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Author: Moby_
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Created: May 24th at 1:14 PM
Last modified: May 27th at 3:22 PM
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Latest file for Various v1.19.x: 1-click install

Requires Lavoisier, A Culinary Artillery and Alchemy (the ACA dependency will likely be removed in the future, after Lavoisier gets a major update)

What is Alchemistry?

Alchemistry is the first non-ChemistryLib/KoS addon for Lavoisier. It makes it possible to craft the potions from Alchemy using the Lavoisier retort crafting system.

This mod will likely evolve in the future, and introduce complex and multi-step processes as Lavoisier gets updated and refactored.


Making potions in Alchemistry

Alchemistry only changes the liquid potion making (medium and strong potions).

To make potions, you'll likely need to start with a potion tea. To do that, you need to let simmer a potion tea base in an A Culinary Artillery saucepan or cauldron, with two litres of water.

Once that's done, you can:

  • Distill 1 of any weak potion base and 1L of potion tea in a boiling flask linked to a retort neck
  • Distill 1 of any strong potion base and 1L of potion tea in a boiling flask -> reflux column -> condenser -> dissolver (with at least 1L of aqua vitae) -- Note: due to a bug in Lavoisier, to take a potion out from a dissolver, you might have to add a liquid to it then take that liquid out (can be water or anything) before you can take out the potion.
  • Distill 1 of any utility potion base and 1L of potion tea in a boiling flask -> reflux column -> retort neck

Note that potion making, albeit much shorter using chemistryware, still takes a considerable amount of time. You're looking at 2 to 10 minutes to process a litre (and since, due to technical limitations, it will all process at once, it might look like nothing is happening)


If you have Alchemistry installed, it will be impossible to craft potions the regular way, except weak potions that can still be made in a barrel (over a much longer period of time than with the retort).





(Alchemy logo used in the banner and flask used in the mod icon by Rejn_Bashag for llama3013's Alchemy mod)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.2 927 May 27th at 3:22 PM Show Install now
v1.0.1 37 May 27th at 8:58 AM Show Install now
v1.0.0 235 May 24th at 1:14 PM Show Install now

10 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 ERoy33, May 28th at 1:09 AM

yay, so awsome to see it working thank you!!

💬 Moby_Author, May 27th at 9:26 AM

ERoy33 Yeah that's one of the things I'm trying to fix right now... I have no idea why it's not working, i'll test it further this evening

TwoF If you have A Culinary Artillery, it will add all the tools from it. You'll have sausage hooks and rolling pins, even though they're unused (ACA adds cauldrons, bottles that can be used to store potions and bottle racks though, + I might replace the mortar and pestle with the mixing bowl at some point, so it's not really just a "use this single item from the mod" situation either).
Alchemistry can load without ACA but you won't be able to make potion tea, which is required to make potions (although for now potion tea crafting apparently doesn't work either soooooo)

💬 TwoF, May 27th at 9:22 AM

If I have this mod installed, but not EF installed, will it still contain tools available for crafting that are useless without EF itself? For example, sausage hooks and rolling pins.

💬 ERoy33, May 27th at 9:21 AM

Im having trouble getting the recipe to make the the potion tea, I've tried to let it boil like you would for say bone broth in Expanded food with no luck care to give morprecise details?

💬 l33tmaan, May 27th at 5:05 AM

Oh man, maybe I'll finally get around to actually making Alchemy potions now too...

💬 Moby_Author, May 25th at 10:37 PM

Inmortuae Yeah, the tutorial is a bit lacking since I assumed people using this would already be familiar with Lavoisier

The way it should work for medium potions is, place a boiling flask, then a retort neck facing it (both from the Lavoisier mod), put a potion base and 1L of potion tea (from Alchemy) in the boiling flask, then put an oil lamp under the boiling flask (right-click it with an oil lamp) and a bowl under the retort (right-click it with a bowl or any container that can store 1L or less), then wait for a few minutes.

For strong and utility potions, it should be similar: utility has a boiling flask with a reflux column on top of it, and a retort neck plugged into it (note that the reflux column is oriented, the retort neck should plug in the face of the reflux column that has a small cube sticking out of it horizontally), and strong potions plug a condenser (from Lavoisier, not from vanilla) between the reflux column and the retort neck.

To place components from Lavoisier in the right orientation, just make sure you're always facing the same way when placing components (except the boiling flask, which doesn't have an orientation)

💬 Inmortuae, May 25th at 9:49 PM

How does this work? i can seem to get it working


💬 Froggowo, May 25th at 1:03 PM

+1 what Maamessu said, the only reason I haven't used the Alchemy mod is because I found potionmaking unimmersive. Thank you for such hard work!

💬 Maamessu, May 24th at 3:58 PM

Wow. Wow. This is everything I've always wanted. Thank you.

💬 DUCATISLO, May 24th at 1:16 PM


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