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Created: Oct 5th 2021 at 10:37 AM
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The CONQUEST OF BLOCKS server pack.

This mod pack has been created EXCLUSIVELY for the "Conquest of Blocks" multiplayer server.
You may use it in singleplayer or on private LAN-servers, which are not connected to the internet.
I want CoB to stand out from other public servers and do work a lot for it, so please respect that.

Selected content will be released for use on other public servers as stand-alone mods HERE.


'Conquest of Blocks' or just 'CoB' is the oldest active custom server for VS. We are newbie friendly and welcome everyone that sticks to the server rules.
Search for "Conquest of Blocks" in the server browser and join us. But please note that our server is meant for teamplayers.

This pack includes loads of new content, including new wild animals, new mobs, more flora and fauna, new weapons, new ambient sound fx,
worldspawn stuff like new ruins with loot and lava rivers for the undergrounds, to make digging more exciting. We have new traders,
selling pets for your home or black market items. And it tweaks some 3rd party mods to make them higher quality.

We will be creating even more content over time!

Join our Discord now to learn more about us and connect to the CoB community: |

This mod pack will get updated constantly, as we add new features to it or have to fix stuff.

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated.


Includes the following content: (list may not be complete)

Rats (may eat your stored food, if not fought)

Bandits (moderate regions, will try to rob you)

Cannibals (tropical regions, will try to cook you)

Anomalies (deadly - one hit kill, but high tier loot)

Skeletons (protecting the loot of cursed ruins)

Zombies (rare encounters within cursed ruins or underground)

Field Mice (may try to eat your crops & vegetables)

Anglerfish (an ugly, not so dangerous fish)

Exotic Fish (to add some more life to the tropics)

Zilla Wasps (oversized wasps, hostile but weak)

Tundra Bisons (neutral but strong - may provide lots of meat)

Penguins (cute & neutral, as long as you do not enter their comfort zone)

Cave Bugs (do glow in the dark, harmless)

Turtles (may carry stuff in their belly because of ocean polution..)

Ducks (doin lots of quack and can be aggressive, can be fed with grain)

Kling Dragons (Rare underground stone lizards with high tier loot like diamonds)

Legendary Mobs (very rare, dangerous and pretty much only beatable in groups, high loot)

Lava Spots for world gen. (makes digging more dangerous, as lava may float into your tunnel when hit)

Bigger backpacks, deluxe mining bag & quiver (18/20/18)

New traders & trader camps (grocery, zoo, tp runes, black market)

Better sound fx for blades & bows

Dynamic creature size scaling

Additional ambient sound fx (eg. owls, birds & crickets, underground rumbling, water dripping in caves etc.)

Domestic Dogs & Cats (protecting land from mobs & rodents)

New ruins & abandoned buildings (over- and underground)

New plants & flowers in world generation

Underground dungeons with jump & run sections, loot & mobs

New items & tools (e.g. cave beacons, a freezer)

New clothes, accessoires & hairstyles

New weapons (e.g. great swords)

... and more


You'll find further info on our Homepage

Please report any bug to our Discord #bugs channel

For screenshots check out


Attention: This pack will also tweak some settings to fit the playstyle of the 'CoB' server or to reduce load :

• Faster item despawning from the ground.

• Surface Drifters have been reduced. Other types of Drifters can still be encountered in larger numbers underground.

• Tweaked animal spawning in the world, including animals from diverse mods.

• Single traders have been reduced, trader camps are more common.

• Filters out some ruin types, these won't spawn in the world.

( the above tweaks can be configured in "CoBconfig.json" in your ModConfig folder )

• Rusty gears have been replaced with CoB crowns (coins).

• Will modify the "Teleportation Runes" mod.

Furthermore: German translations of most 3rd party mods we are using on the server that do not have a german language file included.

- The "Rune Trader" requires the "Teleportation Runes" mod to be installed, else the game will crash when placed by hand.
- Questgivers require "VS Quest
" to be installed, else they won't be interactive.
You may use our pack without installing these mods, but above features will just not work then. Make sure these
3rd party mods
have been updated to work with your game version, before you are trying to use them.

not really worth mentioning. Plus i do not keep track of every change. So do not expect a full changelog.

Critical fixes
- lowered spawn chance of "legendary goblin", should hopefully be a rare encounter now. less crown drop

- fixed improperly configured entity in 1.4.2, causing a fatal crash

- fixed meta entities causing server crash on taking damage from lava
Known bugs

Sometimes schematics (buildings/dungeons) may spawn very close to each other or may even overlap. Happens mostly around player spawn (on first spawn or using /tp). Something the VS devs have to fix (maintaining a min. distance between groups).
The same goes for water bodies in places where they should not be, e.g. inside buildings. Will happen randomly and theres nothing one can do.
May be incompatible with some mods. If you crash or something seems wrong, check your logs and remove incompatible mods. Only tested with the mods we are using on our server.

Our server's Patreon in case you'd like to support this project.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.6.4 40 21 hours ago Show
v1.6.3 18 1 day ago Show
v1.6.2 122 6 days ago Show
v1.6.1 515 Oct 23rd at 9:34 AM Show
v1.6.0 84 Oct 19th at 3:44 PM Show

13 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 WickedSchnitzel, 6 hours ago

Note: If you did use the mod before, you may have to delete "CoBConfig.json" and let it re-generate, to be able to use the new config-options. I have added a bunch with update 1.6.3

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, 6 days ago

Says nothing about private-servers but aye, understandable.

💬 WickedSchnitzel, 6 days ago

We do not allow it on any other public servers than CoB. It's the first thing in the description. LadyBlakeHammer

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Nov 16th at 9:47 PM

Is it safe to install the mod on a server, that isn't COB?

Does one require a new save to install?

Our server is looking for more difficulty and content, hence the ask.

💬 CrimsonKing, Sep 26th at 2:17 AM

Oh that would explain it thanks WickedSchnitzel

💬 WickedSchnitzel, Sep 25th at 11:47 AM

I believe that's an xskills issue, not one of this pack CrimsonKing

💬 CrimsonKing, Sep 24th at 6:39 PM

Unable to smelt copper arrowheads back to ingots don't know how long this has persisted but the handbook says 10 pieces smelt into 0x Copper ingot is there something that perhaps needs to be changed in the patches for this to work?

💬 Izavar, Sep 22nd at 4:38 AM

Whoa. Looks like Elephants spawn now and they reproduce a LOT.   Might need to dial that down a bit

💬 AngryRob, Sep 13th at 2:39 AM

Thanks for porting this over to SP. Question: if some mods have not been updated to 1.17, like useful stuff, will the game still run if i install them anyway?


💬 Silvimancer, Sep 3rd at 4:10 PM

This single player update is greatly appreciated.

💬 l33tmaan, Apr 20th at 12:17 AM

Shhhh, don't mess it up for the rest of us, dude! Some of us used to have to crawl the forums to find this stuff!

💬 AmenoS, Apr 19th at 11:31 PM

Show me where, legally, I can't use this on my own server. Sorry, but it's on here. There's absolutely nothing stopping me. Contribute to the community or make your peace with others using it I guess. Not my problem.

(edit comment delete)