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WARNING: This mod doesn't really adds anything besides the chemistry crafting system, it's meant to be used by other mods as a library. You can use ChemistryLib if you want some things to make.

OTHER WARNING: This mod is still in active development. There are probably many things that are unpolished or straight up bugged. Also there are a bunch of planned functionalities not yet implemented. It's functional though, and what is there won't change in the future, so you can already add your own recipes to your mods and use this mod.

About the mod

Lavoisier (named after Antoine Lavoisier, the father of chemistry) is a mod that adds a new crafting system based on early chemistry (right when it stopped being alchemy). This mod adds a new modular, multi-block chemistry apparatus, that can be used for anything from simple distillation to complex chemical synthesis.

This mod is a library: it's meant to be used along other mods that would add actual content (the mod by itself only adds support for the distillation of vanilla alcohols using a boiling flask and a retort neck).


In Lavoisier, you will find a few new blocks:

The boiling flask, meant as a starting point for all synthesis. You can put both a solid and a liquid in a boiling flask to react (similar to a barrel), and after the reaction is complete, you can find up to one liquid and one solid byproduct inside.

The retort neck, that can be used to collect liquids after they reacted (don't forget to add a bowl to collect your distillate!). Including the byproducts, this crafting system can output up to two liquids and one solid.

The dissolver, that can, much like the retort neck, collect products after they reacted. The dissolver, however, can be filled with a liquid that will be used as another input, making it possible to use two liquid inputs in recipes. The dissolver can also gather both liquid and solid outputs.
To access the product content of a dissolver, you can right click it with an empty hand to collect a solid, or empty the reacting liquid first to access a liquid product.

Many components (the condenser, the reaction chamber, the reflux column and the catalyser for now) that are used to make more complex setups.


Be careful: you can only connect a single apparatus to another, and they have to all be oriented in the same direction (the boiling flask, having no orientation, can be placed however you like though)


Adding recipes and components

Adding new apparatus components and new recipes can be done purely using .json modding, tutorial coming soon.

In the meantime, here is an example of a recipe (the mead recipe doesn't actually involves salt, it's just to give an example)

Recipe example

   "code": "distillingmeadcider",
   "setup": [ "alembicboilingflask", "alembicretortneck" ],
   "ticksPerItem": 40,
   "liquidInput": {
      "type": "item",
      "code": "game:ciderportion-mead",
      "stackSize": 10
   "solidInput": {
      "type": "item",
      "code": "game:ciderportion-mead",
      "stackSize": 1
   "product": {
      "type": "item",
      "code": "game:spiritportion-mead",
      "stackSize": 1
   "liquidByproduct": {
      "type": "item",
      "code": "game:waterportion",
      "stackSize": 9
   "solidByproduct": {
      "type": "item",
      "code": "game:salt",
      "stackSize": 1

Other possible setup components are "alembiccomponent-catalyser", "alembiccomponent-reactionchamber", "alembiccomponent-condenser" and "alembiccomponent-refluxvertical". Please note that all setups must start with a boiling flask, and it's recommanded to end with a retort neck if you want to have more than only byproducts.

If you want to add dissolver recipes, use another item stack named "endInput" which represents the dissolver's content. This has to be a liquid, or the recipe can't be matched. You should also end your setup with "alembicdissolver".

Please note that the game will stop checking for setup components after it finds a retort neck, so if you add components after a retort neck in your recipe, it will never be matched.

Please also note that you have to use stackSize even for liquids. For some reason, I can't get litres to parse correctly. Usually it's 1 item for 0.01L.
The "ticksPerItem" property represents the time it takes for the recipe to be handled once, 1 tick = 50 ms.
Be cautious: the mod doesn't check what you're doing and just lets you do it, and the game might not like it if, for instance, you try to put a solid item inside a liquid container. The game might also straight up crash if it fails to resolve an item sometimes.


If you want to add components, the only thing you have to do is make them orientable and make sure their item id starts with "alembic". The part right before the orientation (items have codes like "lavoisier:alembiccomponent-refluxvertical-north") should also end with "vertical" if your component is meant to be placed on top of another. You can look at the alembic component json for reference.




  • Make a tutorial on how to create components and recipes, and probably a wiki to explain how to the mod works
  • Make an in-game handbook tutorial explaining how the system works
  • Adding a new start block: the electrolysis flask (when the Electricity mod is installed)
  • Translations, at least french, I'll try to get some other languages done as well
  • Add more sounds
  • Randomised/mutliple byproducts/byproduct tables
  • Maybe some way to have medium-scale production, I'm not sure I really want to add it but maybe funnels to automatically feed (or at least empty an output) stuff?

I am also planning to make a few mods that will use Lavoisier in the (relatively) near future, including:
- A fire and explosions mod, adding phosphorus matches and dynamite
- A medicine mod, adding some antibiotics and other drugs
- A photography mod, if I can ever figure out how to deal with capturing images from the game and displaying them
- Maybe an engines and transportation mod, since the chemistry library will add explosive fuels
- Advanced metallurgy, like aluminium and titanium


Known issues:

  • The condenser and the catalyser models don't connect correctly to the reflux column. They work just fine when using in recipes, but they look bad
  • If you don't have the correct amounts of reagents, it won't react but it will still say "Will create [...]". It shouldn't say it.
  • When a dissolver finishes reacting and is empty, the last portion of liquid won't be transferred to the accessible liquid slot (for unknown reasons)

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A brilliant and vanilla-friendly addition!

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