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Created: Jun 23rd at 8:45 PM
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Hydrate Or Diedrate

DELETE your HoD config folder AND CACHE before updating or bad things will happen to you and all your friends and family!


Welcome to 'Hydrate or Diedrate', a comprehensive thirst mechanic mod for Vintage Story that introduces a dynamic hydration system influenced by weather conditions and player activities. This mod aims to enhance your survival experience by adding a layer of realism and challenge through the management of thirst.

Key Features

Thirst Mechanic

  • Thirst Bar: Keep an eye on your thirst bar, which depletes over time, especially in hot climates.
  • Weather Influence: Thirst drains faster in hot temperatures. Manage your hydration carefully when trecking to the south!
  • Cooling Stat: Most clothing items now have a cooling stat that helps mitigate heat, slowing down the rate of thirst depletion.
  • Wetness and Shelter: Being wet or seeking shelter can help you stay cool. Sometimes, wearing nothing is better than being fully clothed in the heat.
  • DEATH: Not staying hydrated WILL kill you and fast. Currently it will do roughly double the damage of starving to death.
  • Liquid Encumbrance: Liquid Containers that contain more than 4 litres (configurable) will encumber the player and slow movement speed.

Hydration from Food and Drinks

  • Hydration Stat: Every food and drink item now has a hydration stat that replenishes your thirst.
  • Special Effects: Soups and juices temporarily pause thirst, while alcohol can pause it for much longer, reflecting a unique way Seraphs process alcohol.
  • Water Sources: Drink directly from water sources with shift + right-click. However, this method increases hunger, encouraging players to process drinks or make soups for a more efficient hydration solution.

Customization and Compatibility

  • Fully Configurable: The mod comes with a JSON configuration file located in the modConfig folder, allowing you to tweak various settings to fit your gameplay style.
  • ConfigLib Support: Settings config options are editable in game with ConfigLib. Item patching configs will still need to be adjusted manually.
  • Easy Integration: Adding compatibility for new clothing, food, and drinks is straightforward with the included custom JSON patching method. All vanilla items have been patched using this method, and examples can be found in the config folder. Simply include a json in the modconfig folder with either the name name.AddHydration.json or name.AddCooling.json. And my patcher will detect it and patch the item accordingly. The priorty level goes from 1-5 with 1 being top priority for the purpose of overwriting other patches.

Current Out-of-Box Mod Support: VALUES MAY BE UNBALANCED







New World Crops

Primitive Survival

Warrior Drink


Eldritch Cute Clothing

Simple Cloth

Hide and Fabric

Medieval Expansion (Cellar Ice will make rooms cool more)


Dromedary Increases Max Hydration bar by 1.3x per level additive(configurable)

Equatidian Gives you a 1.2, 1.5, and 2.0 multiplier to cooling at each respective level (configurable)


This mod is a work in progress. Values are subject to change based on user feedback to achieve better balance. While it should be safe to add or remove from existing saves, I am not liable for any damage or incompatibilities this mod may cause. I do not guarantee any support if you use this mod, but I am always happy to hear about bugs so I can squash them!

Balance is based on default config values, I can't help you or provide support for issues if you change values wildly.

Known Issues

  • None

Stay hydrated!

For a less death inducing experience, check out Balanced Thirst by Jayugg!

Special Thanks to BennyBoi for enduring an hour of testing agony with me.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.1.6 119 2 days ago Show Install now
v1.1.5 188 Jul 9th at 6:15 AM Show Install now
v1.1.4 81 Jul 8th at 4:29 PM Show Install now
v1.1.3 283 Jun 30th at 1:33 AM Show Install now
v1.1.2 62 Jun 29th at 8:09 PM Show Install now
v1.1.1 63 Jun 29th at 8:22 AM Show Install now
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v1.0.9 38 Jun 27th at 5:20 AM Show Install now

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💬 Nedrakus, 10 hours ago

Excellent mod thank you.

I've tried promoting your mod around on the suggestion forum but someone correctly pointed out it's possible to drink water in order to deliberately lower sasiety, hence to increase nutrition levels.

In the default game there is no way to increase nutrition when sasiety is full to prevent from unnaturally gaining hit points.  With the hydrate or diedrate mod, currently, you can.

To avoid this, it would be useful to make drinking anything not lower sasiety when (and only when) hydration is full.  What do you think?

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, 18 hours ago


Awesome! I'll include it in the next release.

💬 ForeverGood023, 1 day ago

hi! Chronolegionaire, i have made a translation for Brazilian Portuguese:
Google Drive

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, 2 days ago



💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, 2 days ago

Version 1.1.6 Released

Fixed Compatibility with Night Vision Goggles when Warm Armor is installed. 

The underlying issue is not fixed but it is handled more gracefully in the background now. The underlying issue is an inherent incompatibility with something both of our mods are doing. 

💬 Guimoute, 2 days ago

I like how you made soup relevant!

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jul 9th at 6:16 AM

Version 1.1.5 Released

XSkill Integration.


Increases Max Hydration bar by 1.3x per level additive(configurable)

Gives you a 1.2, 1.5, and 2.0 multiplier to cooling at each respective level (configurable)

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jul 8th at 4:30 PM

1.1.4 released

Fixed Warm Armor compatibility

Fixed Idle Cooling Temps

Fixed Default config values

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jul 2nd at 5:32 PM


You seem to be the only person having this issue and I am unable to reproduce. It's most likely an incompatibility. Troubleshooting here isn't going to get us anywhere especially if there is a day or two between messages. Can you join the vintage story discord and find the HoD modding post and post your mod list and logs?



This mod doesn't add any new items or blocks to the game, nothing like that is planned at the moment. I do believe the accessibility features mod can turn off the shaky camera thing though. 

💬 Indi3vidual, Jul 2nd at 12:57 PM

@Chronolegionaire I do not have Balance Thirst installed. I did not install it as it has no mention of compatibility with this mod, which is why I chosen yours..

💬 Bughaw, Jul 2nd at 6:16 AM

I setup my distiller to make distilled water...  Is that not a thing, lol?  I don't wanna get drunk all the time to stay hydrated.

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jul 1st at 12:45 AM


Water source saturation drain is configurable in the block config. 

Not allowing water source drinking while starving is specifically intended behaviour to prevent exploits of drinking to max thirst and then quickly eating right after. Water source and regular water are not meant to be used as your main source of hydration. Soups, and other hydrating foods like cooked cattail are meant for early game.

💬 Korpeolfus, Jul 1st at 12:01 AM

I love this mod! However ... ! There are two issues I've run into.

-Drinking from a water source consumes too much saturation.

-You cannot drink from a water source while starving to death.

As a result, death became too frequent during the early game.

I would like to decide for myself how much saturation is consumed in the process, as well as being able to drink while starving if possible.

Thank you for creating a delightful new system 👍

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 30th at 10:18 PM


Early game you can make soup with water and vegetables or cook cattail roots which provide a decent amount of hydration. 


That issue has been reported as an issue with the Balanced Thirst mod. So I can't help you with this. I will not be providing support for compatibility issues between HoD and Balanced Thirst (see the note on balanced thirst's page on why) I am unable to reproduce it with just my mod and culinary artillery.

💬 Sidfu, Jun 30th at 9:38 PM

Question are you gonna dd some early game ways to boil the water or is just having any container filled with water count as clean water?

💬 Indi3vidual, Jun 30th at 8:11 PM

I am using clay bottles and saucepan, I assume those are from Culinary Expansion mod?

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 30th at 1:34 AM

Verison 1.1.3 released

Max decay in hot weather fix.

Support for Medieval Expansion Cellar Ice Cooling. (Cellar ice has a hard time being detected in rooms smaller than about 1x3 or 2x2. Bigger rooms work fine)

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 30th at 12:16 AM


I'm not able to reproduce that, is it a vanilla jug? Are you drinking normal water from a source block?

💬 Indi3vidual, Jun 29th at 11:59 PM

Not sure if this is a bug, but drinking from clay bottle does not take away any hunger

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 29th at 8:48 PM


Took a peek and it was relatively easy to add compatibility, next version will include a configurable multiplier to cooling for medieval expansion ice cooling.

💬 Marik, Jun 29th at 2:34 PM


I can't thank you enough for this mod.  I've wanted a legit thirst mod for years with this game.  Not only to add uses for the various juices and milk, but because with vintage story's focus on a more bare knuckes semi realistic approach to a survival game, the absence of thirst always felt off in the first place.

PS. Have you thought about including Medieval Expansion compatibility with Cellar Ice for room cooling in hot environments?

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 29th at 8:23 AM

Version 1.1.1 Released

Items with no warmth value now correctly recieve a cooling value

Config Overhaul. Config Lib Support Added

Cooked rhizome roots (cattail etc) now give 100 hydration

Peeled Cassava now gives 250 hydration

Water hydration reduced to 250

Hydration Values Are experimental and still subject to change

Reverted Accidental Lowering of Thirst Exponential Gain

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 27th at 8:52 AM

Version 1.1.0 released
Added diurnal and light level cooling.
Night time will generally be cooler and caves will also be cooler.
Most cooling time of day is right before dawn, and hottest time of day will be a few hours after noon.

Vanilla behavior makes temp go up the deeper you are, I am still weighing on whether I want to ride with that gameplay or introduce a cooling effect to offset that so deeper caves don't cause thirst to raise incredibly fast.
To contend with this I introduced a configurable cap to the thirst decay increase set to 500% by default.

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 27th at 5:17 AM

Version 1.0.9 released

Reduced hunger loss from water portion drinking from -600 per litre to -100. 

Introduced a config toggle that turns off thirst mechanics entirely for compatiblity with Balanced Thirst.

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 27th at 5:05 AM


Liquid containers are fully compatible, the -1200 sat and 1200 hydration is the total amount of liquid in the container (vanilla displays it that way for whatever reason) actually drinking it will only drink one "serving" (one litre). That amount is 600 hyd and -600 hunger. So there are two servings per container. Raw Water is not meant to be the solution for solving thirst, this is a deliberate decision. For early game pre fruit press, you will want to make soup using vegetables and water (There will be other early game drinks in the near future). Soup no longer reduces your hunger and is safe to drink. Alternatively you can eat berries and other hydrating foods to recover thirst. 

💬 Tobymaxgames, Jun 27th at 1:46 AM

Can you improve compatibity with the Liquid Containers mod? the canteens and waterskins have hydration, but the values are insane. -1200 saturation and 1200 hydration for just the small canteens is crazy. i don't know how to fix it myself

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 26th at 10:27 PM

If using an older version, please update 1.0.8 to avoid server log overload.

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 26th at 8:18 PM


Tailors delight doesn't add any new clothes so doen't need any compatibility adjustements, I did just add compatibility for the main clothing mods I could find on here though.

💬 Awutak, Jun 26th at 11:25 AM

Hi is it possible to integrate the clothing of tailor's delight?

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 26th at 8:21 AM

Version 1.0.5

Fixed character dialog close button

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 26th at 4:18 AM

Version 1.0.4 Released

A culinary artillery bottles now fully compatible

Fully implemented liquid encumbrance

Added more null fallbacks to further prevent potential crashes

💬 Cojo, Jun 25th at 5:54 PM

Thank you! A Cullinary Artillery is pretty much paired right up with Expanded Foods, so it might be a relatively easy addition. Though, I know absolutey nothing about coding, so I'm saying that purely from an outside perspective, hah! I'll be sure to update as I play! Thus far, I am really enjoying this mod giving more practical use to the alcohol brewing mechanics in-game! I also feel like it pairs beautifully with the naturism perk from XSkills, since I usually take up residence in warmer climates in my worlds. Makes survival just that extra bit more challenging, and adds more to do, which in this sort of game I am a MASSIVE fan of! I always felt a thirst mechanic to pair with the hunger system was something needed in the game. Loving it so far!

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 25th at 5:49 PM


Cool, I can take a peek at a culinary artillerys flasks and see if that is something I can fix on my end, but I definitely can't make any promises! Let me know if you have any other issues. Also this goes for everyone but I would love to hear more feedback on the actual experience while playing with the mod, pain points, balance issues, that kind of thing so I can make tweaks to improve the experience. 

💬 Cojo, Jun 25th at 5:42 PM

It's from A Cullinary Artillery - I realized that and was about to come back and edit just now, hah. The flasks and waterskins from Liquid Containers work just fine, at the very least! So problem has been averted for now! Also, thank you for the quick replies!

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 25th at 5:27 PM


Vanilla doesn't display satiety in the handbook. So its not necessarily my mod as its default behavior just that my mod DOES display hydration. I may make it not display hydration at all in the handbok to bring it in line with vanilla, but that is fairly low priority at the moment. 


💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 25th at 5:20 PM


What mod is the glass bottle from? I don't think thats a vanilla item.

💬 Cojo, Jun 25th at 4:51 PM

So an additional update, when I drank a bottle of water my thirst multiplier jumped up to over 1500%

Edit: Deleted the config folder and the 1500% issue stopped with fresh configs. However, I narrowed down the problem with thirst repenishing being linked to drinking from glass bottles. For some reason, when you drink anything from a bottle, it doesn't replenish your thirst.

💬 Cojo, Jun 25th at 4:42 PM

Unfortunately I didn't get a crash log, all that happened was I got the popup saying "Vintage Story has stopped responding" and there was no log created when I stopped it after waiting a bit. I'm no longer having a crash issue, so I do believe that was unrelated. However, I still am unable to actually fill my thirst bar by any means - is there something I should tweak in the config to fix this, or should I try re-installing the mod for now?

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 25th at 4:40 PM


Can you give me the stack trace in your crash log?



I'll take a look at the handbook display and see if I can iron that out.

💬 Cojo, Jun 25th at 4:34 PM

I'm experiencing a weird issue where drinking things doesn't replenish my thirst, and when I tried drinking some spelt ale it made my game freeze and crash. Not sure if this is an issue on my end, since I only just installed the mod, but I'll update after I do some fiddling to see if it's my end or the mod having an isssue.

💬 Dexapnow, Jun 25th at 9:41 AM

I was confused because in handbook nutrition isn't displayed, only hydration is, but when it's in container it displays both stats

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 25th at 9:21 AM

Version 1.0.2 released:

Please delete your HoD config folder if you update.

Water block drinking is now config based to allow compatibility with other mods' liquid blocks.

Cooling config now supports wild card statements.

Added out of the box compatibility for: 
New World Crops
Primitive Survival
Warrior Drink

Very likely unbalanced, could use someone to give it a solid test and balance pass if anyone is interested.

Will continue to add compatibility options for compatibility with Balanced Thirst as time permits.

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 24th at 11:05 PM

Should have compatibility for a lot of the bigger food and drink mods out there by the end of tonight.

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 24th at 8:31 PM

Thanks! I put in a lot of work on the config side to make sure it was as easy as possible, I'm hoping someone out there will release a config that adds a bunch of the common mods before I get antsy and do it myself ha ha. Just fixed the max thirst config, redownloading should fix it!

💬 Maamessu, Jun 24th at 7:40 PM

Threw this onto my server last night to give it a try.

I love how easy it is to configure, real talk. Took me 30 minutes to add compatibility for Wildcraft and Floral Zones the lazy way (giving everything the same hydration value via wildcards). But damn, you really do let us get in deep and if someone had the time and energy, they could add custom hydration values to... well, everything (including cooling values to modded items).

I'm playing in the equator right now, and finally there is a consquence for it.

I did notice that the config for max thrist didn't want to behave. I tried setting it to 2,000 (500 extra), but when I loaded into the game it was still at 1,500. That may be a compat issue, though not sure what would do it.

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 24th at 5:34 PM

I didn't touch nutrition values on anything besides making water and saltwater give negative nutrition. May be an incompatibility. I only added my hydration stat, everything else is untouched.

I haven't fully worked out what I want it to be yet, but there will be some sort of well mechanic or similar method for mid game hydration solutions. No eta though.

You can make soups the vanilla way which will quench thirst without lowering hunger. Ingrediants are vegetables and water in a pot. 

💬 Antonio90, Jun 24th at 2:30 PM

How do you heat water?

💬 Stejer, Jun 24th at 12:22 PM

Excuse me but I have a few questions.

I was hoping to use this mod instead of balanced thirst since its harder however as far as I understood this mod still doesnt have a well mechanic wich is something I really REALLY like about balanced thirst. So I hoped to know if this mechanic will be added fast

if the two mods are compatible with each other so I can have a bit of both features without having different thirst bars it would also be fine

or if there is some other alternative



Id also like to know if there is or if you will make a similar mod for hunger making so you NEED to have a diverse diet and a minimum amount of calories etc (btw I know there is a mod that makes so instead of a hunger bar you get an calory measure but it doesnt really give the realism I am hoping for)



💬 Dexapnow, Jun 24th at 10:10 AM

I think it might have been a good idea to leave nutrition on juice, wine and aqua vitae because even in vanilla, juice making isn't worth the effort.
Alcohol is calorie dense drink anyway.

💬 ChronolegionaireAuthor, Jun 24th at 12:03 AM

I may do compatibility with the main food mods if no one else does it, but it is extremely easy to do right now for any mods you want to add on your own. The idea was that if another mod author wanted compatibility they could add it without any code changes on their part. 

💬 Chupacabra, Jun 23rd at 11:55 PM

I have waited so long for this, thank you! Are you going to add compatibility with a culinary artillery? Because the alcohol seem to do nothing right now.

💬 Dov3, Jun 23rd at 10:14 PM

I've been looking forward to the release of something like this for a while! I can't wait to see how it integrates more realistic stuff like flowing/still water once a worldgen mod for rivers really gets swinging!

💬 Hydromancerx, Jun 23rd at 9:58 PM

I have been dreaming of a mod like this!

I hope hygene and bladder are next on your mod list!

(edit comment delete)