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Author: Catasteroid
Side: Both
Created: Aug 6th at 4:37 AM
Last modified: Aug 6th at 4:40 AM
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More Clay Mod v1.0.0

This mod adds raw red and brown clay types and deposits of those clay types to the world which allows you to produce the red and brown clay bricks and shingles that are present in various ruin types and in the inventories of building materials traders, but otherwise largely difficult to get hold of in large quantities.

Brown and red clay deposits are half as common as blue clay deposits (0.01 tries per chunk vs blue clay's 0.02 tries per chunk) but still 2.5x more common as fire clay deposits (fire clay deposits are only 0.004 tries per chunk). You can make all the common ceramic articles (bowls,cooking pots, watering cans, flower pots, etc) with brown and red clay though they currently use the blue clay texture for the raw versions of those articles.
Now you will be able to make and fire as many brown and red shingles, bricks and hardened clay blocks as might ever want!

This mod has compatibility with the Bricklayers mod; any duplicate items, blocks and recipes are disabled when Bricklayers is installed but the raw red and brown clay deposits will still spawn if Bricklayers is installed and the raw red and brown clay soil blocks will drop Bricklayers red and brown clay items instead.

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