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Category: #Crafting #Storage
Author: Catasteroid
Side: Both
Created: Jan 11th at 1:11 AM
Last modified: Jan 11th at 1:14 AM
Downloads: 245

MoreBags Mod v1.0.0

This mod serves as a lightweight addition providing three additional bag options including a six-slot wicker mining pack, and two iron-age frame packs constructed from fabric and leather and a forged iron frame consisting of an eight-slot general bag and a fifteen-slot mining bag.


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v1.0.0 245 Jan 11th at 1:14 AM Show

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Dashuto, Jan 12th at 3:57 AM

Catasteroid Yup, it was specifically the Wicker Pack! Thank you for the information, that helps a lot! I'll keep an eye out for an update from you. Appreciate it, and have a wonderful night/day!

Catasteroid, Jan 12th at 3:31 AM

Which bag specifically are you asking about, the wicker pack? I have it set up like the mining sack but I'm not very happy with it as it stands so I'll be changing it back to a normal container when I release the next version. Like the mining sack in it's current form it will hold rocks, minerals, metal ingots, armour components and other similar items. I intend to bring an update out within the next week or two.

Dashuto, Jan 12th at 2:50 AM

Curious, is there a list of what this can and cannot hold? I've only been able to toss specific items within it, and nothing above mentions that being a thing.

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