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Author: Lancer827
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Created: Jan 22nd at 6:16 PM
Last modified: Jan 22nd at 6:18 PM
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Early implementation! Still testing this out. Need to work on balance.

This mod adds a small chest with only 3 slots, but with nearly perptual food storage ability.  Spoilage is turned down to 0.01 for all types, allowing it to preserve all food types for an extremely long time.

The intent of this item is specifically to improve the experience of the occasional player on dedicated servers.  While it isn't an optimal choice for all of one's food storage needs, it can hold some backup food and hopefully avoid the frustration of coming back to find all of your food turned to rot. 

I recommend creating a rule or limit to how many of these players are allowed to have on a server.  When used in large numbers it could definitely ruin some of the food storage gameplay, so judicious use is recommended.


Inspired by and partially based on Preservation Mod. Thanks to Mr1k3.

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💬 Lancer827, Jan 25th at 1:22 AM

Seiondo  macoto_hino  If you're looking for a mod that for that kind of thing, check out ZEEkea  It has a freezer that can be sustained by adding ice.  I might try to copy that kind of functionality in the future, but for now it's not what this mod is inteded for.  It's intended to benefit players on dedicated servers who can only play occasionally.  They wouldn't be able to refill the ice while they're offline so it would largely negate the benefit of the mod.

💬 Seiondo, Jan 24th at 3:45 PM

I'd love to see this require glacial ice, and consume it over time, reverting to normal chest preservation levels when the ice is melted.  That would be a great addition as a resource sink.


💬 macoto_hino, Jan 22nd at 8:53 PM

Very nice mod.
It will be useful for a long time as the capacity increases as the manufacturing technology improves, from the Stone Age, to the Copper Age, to the Bronze Age, to the Iron Age, and finally to the Steel Age.
Maybe there could be a Deep Storage Chest that can consume some kind of material (e.g. ice or salt) and store it longer?

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