get a quick look at how much energy you are producing and how much skin is exposed.
The more skin is exposed, the more energy you will produce and the faster you will go, negating the downside.
Even though at maximum exposure, you'll still move 10% slower than normal when relying on torchlight.

Hopefully this passion project of mine makes for a unique and enjoyable experience for all who download.
Please leave feedback on the forum thread, and let me know what you think about the new mechanic:

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