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Author: KenigVovan
Side: Both
Created: Feb 5th at 8:39 PM
Last modified: Nov 13th at 1:50 PM
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Mod adds behavior "pvp tag" - if you hit another player or you are attacked - next X seconds you are in a combat state.

If you leave during this state, clone entity will be spawned on the same place with your current health. This entity will have
items in it's enventory depending on setting (can be bags, hotbar etc, more info below). If entity is killed it drops everything it
has from source player entity. On next login of the player(whose clone entity was killed) is killed as well.

If entity wasn't killed, only player's health will be changed to clone's one if it changed.

There is time period after clone will be despawn - 30 sec by default.


Big thanks to jakecool19 for very useful example in "Lands of Chaos" mod (


KILL_AFTER_LOGIN - if true - player will be killed if his clone was killed and inventories which were selected by settings will be cleared for player

DROP_BAGS, DROP_HOTBAR, DROP_CLOTHS, DROP_ARMOR - if true, copy of inventory will be placed in the clone, if player logout during combat

SECONDS_PVP_TAG_TIMER - how long pvp state is active for player after he attacked or was attacked

TIME_TO_DISAPPEAR - how long clone will exist

By default: 

  1. DROP_HOTBAR and DROP_BAGS are true; DROP_CLOTHS and DROP_ARMOR are false;
  2. KILL_AFTER_LOGIN is true
  3. SECONDS_PVP_TAG_TIMER - 30 seconds
  4. TIME_TO_DISAPPEAR - 30 seconds

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v1.1.1 15 Nov 13th at 1:50 PM Show
v1.1.0 54 Jul 9th at 2:58 PM Show
v1.0.4 975 May 1st at 7:57 AM Show
v1.0.3 67 Mar 27th at 11:37 AM Show
v1.0.2 227 Mar 5th at 10:27 PM Show
v1.0.1 93 Mar 4th at 3:41 PM Show
v1.0.0 114 Feb 5th at 8:40 PM Show

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💬 YourCreator, May 1st at 11:01 AM

Very useful, noice. (thieved silently )

💬 TeacupAngel, Feb 5th at 11:15 PM

In case anyone is curious - this seems to add PvP tag functionality, where you leave behind a "dummy player" with all your items if you log out within 30 seconds of being hurt or attacking someone.

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