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Author: SmeeSlug
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Created: May 23rd at 4:30 PM
Last modified: May 24th at 10:36 AM
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Latest file for v1.18.5: 1-click install

I intend to hopefully add more items and fix some sizing issues. If you have anything you would like to be bookshelveable I might not have thought of, let me know!

Currently bookshelveable:

All ore chunks (including crystallised), rough gems, ingots, stones and nuggets
Bones (they stand on end, might try to lay flat at some point, but they also fit very nicely as is between 2 books)
Crystals, although the larger ones don't fit, so you end up with a crystallised bookshelf lol
Sewing kit, flax twine, cloth, bandages
Jonas parts
Fruits (not pumpkin/pineapple)
Cheese, beeswax and legumes (definitely need resizing)
Tuning cylinder
Ink and Quill ! (also enabled it to be placed in some other visual storage (hopefully))
Tree seeds
Schematic (kinda wonky)

Dead butterflies (lay flat atm, needs altering)

- 1.1.0
Empty bags (and glider, doesn't sit nicely though)
Arrowheads and bowstaves
Bread, dough and PIES !
Flowerpots (nonfunctional)
Egg item
Cattail and papyrus ROOTS, dry grass
Clay, compost, mortar, peat bricks
Hides, leather and pelt
Metal plates, nails and strips
Scrap weapon Kit
Stone and clay bricks (item, not block)
Flowers, barrel cactus and mushrooms
Oil lamp



Things not working great (some maybe having ...creative/unique use cases?, and things I can't get to work at all yet

Flowers, barrel cactus and mushrooms, dry grass and roots sort of float, big crystals, chiseled blocks are currently full block size and textureless when bookshelved

Crocks, cooking pots, Veggies, Gears (:(), Catttail/papyrus TOPS, bony remains and similar, clutter atm, smithing work items, most clothing


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.1.0 577 May 24th at 10:36 AM Show Install now
v1.0.0 247 May 23rd at 4:43 PM Show Install now

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💬 SmeeSlug, May 26th at 9:02 AM

ty! :p added to my list of adding/trying to add lol


💬 LewdBenio, May 26th at 4:27 AM

Items that MoreClasses adds, been working on my update/patch to 1.18 for MoreClasses, i cant be bothered to add the shelvable trait to em, since idk if i would have to resize things, so here ya go Smeeslug :P


💬 SmeeSlug, May 26th at 4:10 AM

ScantLobster dead butterflies have actually been bookshelveable since first release and I seem to have forgotten to put them in the list :x oops. At the moment, from my testing they sit flat on the shelf but sticking to the back is how I would like to get them to work in the future when I can figure out the orientation stuff!

💬 Soggylithe, May 25th at 10:40 PM

Ha! I love it, I've got bookshelves around everywhere since I started testing book stuff and this will make my library look F A N T A S T I C.

💬 ScantLobster, May 25th at 7:39 PM

Might not be possible but can the butterflies be added? I really thought when the added catchable ones that we'd be able to put them up in a wall display of some sort. But when in the tabletop display cases they are hard to see. Maybe just in the bookshelves that are fully open? Can they be placed vertically so they stick to the back of it?

💬 artemax44, May 24th at 5:11 PM


Sorry to respond so late. Now it works perfectly thanks XD. Congratulations, it's an amazing mod!
💬 SmeeSlug, May 24th at 11:14 AM

artemax44 are you using the bookshelves you craft which have space for books to be placed in, not the ones found in the world? If you normally see block outlines, you should see outlines where you can place books when you look in them. I tested before I put out the update but I might need to double check

(also make sure the items you are trying to place are vanilla ones, I haven't added any mod support yet)


💬 artemax44, May 24th at 11:04 AM


I don't know why, but the mod doesn't work for me. I try to place any of the objects mentioned in the description, but it is useless. The shelves, I suppose you mean the bookstores, right? You already had several libraries placed before the mod. I don't know if I have to make new ones for it to take effect, but it didn't work for me either.

💬 Rythillian, May 24th at 6:22 AM

This should honestly be in vanilla

💬 SmeeSlug, May 24th at 12:32 AM

Yep literally just rummaged around in asset files to check books and other items to see if anything made them behave differently, found bookshelveable attribute :p


💬 LewdBenio, May 23rd at 9:36 PM


I love this community lol, didn't even realize it was you commenting before me. I hate using comments for normal chats though so here is something productive.

(straight from this mods files)

"op": "add",
"path": "/attributes/bookshelveable",
"value": true,
"file": "game:itemtypes/resource/flint.json"

💬 Moby_, May 23rd at 9:23 PM

SmeeSlug What's the operation to make an item boohshelvable? I could add that to cameras by default (I'm not sure photographic frames would work because they're not really items and render using custom code but cameras would be nice!)

💬 HoboYeti, May 23rd at 8:24 PM

What an amazingly cozy mod!

I think it'd be cool as heck if we'd be able to place crocks and bowls on the shelves as well.  The cubicle bookcases would make very cute crock storage I think!

💬 SmeeSlug, May 23rd at 7:37 PM

LewdBenio I have been thinking about potentially doing mod stuff at some point, this is a wonderful idea! Camera on the shelf would also be chef's kiss

💬 LewdBenio, May 23rd at 7:31 PM

This is perfect, if you are ever looking for a mod to make compatible, might I recommend Kingdom of Science: Photographic Memories I think having a framed picture would be cool, though im not sure how possible it is. Either way appreciate the mod!

💬 SmeeSlug, May 23rd at 7:24 PM

Glad y'all like it! :D

I'll add a little list of currently placeable items and maybe ones that aren't working as yet in the description Moby_

💬 Moby_, May 23rd at 6:44 PM

Yes please! This mod is amazing!!

Could you just provide a list of the new shelvable items somewhere?

💬 dakko, May 23rd at 6:22 PM

omg, the essential mod I never knew I needed! Thank you so much! 💜

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