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Category: #QoL #Utility
Author: Astarael
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Created: Feb 8th at 9:57 AM
Last modified: Feb 8th at 10:00 AM
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A client and server side mod which enables syncing waypoints from other players to your map and vice-versa.


  • .ws sync - Syncs waypoints from all players to your map. Synced waypoint titles will be prefixed by the player they came from and can be seen by editing the node in the Title text box. The mod will never sync a waypoint over the same location as an existing waypoint. This command should reflect immediately without a map reload. Please note that syncing will also remove any foreign waypoints from your map that the original user deleted in their game.
  • .ws revert - Clears all non-native (waypoints from another player) from your map. This requires toggling your map due to limitations in the VsEssentials Mod.
  • .ws autosync - Toggles auto-syncing waypoints to your map every 15 seconds. This is experimental and can result in significant spam in your chatlog due to debug messages on the server-side that I cannot remove. I recommend syncing waypoints manually.

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v1.0.2 393 Feb 8th at 10:00 AM Show

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💬 Tizuby, 3 days ago

Can you disable the log spam please? Every exact minute it logs "auto-sync thread running".

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