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Created: Jun 29th at 11:04 PM
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Welcome to the launch of Rust & Railroads!

no changes, just a Vintage Story 1.17 pre release compatiblity build

v1.0.0 Released! Survival Recipes added, tested on servers, should be ready to use!

What is Rust & Railroads?

Rust and railroads seeks to add the humble minecart, rails, and switching/signaling systems in a survival friendly, balanced way. It's also intended as a platform that other other modders can use to add their own trains and rails etc in the future.

Currently in the mod:
Vanilla Rails - find in the main creative inventory and place, the carts will use them
  - they are a bit tricky to place, also they are not aware of R&R's own rail blocks
  - Vertical Rails - currenlty the vanilla ones can't be placed, but you can place the R&R version
Minecart - place on a rail and it'll start moving
  - Right Click with an item: place in the carts inventory if possible
  - Right Click with an empty item: take an item from the carts inventory if possible
  - Shift+Left Click remove the cart (will drop any inventory)
  - Left Click stop and start the cart (hitting one side should make it go in the opposite direction
- Rail Hopper Block - A one slot chest that you can put rails on top of
  - a cart goes over a rail placed on a hopper it will stop and try and unload any inventory (if it can't unload it will keep moving)
  - a cart that goes under the rail hopper block will stop and try and take any inventory in the rail hopper (place the hopper 2 blocks above the track)
- Cart Stopper Rail - if ON it will cause carts to stop, if OFF it acts like a regular rail - will switch betwen on and off when it receives a signal
- Switching Rail - will change between NS and EW orientations when it receives a signal.
- Detector Rail - will emit a signal when a rail cart goes over it, the more loaded a cart is, the farther the signal will travel - will also transmit signals it receives from other detector rails
- Railway Switch - will emit a strong signal when right clicked by a player
  - only sends the signal in the direction it is facing
  - it will recieve and transmit signals it receives from detector rails (in one direction)
  - Detector rails will not react or transmit the signal that is sent when the player right clicks (deciding on that)

Railways Signals:
  - as a signal is transmitted from block to block it loses strength, currently Switchs can transmit signals in one direction and detector rails will transmit in all directions

Notes on Modding:
- goal is to enable modders to extend R&R with their own mods, often without code (just your own models, textures, and json files) - will work on a guide as things progress!

Notes on QPTech (the mod):
- this mod does not require QPTech at all to run! In the future QPTech may require this R&R, but not the other way around :D

Cart model by Andy (aka MAD)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1-pre.1 291 Jul 8th at 7:24 PM Show
v1.0.0 777 Jul 3rd at 3:01 PM Show rustandrails
v0.0.1 117 Jun 29th at 11:07 PM Show

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Kaidan35, Jul 27th at 4:36 PM

Hello, I see they are engaged in rail transport. I could give you a 3D model of the trolley. Want to?

QPTECH, Jul 3rd at 3:00 PM

Tajin i about lost my mind trying to fix this yesterday, ended up reverting all my attempts. One day i'll get if fixed. (It seems easy in my brain, but just haven't gotten it working yet)

Tajin, Jul 1st at 11:21 AM

Maybe you could make the 180° turns instant? Looks really weird to see the cart spinning in place :D

Anyway, this is amazing.

QPTECH, Jun 30th at 7:05 PM

WickedSchnitzel Will definitely be rideable eventually, maybe even move other entities (animals etc). A filled version will probably also happen, hopefully rendering whatever is in there.

WickedSchnitzel, Jun 30th at 5:40 PM

Suggestions: Make it rideable. Add a 'filled version' oft the minecart.

QPTECH, Jun 29th at 11:25 PM

actuallyasriel :D

actuallyasriel, Jun 29th at 11:23 PM

QP, you're amazing. I can't wait for this, it's a gamechanger

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