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Category: #Cheat #QoL #Utility
Author: Xel
Side: Client
Created: Apr 29th at 5:17 PM
Last modified: May 11th at 12:42 PM
Downloads: 918
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Latest file for v1.18.2-rc.4: 1-click install

For modders to test their worldgen, and for people who don't have 8 hours a day to search for iron :)

Allows you to pick any block to scan the world for and display on the hud.

  • Default GUI hotkey is ctrl+]
  • Default overlay hotkey is ]

If you get low FPS with the overlay on, lower the label radius. Labels are expensive to draw, so a radius of 0 will turn them off completely.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v2.1.0 404 May 11th at 12:42 PM Show Install now
v2.0.0 193 May 6th at 12:59 PM Show Install now

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💬 SalieriC, May 9th at 7:07 AM

Is there a way to show the list of blocks (upper left corner) somewhere else? Currently this conflicts with Simple HUD Clock.

💬 Melchior, May 6th at 7:11 PM

Its possible for a client side mod to check for server permissions:
ClientApi.World.Player.Privileges.Any(prv => String.Compare( prv, _name,StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)==0 || String.Compare( prv,"cheat", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)==0 )

💬 Craluminum, May 5th at 7:09 PM

NiclAss The code is already publicly available, anyone can upload it again

💬 Raccoon, May 5th at 7:06 PM

Yeah and everyone can upload them again if the licence is not against it. 

💬 NiclAss, May 5th at 6:41 PM


Old versions can be removed

💬 Raccoon, May 4th at 5:29 PM

The mod was already released without a mechanism, what would it fix if now a mechanism gets added. Ppl can just use the "older" version. I think its a task for vanilla game.

💬 radfast, May 4th at 4:53 PM

@Xel do you plan to support server-owner's wishes posted here and provide a mechanism for multiplayer servers to disable this mod if they don't want their players using it?   It is fine for single player, or private servers if the owners want it for their private group, but it obviously spoils the game for public multiplayer servers.

💬 DasPrinzip, May 4th at 2:51 PM

@Vinter_Nacht i agree, we need a solution to prevent servers. Those mods will break the game...

💬 Vinter_Nacht, May 4th at 2:48 PM

This is why we need a "Only allow these mods" lock for servers.  So we can prevent the use of any client-side mods that do things like this.

💬 Teknik, May 4th at 11:04 AM

I hope this mod will help to make all x-ray useless ! And a way to block all mods that kill the game like this...

💬 RogueRaiden, May 4th at 9:53 AM

i got it, an idea. add a server side only part 2 to this mod that has the ability to completely disable the client side part 1. if possible, then servers can disable it as they want without making either part required on both sides.

for example campaign cartographer, the mod is both client side and server side with extra bits if enable server side.

💬 RogueRaiden, May 4th at 8:28 AM

Is there a way to block this on a server? I can see this being a nice tool and all, but obviously an awful cheat that apparently just anyone can install and use on any server they like. 

💬 Shion, May 4th at 7:31 AM

Thank you!

💬 Craluminum, May 2nd at 5:08 PM

Truly underrated x-ray mod

💬 Roidgy, May 2nd at 5:02 PM

This is such a great, spoiler-free way to do xray for us who have full time jobs and cant spend all day looking for iron, thank you so much!

💬 Shion, Apr 30th at 1:55 AM

How about you group them even more by introducing this:
- 1 to X chunks away: detailed position of every block;
- X to Y chunks away: mark the chunk containing the block instead;
- Y+ chunks away: some kind of simple "there is" or "there isn't" marker for everything visible in that direction.

Not sure if you are already doing it like that, but being able to set X and Y would be nice, as currently the "starry underground" hits fps very hard and doesn't make much sense since instead of blocks dots of the same size are shown.

💬 Xel, Apr 29th at 11:11 PM

Shion That is what it does already 🙂 Groups of adjacent blocks that are far away are shown as 1 dot.

💬 Shion, Apr 29th at 11:01 PM

Any plans to optimize it further? Like having only one dot per a big number of blocks far away or something like that?

💬 NiclAss, Apr 29th at 8:13 PM

Or maybe make it require a permission

💬 Craluminum, Apr 29th at 7:28 PM

Rename it to X-Ray lol

💬 NiclAss, Apr 29th at 7:23 PM


I know thats why im asking bcs it says for modders to test their worldgen but that wouldnt need to be client sided. I can understand the client side approach but im just asking

💬 Craluminum, Apr 29th at 7:22 PM

NiclAss If it is initially purely client side, then it cannot be server side because anyone can make it client side again, same for creative mode

💬 NiclAss, Apr 29th at 6:43 PM

Will this be the best X-ray mod ever created? (No conventional X-ray, but you know what I mean)
Def great for testing, but I see this abused a lot.

Any Cance or interest to make this serverside only so it cant be abused as a cheat on random servers?
Or some way of just being possible in creative mode?

I would def understand if you dont do it tho. Overall great mod!

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