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Author: WickedSchnitzel
Side: Both
Created: Oct 5th 2021 at 10:37 AM
Last modified: Oct 22nd at 2:07 PM
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Latest file for v1.18.15: 1-click install

Client-side files, required to join the "Conquest of Blocks" multiplayer server. These won't do anything on their own.


'Conquest of Blocks' or just 'CoB' is the oldest active custom server for VS. Our community is friendly & helpful and we will
welcome everyone respecting our server rules. Search for "Conquest of Blocks" in the server browser and join today 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

We are running a custom made Discord bot, which lets you vote for automated in-game actions, like skipping nights. It's also linked to the in-game chat.

Our server includes loads of new content, including new wild animals, new mobs, more flora and fauna, new weapons, new ambient sound fx, worldgen stuff like new ruins
with loot and magma chambers for the undergrounds, to make digging more exciting. We have new traders, selling (rideable) pets for your home or black market (creative) items.


Check out our well populated Discord to learn more about us and to connect to other players and the server support:

Some CoB created content from our mod pack may be released as a stand-alone mod,
fully compatible with other public servers & SP, HERE.


Server Features:

Rats (may eat your stored food, if not fought), Bandits (moderate regions, will try to rob you), Cannibals (tropical regions, will try to cook you), Anomalies (deadly - one hit kill, but high tier loot), Skeletons (protecting the treasures of cursed ruins), Zombies (rare encounters within cursed ruins or underground), Field Mice (may try to eat your crops & vegetables), Anglerfish (an ugly, not so dangerous fish), Exotic Fish (to add some more life to the tropics), Zilla Wasps (oversized wasps, hostile but weak), Cave Bats (may or may not attack while exploring caves), Tundra Bisons (neutral but strong - may provide lots of meat), Penguins (cute & neutral, as long as you do not enter their comfort zone), Cave Bugs (do glow in the dark, harmless), Turtles (may carry stuff in their belly because of ocean polution..), Ducks (doin lots of quack and can be aggressive, can be fed with grain), Kling Dragons (Rare underground stone lizards with high tier loot like diamonds), ♥ Legendary Mobs (very rare, dangerous and pretty much only beatable in groups, high loot), Magma chambers for world gen. (makes digging more dangerous, as lava may float into your tunnel when hit), Bigger backpacks, deluxe mining bag & quiver (18/20/18), New traders & trader camps (grocery, zoo, tp runes, black market, hunter, insect collector), Mountable animals (can be bought from the animal trader), Some alternative sound fx (e.g. for blades & bows and drifters), Dynamic creature size scaling (differently sized mobs), Additional ambient sound fx (eg. owls, birds & crickets, underground rumbling, water dripping in caves etc.), Domestic Dogs & Cats (protecting land from mobs & rodents), New ruins & abandoned buildings (over- and underground), New plants & flowers in world generation, Underground dungeons with jump & run sections, loot & enemies, New items & tools (e.g. cave beacons, a freezer to store food), New blocks (e.g. defensive structures, lights, decorative items, hidden stashes), New clothes, accessoires, hairstyles & skin colors, New weapons (e.g. great swords, bone arrows)

... and we will create more!

You'll find further info on our Server Homepage


We are also running servers for other survival & sandbox games.

Please note: Our server & website is NOT affiliated with, funded, or in any way associated with Anego Studios (the VS developers) !

CoB is using PATREON (Info - Click here)
'CoB' is a one man project. I am using Patreon to compensate some of the costs that occur while running a server, a website, hiring devs e.g. to create our Discord bot (150€ dev cost) and so on. All vanilla features and mods that are listed here, can be used on the server without becoming a Patreon. Patreon will only grant a few QoL features, that are not part of the vanilla experience. If you have a problem with that, like some of the people in the comments below - please go play somewhere else. You have been briefed. Thanks ♥


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.5.2 515 Oct 22nd at 2:07 PM Show Install now
v1.5.1 153 Oct 19th at 8:09 AM Show Install now

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💬 FishiDishi, Nov 23rd at 2:00 AM

pretty lame

💬 GhostFace, Aug 16th at 7:20 PM

Pardon my ignorance but can all these mods be used for SP? 

💬 Hornshuckle, Jul 20th at 7:43 PM

Does anyone know if the new clothes for playable seraphs are wearable? I ask because I can't find the .json files that give the clothes temperature protection stats or defensive stats. If it's in its own client-side mod, do you know which one I should download?

edit: maybe I should learn how to read ^^; to be fair, I haven't come back to this since I edited my comment yesterday, but yeah. "These won't do anything on their own." meaning that the item stat info is server-side. sorry, y'all. sometimes I faceplant hard. I may play on the server with the newest Vintage story, so I DL the mod. It'd be noe to play with others ^^

💬 TyronAdmin, May 27th at 1:52 PM

Thranos has now been banned from moddb.

💬 Thranos, May 26th at 4:34 PM
[deleted by admin]
💬 Thranos, May 26th at 4:26 PM
[deleted by admin]
💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, May 26th at 4:13 PM

I do not have any obligation to tell you what i do and why i do it. Get lost and whine somewhere else. Thranos

💬 Thranos, May 26th at 4:09 PM
[deleted by admin]
💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, May 26th at 8:22 AM

Before we renamed the server to "Conquest of Blocks" it was named "VSo" or "Vintage Story Online". That was 3 years ago. Back then, i was asking the devs, if i am allowed to use that domain, before i even set up the website and i got written approval from Tyron himself. And if you'd be able to read properly, you would have noticed several statements on that website, that we are not official :)

💬 Thranos, May 26th at 6:20 AM
[deleted by admin]
💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, May 26th at 3:37 AM

I want my server to be unique, otherwise i would not even be interested in running it. There's no fun for me in running a server that plays like any other. And i do not "sell" vanilla features. I do not even "sell" my server mods. You will be able to use all of these features listed here without becoming a Patreon plus you'll even get more land to claim as a non-supporter than you would get on a vanilla server with standard claim settings. The Patreon features are just a few QoL "Thank you's". Also i am very much in the background as an admin. But you can have your opinion. Can't please everyone. Magula

💬 Magula, May 25th at 9:20 PM

Server-specific features are exclusionary by nature, and are a horrible idea in my opinion. It reeks of a lust for power over others - "come play on my server where my friends and I have mod/admin powers" - and greed in that you sell server features through your patreon.

💬 Friskain, May 13th at 2:31 PM

Hey all i have a question: Is it possable to get a single mod from the Mod Pack I extreemly like the Tundra Bisons and i would love to have it on my Private server!!

💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, May 9th at 12:56 PM

You are invited to join CoB anytime, you dont have to talk to people if you dont want to. We prefer everyone playing together, but wont force it. And there are a few other weird people on the server as well, so you wont be the only one :) @ElviraDemonQueen

💬 ElviraDemonQueen, May 9th at 4:46 AM

you know i whas intrested to one day maybe test this mod but then notice everythign is almost server only is kind of sad oh well even i dit check the server but since im just very new or to just dont like to talk or hang out with people since im just weird and dont want to even ruin people fun as sadly i might have done it in some servers where people dit not like me asking questsions so i sadly just play singleplayer only oh well anyway hope you guys server is going great do like what the mod offers for the server Though

💬 Yelb, Apr 20th at 9:19 AM

Nice mod. Sadly i only play solo, and i’d use mainly the new fauna, and that’s the part for CoB server only  /em cry

💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, Apr 16th at 6:44 PM

Not all, but some.

💬 JunidO, Apr 16th at 6:38 PM

Will all features of the mod be available as a separate mod for single players or other public servers sometime in the future?

💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, Apr 16th at 4:09 PM

The only thing you have to do is to read the description.. its right at the top JunidO

💬 JunidO, Apr 16th at 4:00 PM

Is this mod only for the CoB server or can you also use it in single player or on your own servers?

💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, Apr 7th at 9:28 PM

there's a warning on top of this page, you just have to read. and it has to be uploaded here so that people that do join the server will be able to auto-download these "clientside" files. there's nothing malicious about it. it just does not work in sp.

💬 TheWiznard, Apr 7th at 9:11 PM

kinda deranged to upload malicious code because you can't handle people using your mod not on your server, like why host it on the PUBLIC mod portal of the game if you want it to be a private mod?

💬 HeraldRejn, Mar 14th at 9:02 PM

best mod ever.

💬 LeonaLens, Mar 4th at 4:28 PM

thanx for reply) i'll test it later 😍

💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, Feb 28th at 12:54 PM

LeonaLens You need to install the  "A wearable light" mod for the candlehat to work. I will include this info in the above mod description.

💬 LeonaLens, Feb 28th at 2:15 AM

v.1.7.3 on VS v1.17.11

server event errors (on singleplayer):
28.2.2023 03:59:24 [Error] Item with code cob:clothes-head-cob_candlehat-off has defined an item class AttachmentableLight, but no such class registered. Will ignore.
28.2.2023 03:59:24 [Error] Item with code cob:clothes-head-cob_candlehat-on has defined an item class AttachmentableLight, but no such class registered. Will ignore.

Candlehat has no texture & can't be litten.

💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, Feb 3rd at 7:28 PM

- added Lightchains (white & colored)
- added new config options (e.g. disable autostep)

💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, Dec 1st 2022 at 1:01 PM

Note: If you did use the mod before, you may have to delete "CoBConfig.json" and let it re-generate, to be able to use the new config-options. I have added a bunch with update 1.6.3 & 1.6.6

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Nov 25th 2022 at 12:42 AM

Says nothing about private-servers but aye, understandable.

💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, Nov 24th 2022 at 9:22 PM

We do not allow it on any other public servers than CoB. It's the first thing in the description. LadyBlakeHammer

💬 LadyBlakeHammer, Nov 16th 2022 at 9:47 PM

Is it safe to install the mod on a server, that isn't COB?

Does one require a new save to install?

Our server is looking for more difficulty and content, hence the ask.

💬 CrimsonKing, Sep 26th 2022 at 2:17 AM

Oh that would explain it thanks WickedSchnitzel

💬 WickedSchnitzelAuthor, Sep 25th 2022 at 11:47 AM

I believe that's an xskills issue, not one of this pack CrimsonKing

💬 CrimsonKing, Sep 24th 2022 at 6:39 PM

Unable to smelt copper arrowheads back to ingots don't know how long this has persisted but the handbook says 10 pieces smelt into 0x Copper ingot is there something that perhaps needs to be changed in the patches for this to work?

💬 Izavar, Sep 22nd 2022 at 4:38 AM

Whoa. Looks like Elephants spawn now and they reproduce a LOT.   Might need to dial that down a bit

💬 AngryRob, Sep 13th 2022 at 2:39 AM

Thanks for porting this over to SP. Question: if some mods have not been updated to 1.17, like useful stuff, will the game still run if i install them anyway?


💬 Silvimancer, Sep 3rd 2022 at 4:10 PM

This single player update is greatly appreciated.

💬 l33tmaan, Apr 20th 2022 at 12:17 AM

Shhhh, don't mess it up for the rest of us, dude! Some of us used to have to crawl the forums to find this stuff!

💬 AmenoS, Apr 19th 2022 at 11:31 PM

Show me where, legally, I can't use this on my own server. Sorry, but it's on here. There's absolutely nothing stopping me. Contribute to the community or make your peace with others using it I guess. Not my problem.

(edit comment delete)