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Category: #Graphics #Simplification #Texture Pack
Author: Epihnea
Side: Client
Created: Oct 21st at 2:09 PM
Last modified: Oct 21st at 2:24 PM
Downloads: 92
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This mod is WIP as some ore colors do not make them spottable in specific rock types.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.9.1 92 Oct 21st at 2:24 PM Show

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💬 Epihnea, Nov 25th at 1:58 AM

Blazha I've never advertised this as an immersive mod, and if you prefer the other one, cool for you but don't need to post it here. . .

💬 Blazha, Nov 5th at 3:03 PM

This letters on blocks kinda break my immersion. I prefer

💬 YourCreator, Oct 29th at 7:16 PM

Heebeejeebees so download mod and play minecraft

💬 l33tmaan, Oct 28th at 5:23 AM

I prefer to think that Minecraft is Vintage Story for babies.

💬 Heebeejeebees, Oct 28th at 3:04 AM

YourCreator Vintage Story is basically adult Minecraft. Shut.

OmegaHaxors So you mean, inverted colours? How does one invert colours in Vintage Story for an item?

💬 Ipodbob, Oct 22nd at 3:38 PM

Nice mod thank you

💬 OmegaHaxors, Oct 22nd at 1:49 AM

You should give these textures an anti-colored border so they'll always be visible.

💬 YourCreator, Oct 21st at 6:50 PM

minecraft pls dont 

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