Mods / Flint Chisel - Stone Age Microblocks! - VS 1.15+

Category: #Crafting
Author: Lich
Side: Both
Created: Feb 27th at 5:17 AM
Last modified: Feb 27th at 5:18 AM
Downloads: 627


A simple mod that adds the ability to make flint chisels. Flint chisels are significantly crappier,

than the metal versions, at less than half of the durability of the copper chisels,

but you can make 3 at a time with the flint knapping recipe.

Our IRL ancestors made flint chisels, so I figured this would be a nice addition.


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.0 627 Feb 27th at 5:18 AM Show Flint Chisel

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Lich, May 25th at 10:44 PM

Considering that this mod only adds in a recipie and nothing else, that seems to be a bug with chisels themselves, rather than this mod, and is best reported to the game devs. The flint chisel adds no new mechanics to the game and is using the base chisel mechanics provided.

Craluminum, Mar 1st at 9:01 PM

The game closed if you quickly break a bunch of voxels with a flint chisel in a creative

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