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Author: Moby_
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Created: Mar 12th at 1:27 PM
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This mod requires ChemistryLib (1.1.0 or higher).

About the mod

Kingdom of Science: Photographic Memories is the second mod of the Kingdom of Science series, a series that aims to add modern-ish technologies in a vanilla-friendly, primitive way.

(also this mod is my magnum opus, don't expect me to make things as great as this too much xD)

It adds photography to the game, in a vanilla-friendly way.

In this mod, you'll find a few new items:

The Camera, the item you'll need to use if you want to take a picture. To take a picture, hide your GUIs (by pressing the f4 button), aim and right-click. The picture will work like a screenshot: you can take selfies using the third-person camera, for instance.
You'll need to hold photographic paper in your off-hand to take a picture.

Photographic paper, you'll need to hold it in your off-hand if you want to take a picture. It's made in the crafting grid with a container containing silver nitrate and a salted paper.

Photograph, an exposed photographic paper. This is the item that you'll get after taking a picture. You can put it (using right-click) in any of the photograph frames, and you can rename it using the /photoname [PhotographNameWithoutSpaces] command.

You can also duplicate a photograph by right-clicking with it in the air while having photographic paper in the off-hand. (note: names aren't duplicated)

Salted paper and Silver nitrate are the ingredients that you'll need to make photographic paper. Their recipes are in the handbook.

Photograph frames are the blocks used to display photographs. Three variants exist: framed (on the wall, like a painting), borderless (similar to frame, but fills the entire block without any border) and a smaller frame (nightstand frame-style), that can be placed on top of any solid block.



Planned features:

- Color photography. Would be pretty expensive, probably based on the Lumière Autochrome?
- Better feedback when taking a picture (like flashing the screen), disable the GUI automatically... Make the thing more user-friendly
- A way to export pictures after they're taken (get them as a png or a bmp)
- A way to load custom pictures (ones that weren't taken in-game). Maybe this could work with the way to duplicate pictures? export + load?
- Maybe add actual developing, so pictures will be more labor-intensive? Probably some recipe balancing, photography might not be expensive enough

Known issues:

- Sometimes the game crashes when handling photographs in your inventory (mostly when shift+clicking). This is probably due to the fact that photographs hold 65 kilobytes of data each and the inventory system isn't that fond of moving such a large amount of data instantly.
- When not crashing, it's common to experience lag spikes when handling photographs. Again, this is probably due to the large amount of data that they hold.
- The pictures look dark. I already multiplied their brightness by three, I don't really know what to do without risking severe overexposure and artifacts but I'll look into that.

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💬 Craluminum, Mar 14th at 10:40 AM

You could try to add flash overlay by using sleeping overlay as example 

💬 Moby_, Mar 13th at 10:01 AM

Ruyeex Sadly you can't, I don't think the book renderer can handle images... And I know that it can't handle storing items.

I might see if it would be possible to create a book variant with illustrations though, although I'll have to optimise photograph items first, holding potentially megabytes of data in a single item slot will surely crash the game a lot.

💬 Ruyeex, Mar 12th at 11:16 PM

But can you add photos on books?

💬 Ruyeex, Mar 12th at 3:53 PM

Finally I can rest with a old case of my suggestion

💬 Frepo, Mar 12th at 3:18 PM

simply awesome!!

💬 slartibartfast, Mar 12th at 2:35 PM

What a fabulious idea! Likely will help with someones, "Drifters in the mist." documentary.

💬 Craluminum, Mar 12th at 2:16 PM

The best mod in VS history

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