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Created: Mar 17th at 11:30 AM
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This mod is currently in preview. A lot of things are unbalanced or potentially straight-up bugged. It should be stable enough to be used in an actual game though.


Joy of Sailing adds a sailboat to the game.


Here are the sailboat's controls: (it's mapped to your character controls)

Left/Right : turn left or right (you need a crude oar in hand)

Forward/Backward : Trimming the sail (change how far the sail can go from the boat's center) or, if the sail is fully folded, row like in the raft

Sprint (CTRL by default)/Jump (SPACE by default): Raise or lower the sail


If you want to go as fast as possible, you'll have to adjust the angle of the sail according to the wind. If you don't know which way the wind is facing, there's a tiny red flag on top of the sailboat's mast: it always points in the wind direction.


Planned features:
- More sound effects (like sail swooshing and planks creaking)
- Better feedback when your sail is in the correct direction (maybe something a bit like Sea of Thieves?)
- Wind direction, whenever that's added to the base game
- Probably some golden age pirate/sailor cosmetic stuff (like eyepatches, tricorn hats, Royal Marine jackets, stuff like that. Maybe in another mod?)


If you find a bug or have any suggestion, please tag me (@Moby_Dick#4585) or share it in the mod's Discord post on the Vintage Story discord.

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💬 Plumeria, 2 days ago

I'm currently obsessed with this mod. I love sailing, I spend nights sailing, and most of the day. I'm just.. always sailing. Great work :) 

💬 Pengwin, Mar 21st at 11:21 AM

Great job! I was tempted to make a mod like this for over a year. But low time capacity kept me away. Thanks for making this!

💬 Elpis, Mar 20th at 10:37 PM

Really nice - how about the boats having durability (for balance) and needing occasional repairs?  Also, the ability to add storage (with a speed/durability penalty?) would be a good move too

💬 Ruyeex, Mar 18th at 2:06 PM

Make the sail as a mod for boat and rafts instead of just boats.

-Raft (With sail)

-Boat (Without sail)

Maybe a way to have two sail and one seat on both rafts and boats?

A improved oar and a rudder to be able to rotate the direction without an oar (Make it as a mod as well)

💬 Coleroni, Mar 18th at 5:04 AM

looks rad :) 

💬 Moby_, Mar 17th at 11:46 PM

WickedSchnitzel It should work in multiplayer. I haven't tested it but I don't see why it wouldn't.
You should also be able to fit a second player in the sailboat!

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Mar 17th at 11:03 PM

Does this work for multiplayer as well?

💬 Tyron, Mar 17th at 8:17 PM


💬 Miloski, Mar 17th at 7:56 PM

i want to stand on it too

💬 YourCreator, Mar 17th at 3:47 PM

is it still entity? Tyron go fix it, i cant stand on it


💬 Craluminum, Mar 17th at 1:49 PM


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