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Author: ZigTheHedge
Side: Both
Created: Feb 15th at 10:15 PM
Last modified: Oct 11th at 8:12 AM
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Heeey, gals and guys!

First of all. ZEEkea is absolutely not affiliated with IKEA :) But... You've gotta look at it:

Almost everything is craftable in survival. "Almost" means - not every night lamp is craftable without recipes of colored glass added by other means.


- Tall Lockers and Nightstands contains a number of slots for your storage needs (animated doors and you can see what's inside).
- Night lights can be turned on and off to emit a calm colored light forever.
- Carpets are actually a crafting component, but can be used as a decoration (you can put it on a floor or walls or even ceiling), they are also chiselable.
- Armchairs can be combined into a couches! Or kept separated if holding Shift while placing.
- Door bell will ding-dong when someone presses it using RMB.
- Freezer will store all your food for a loooong time as long as you provide it with a constant supply of cold Ice.
- Curtains can be placed below Curtain Rods and may cover you window from bright light and curious eyes
- Candle Holders are convenient way of decorating AND lighting your premises. Craft the Candle Holder, put a Candle in it and fire it up using torch.
- And you can also build and furnish your backyard or bar with a help of Benches and Bar stools!
- More lamps! Authentic animated door bell! Ore boxes!
- Tiki Lamps are here! Easy craft, aesthetic look and Light Level of 13!

And if you don't like some of content, you are able to disable it via config file (look for it in your VintagestoryData/ModConfig/ZeekeaConfig.json)

That's it for now! Have fun! And of course your suggestions and bug reports are welcome!

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.4.12 182 Oct 11th at 8:12 AM Show
v1.4.11 129 Oct 5th at 8:05 AM Show
v1.4.10 715 Jul 8th at 5:11 PM Show
v1.4.9 259 Jun 14th at 9:19 PM Show
v1.4.8-B 619 Feb 24th at 1:00 PM Show
v1.4.7-B 133 Feb 22nd at 9:43 AM Show
v1.4.6-B 153 Feb 15th at 10:18 PM Show

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Rhaela, Jul 18th at 12:02 AM

Im having an issue where my old lockers and nightstands arent opening. I tried breaking them and replacing them, and this did work. However, the items i had stored in them are no longer there. 

ZigTheHedge, Jun 14th at 9:20 PM

@Stargazer, it will appear there after the first launch.

Stargazer, May 13th at 3:57 PM

I cant seem to find the ZeekeaConfig.json file at the path you described,

Great looking work though!

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