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Author: Burgersim
Side: Both
Created: May 3rd at 3:00 PM
Last modified: May 15th at 7:40 AM
Downloads: 291
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Latest file for v1.18.1: 1-click install

This mod provides some patches to improve compatibility between certain Mods. If you have any suggestions, I'm happy to take a look at it, but can't really promise a lot, since I'm not that much of a modder ^^*


Patches include:

  • removing all firewood grid recipes (because Firewood is made In World via "In Dappled Groves" Crafting)
  • adding "In Dappled Groves" Axes to rough hewn fence, door and crude door recipes (because otherwise you could only craft stuff with stone axes, since vanilla metal axes are disabled)
  • removing the grid hide scraping recipe (so you have to use the Stretching Frame from "Primitive Suvival")
  • removing Ancient Tools grid recipes that have to do with debarked logs (just to reduce server log junk)
  • fixing "More Roofing" shake roofing from "Wildcraft Trees" woods not being craftable (I hope) (added recipes also using "In Dappled Groves" Axes, Adzes and Mauls)
  • fixing an error with "Wildcraft Trees" where the wooden club is wrongly named and therefore not craftable (I think)
  • added recipes for Leaded Glass Panes using "Wildcraft Trees" woods
  • added canBeIgnited Behavior to Pitch Torch from "Ancient Tools", so you can light it by right clicking e.g. a fireplace with an unlit Pitch Torch (unfortunately it can not be used to light other stuff yet)
  • added "Wildraft Trees" Logs as ingredient to "Primitive Survival" Firefly Jar Recipe, nstead of only vanilla logs
  • added Jute/Wool Twines from "Hide and Fabric" to Bow Recipes from "WeaponPack Gamma"
  • added recipes for "Wildcraft Trees" wood types to "Vanilla Variants" blocks
  • added some compat between "Fields of Gold" and "Vanilla Variants" as well as "Hide and Fabric"
    • crafting "Vanilla Variants" Beds from Straw Mats and different fabrics
  • added Elm & Cedar wood from "Wildcraft Trees" to be used in bowstave recipes from "Weapon Pack Gamma"
  • disabled "Vanilla Variants" wooden bucket patches as I have that feature disabled on my server
  • added woolen and cotton cloth from "Hide and Fabric" to chair recipe using "Vanilla Variants" and "Wildcraft Tree" wood types
  • added/fixed barrel recipes from "Wood Barrels"
    • Oak gives standard barrel, everything else with the same recipe gives the different variants
  • (hopefully) added "xSkills" compatibility to "Wildcraft" and "Hide and Fabric" crops (Farming Exp Gain from harvesting them)


Affected (and therefore suggested) mods:

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v0.8.0 64 May 15th at 7:40 AM Show Install now
v0.7.3 37 May 8th at 8:10 PM Show Install now
v0.7.2 12 May 8th at 5:52 PM Show Install now
v0.7.1 16 May 8th at 4:14 PM Show Install now
v0.7.0 11 May 8th at 4:09 PM Show Install now
v0.6.1 20 May 8th at 3:49 PM Show Install now
v0.6.0 15 May 8th at 1:23 PM Show Install now
v0.5.0 25 May 7th at 1:51 PM Show Install now
v0.4.0 33 May 4th at 5:45 PM Show Install now
v0.3.0 19 May 4th at 1:22 PM Show Install now
v0.2.0 23 May 3rd at 4:17 PM Show Install now
v0.1.0 16 May 3rd at 3:02 PM Show Install now

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💬 Burgersim, May 24th at 8:07 AM

Pyrahead I think if you want that you just could disable the mod and start the server once so they can fullfill the tutorial and then reenable this mod. But if I take that out it kind of defeats the purpose of this mod. What I could look into, but that is still a bit new to me and it would take time, is maybe at some point adding a configuration to disable/enable parts of this mod. But I think the first thing would be a way better and quicker fix for you. And since I'm not really a great modder, but only "cobbling" this together, I don't know if a config will ever happen tbh ^^*

💬 Pyrahead, May 24th at 5:43 AM

Could you change "removing all firewood grid recipes (because Firewood is made In World via "In Dappled Groves" Crafting)" somehow? Friends of mine who wanted to do the tutorial can't do it anymore since it is a step of the tutorial. It wont progress.

💬 Burgersim, May 16th at 9:34 AM

bringitonwimps thx, I hope it works out for you as well, so far the patches seem to work as intended on my Server ^^

💬 bringitonwimps, May 4th at 2:49 AM

awesome, thanks for this... gonna test it and see if you are correct. 😬

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