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Category: #Cosmetics #QoL
Author: niciel
Side: Client
Created: Nov 16th at 9:32 AM
Last modified: Nov 21st at 5:11 PM
Downloads: 131

simple mod adding radial menu,presented mod add circle gui as easy way to use emotes. it should be easy :D, but who knows if it will be.

K - opens emote gui

hmm i think gui shouldnt work during esc menu. though it's definitely a feature...

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niciel, 2 days ago

there will be middle circle with text, actually i got problem to center text, when i solve this issue update will come

RogueRaiden, 2 days ago

I'd like to see the ability to close the wheel by pressing the button again, or hold the button to open the wheel and release to close the wheel. And also second the emote names. Very nice mod! :)


Edit: Maybe the emote name could show just under the crosshair as a part of the wheel is highlighted

Mendall, 3 days ago

If it is possible I would like to second the request for names under the pictures

Dobrogost, Nov 24th at 1:13 AM

Nice mod. Great actually. No need to switch language, type and switch it back and keep all emotes names in head. But can you, please, add emote names under emotes in radial menu? I'm new to it and not using it often and forgetting sometimes where and what emote is. Thank you.

Verlia, Nov 23rd at 1:42 AM

Thanks for this, it's a cute addition! :D

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