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Author: WickedSchnitzel
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Created: Jun 4th at 9:56 PM
Last modified: Jul 7th at 8:53 AM
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This is a   stand-alone version   of a mod that is already included in the 'CoB' Server Pack.

Mod description:
Cave beacons can be used to lead your way through larger cave systems. They won't spend much light, though.
Beacons can be crafted. Glow worms are needed for this, so this mod makes glow worms harvestable as well.
Besides using the worms for crafting beacons, you may also use them as home deco or as paint on blocks.
The treasure hunter (trader) may sell the blue light version of these beacons as well sometimes.

This version of the mod is free to use on any multiplayer server.

Discord: |

-updated for 1.17

-fixed "missing mapping" error
-fixed placement sound being stereo

-beacons now actually look like as if made of glow worms
-french language support

-modified beacon shape & texture
-tweaked custom sound fx for beacon placement
-added blue light version to treasure hunter supply

-added random rotation for beacons
-added custom sound fx for beacon placement
-edited german language file


►If you would like to translate this mod into your language, please contact me.
         Also, if anyone has a fix for the invisible bottom face. :)

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.5 370 Jul 7th at 8:53 AM Show
v1.0.4 268 Jun 13th at 12:31 PM Show
v1.0.3 138 Jun 8th at 12:18 AM Show

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💬 ate0ate, Jun 4th at 11:19 PM

Thanks for this! I play singleplayer so I tend to avoid the server packs since they are usually most beneficial for and balanced to multiplayer. But something like this is quite useful. Very nice work.

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