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Category: #QoL #Storage #Technology
Author: MsChelstastic
Side: Both
Created: Apr 30th 2021 at 11:57 PM
Last modified: Sep 3rd 2021 at 1:47 AM
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This mod adds a large, searchable, expandable single-block storage system to the game.

Contents (with Search)


The default recipe takes 2 temporal gears (top left, top right), 2 lapis (middle left, middle right), 8 boards of any kind (center), and 3 metal scraps across the bottom.

Crafting Grid


Use like any normal inventory. The number of slots available starts out at 64 and can be expanded in increments of 16. These are both configurable.

The ChARDIS can be expanded by installing more temporal gears. To do so, simply right click a placed ChARDIS with a temporal gear. There is no hard limit on the number of gears that can be installed at this point.


ChARDIS can be configured by placing a file called ChardisModConfig.json in your ModConfig folder. On first run, a file will be generated for you with the defaults.


Set this to the item to use for upgrades. Default: game:gear-temporal


Set this to the slots the item starts out with. Default: 64


Set this to the number of additional slots to add per upgrade. Default: 16


I am no artist. If you would like to help improve the look of anything or provide translations, please send me a PR on GitHub or contact me on the Vintage Story Discord (my name is MsChelstastic.)

Bugs & Features

Please feel free to create an issue on GitHub. If you're reporting a bug, please be as specific as you can be and include a stack trace if applicable.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.0 245 Sep 3rd 2021 at 1:47 AM Show
v1.0.2 201 May 29th 2021 at 8:10 AM Show
v1.0.0 237 May 1st 2021 at 3:11 AM Show

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TheNiteFox, Jan 9th at 9:19 PM

I thought this was going to go in an inventory slot like a backpack XD oh well. Would be really nice if this was updated to be compatible with CarryCapacity so then, at the very least would be able to carry it around with the contents still inside. 

OmegaHaxors, Sep 14th 2021 at 6:35 PM

I'd like to see a universal player-sided inventory, bascially like an ender chest using a similar system.

MsChelstastic, Sep 4th 2021 at 5:21 PM

@Travisplo - default config expands by 32 per gear. It's configurable if that doesn't work for you though =)

NoSkillz, Sep 3rd 2021 at 5:27 PM

@MsChelstastic, Props for the update and cool mod.

Travisplo, Sep 3rd 2021 at 4:25 AM

Bit odd that every extra temporal gear expands it by 16, when the two already in the crafting recipe give it 64.

MsChelstastic, Sep 3rd 2021 at 1:48 AM

Hi NoSkillz!

Yup - I've updated it to work, thanks for reporting!

NoSkillz, Sep 1st 2021 at 10:52 PM

Any Chance of an update to 1.15 series, just tried this soon as i placed it it crashed my game.

MsChelstastic, May 29th 2021 at 8:12 AM

Lisabet - this should be fixed in 1.0.2... Sorry for the delay! Let me know if you have any other issues with it :D

Lisabet, May 15th 2021 at 9:15 PM

I don't use GitHub at all, so no account there; quick bug report: the ChARDIS steals the gravel and sand I put in the sluice from the Usefull Stuff mod.  When I open the hopper to put it in, the gravel/sand doesn't feed in the way it usually does, but disappears as soon as I close the hopper and open it again.  When I went to take something from my ChARDIS (which was not linked to the sluicing system) and clicked in a visably empty block in there I got a stack of gravel.  So I checked the other similar blocks and retrieved all my missing gravel/sand lol.  I have no idea why/how this is happening, and no idea how to do a stack trace.  For now I just dropped it in my furniture storage chest :P 

MsChelstastic, May 1st 2021 at 9:01 PM

Like a Tardis in that it's bigger on the inside and can generate new rooms (storage space, when given temporal gears), but unlike a Tardis in that it doesn't have a Time dimension and you can't go inside ;)

Craluminum, May 1st 2021 at 6:57 PM


goxmeor, May 1st 2021 at 4:22 AM

It's bigger on the inside!

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