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Author: Azkaron
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Created: May 24th at 11:35 AM
Last modified: Jun 1st at 10:33 AM
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Material Aging

A simple mod to add crafting recipes for the various aged materials/blocks in the base game.

New Item:

  • Aged Stone Bricks - used for crafting the aged stone brick blocks, stackable like vanilla bricks.

Barrel Recipes:

  • Aged Stone Brick - stone brick + 0.1L vinegar
  • Aged Polished Rock - polished rock + 0.4L vinegar
  • Aged Log - any log + 1L vinegar
  • Aged Plank - any plank + 0.1L vinegar
  • Aged Hay Block - hay block + 0.1L vinegar
  • Aged Torch Holder - brass torch holder + 1L brine
  • Metal Scraps - nails & strips (iron) x4 + 4L brine

Grid Recipes:

  • Aged Stone Brick Block x2 - aged stone brick x8 + clay / mortar x1
  • Aged Polished Cobbled Rock - aged polished rock + hammer + chisel
  • Aged Thatch Roof Blocks - per inverted vanilla recipes

v1.0.0 - Initial release per above.

v1.1.0 - Vinegar should now appear in the handbook and be acquirable in vanilla by letting cider or brandy rot. Thanks to Tels and l33tmaan for their help, check out their mods.


  • "More Torch Holders" compatability - allow use of variant torch holders for aging.
  • Patch remove aged hay from the grid recipes for regular thatch roofing.


Hope it helps with your building and the conversions feel fair, enjoy.

- Azkaron


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2 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Azkaron, May 25th at 10:12 AM

Rufkut - I'm probably going to keep it to aged/worn blocks for this, if you want the other clay colours I can recommend by Catasteroid, it'll add red and brown clay to the clay generation.

I appreciate the ideas though.

💬 Rufkut, May 24th at 11:20 PM

Thank you! Could you kindly consider adding these recipes as well:

Fired Brown Clay Shingle = Fired Blue Clay Shingle + Strong Tanin

Fired Red Clay Shingle = Fired Red Clay Shingle + Red Dye or Vinegar

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