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Author: WickedSchnitzel
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Created: Oct 5th 2021 at 10:37 AM
Last modified: Jun 14th at 9:17 AM
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This mod pack was made for the CONQUEST OF BLOCKS multiplayer server.

For use on the "Conquest of Blocks" aka "CoB" server or in singleplayer only.
We'd like to run a unique server that stands out from others. Please respect that!

Selected content will be released to use on other servers as stand-alone mods HERE.

Sweet pets for your home and new wild animals, new mobs, more flora and fauna, new weapons,
worldspawn stuff like new ruins with loot and lava rivers for the undergrounds, to make digging more exciting.
We are creating more content as the server grows.

CoB is the oldest active custom server for VS. We are newbie friendly and welcome everyone that respects the server rules.

Join our Discord now to learn more about us and connect to the CoB community:

This mod pack will get updated constantly, as we add new features to it or have to fix stuff.


Includes the following content: (list may not be complete)

• Rats (may eat your stored food)

• Bandits (will try to rob you)

• Cannibals (will try to eat you)

• Anomalies (deadly - one hit kill, but high tier loot)

• Skeletons (protecting cursed ruins)

Zombies (rare encounters)

• Field Mice (may eat your crops & vegetables)

• Anglerfish (an ugly, not very dangerous fish)

• Zilla Wasps (oversized wasps, hostile but weak)

• Tundra Bisons (neutral, strong, will provide lots of meat)

• Penguins (cute & neutral, as long as you're not in their comfort zone)

• Cave Bugs (will glow in the dark. harmless)

• Turtles (may carry temporal gears in their belly)

• Ducks (doin lots of quack, can be fed with grain)

• Kling Dragons (Rare underground stone lizards with high tier loot like diamonds)

• Magic Mushrooms (Cute mushroom creatures, can be held as pets and fed with cheese)

• Lava Spots for world gen. (makes digging more dangerous, as lava may float into your tunnel)

• Bigger backpacks, deluxe mining bag & quiver (18/20/18)

• Better sounds for blades & bows

• Dynamic creature size scaling

• Additional ambient sound fx (eg. owls & birds, underground rumbling, water dripping etc.)

• Domestic Dogs & Cats (protecting land from mobs & rodents)

• New plants & flowers

• New items & tools (e.g. cave beacons)

• New dungeons

• New weapons

• New traders (grocery, teleportation runes & animals)

• New ruins

For screenshots check out

You'll find further info on our homepage

Please report any bug to our Discord #bugs channel


This pack will also tweak some settings to fit the playstyle of the 'CoB' server or to reduce load :

-Surface Drifters have been reduced. Other types of Drifters can still be encountered in larger numbers underground.
To tweak, edit the file named "entities-land-drifter.json" in CoBexclusives\assets\game\patches\ReducedPop\vanilla

-Disabled butterflies (performance gain).

-Reduced animal spawning in the world, including animals from diverse mods.

-Single traders have been reduced, trader camps are more common.

-Filtered out some ruin types, these won't spawn in the world.

-Rusty gears have been replaced with CoB crowns (coins).

-Will modify the "Teleportation Runes" mod.

- The "Rune Trader" requires the "Teleportation Runes" mod to be installed, else your game will crash, if you place him down.

- In order for the "CoB" glider to function, "Useful Stuff" has to be installed.


Also: German translations of most 3rd party mods we are using on the server that do not have a german language file included.


MAY GET UPDATED OFTEN WITH SMALLER TWEAKS AND FIXES, not really worth mentioning. Plus i do not keep track of every change.

So do not expect a changelog. The important stuff will be listed above.


If you are a modder and like to use our models for your own unique mod, you are free to do so without asking for permission,
as long as the mod will be available to the public (non-exclusive) and you are giving credits to CoB. Models/Textures/Sounds only, please write your own code.
By doing so you'll also grant CoB permission to implement your mod into our mod package and to modify it for that purpose.

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l33tmaan, Apr 20th at 12:17 AM

Shhhh, don't mess it up for the rest of us, dude! Some of us used to have to crawl the forums to find this stuff!

AmenoS, Apr 19th at 11:31 PM

Show me where, legally, I can't use this on my own server. Sorry, but it's on here. There's absolutely nothing stopping me. Contribute to the community or make your peace with others using it I guess. Not my problem.

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