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Category: #Worldgen
Author: NiclAss
Side: Server
Created: Jun 18th at 6:24 PM
Last modified: Jun 18th at 6:25 PM
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This mod is going to add a lot of different structures to the worldgen.

The goal is to stay as vanilla as possible and find a balance between loot and enemys (WIP).

Like most of the worldgen mods structures will only spawn in regions that are generated with this mod. (You could uninstall this mod and structures would still work but not generate anymore.)


  • Abandoned Mineshafts:
    • Underground only
    • 8 Different shaped structures
    • Custom Loottables
    • Mobspawners (From Deep Drifters - Bells!)
    • Contain Lore
    • Stonevariants depend on local rocklayers



  • Balancing: Stonebricks in Structures; Loot (Higher Tier?); Mobs; Spawnrate; Depth.
  • More Mineshaftvariants
  • Dungeons with surface entrance (waiting for 1.17 stable)
  • Underground Tombs
  • Custom Caves
  • Translocators in those structures?
  • Underground abandoned Villages
  • Underground Villages containing Traders (waiting for 1.17 stable)
  • Giant Dungeons with multiple floors (up to 6)


Known Issues:

  • Linux Server: Had to unpack this mod from the zip to get it to work...
  • Server Console: A lot of Server Notifications (can be ignored)
    • [Server Notification] Tried to get block outside generating chunks! Set RuntimeEnv.DebugOutOfRangeBlockAccess to debug.





Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v0.1.0 268 Jun 18th at 6:25 PM Show

3 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

wwwolk, 3 days ago

Отличный мод! на 1.65 работает стабильно

Kwegar, Jun 19th at 3:12 AM

Working on current version.. 1.17 pre.1  only issue one formed in the are, near a mountain..  BUT not a bit deal.  (floating mountains and traders already exist..)  looks cool, like it so far.  Going to get a team of friends and explore a multi level one I found.

gndrneutralnoun, Jun 18th at 8:12 PM

These new structures look lovely! I'll have to try this mod out. If you're concerned about the balance of having stone bricks in the structures, you might consider using drystone instead, as drystone doesn't require mortar, needs tier 2 to mine, and is generally rather annoying to build out of. You can convert them into rocks with a pick or hammer, but you don't get the same amount back.

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