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Created: Nov 13th at 7:56 PM
Last modified: Nov 13th at 7:58 PM
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My Random Changes

Lots of tweaks and changes. First thing, if you have an existing world, please empty any Storage Vessels before adding the mod as I change the amount it stores and you may lose the items in there...

Changes, in no particular order:

  • Added Diamond Pickaxe - This thing is a great late-game mining tool. Requires Steel Axehead and a couple diamonds. Durability is 20,000. You'll be surprised how fast it goes. And there's no way to repair it.
  • Added the "World Eater" - This custom mining tool allows for 3x3 and 5x5 mining as well as Vein Mining ore in an area. Pushes the block drops into the players inventory rather than dropping them on the ground (unless your full) to avoid too much server lag. Use "F" to switch the modes of the World Eater. Default durability on this is 25,000, multiplied by your world settings.
  • Adds Mass Ingot Mold and Mass Plate molds - Poor 40 ingots in one shot and 8 plates in one shot respectively. Made nuggets stack to 400 so a crucible fully loaded can fill 2 mass ingot molds or 5 mass plate molds at a time.
  • Adds a Spile mold for Expanded Foods Spiles.
  • Adds Craftable Chandeliers in a select few metal types. Max them out with candles for the best light source in the game!
  • Adds Metal fences in a select few metal types.
  • Combining Chiseled blocks now yields the amount you put in. So, for example, 4 blocks in the grid gives back 4 multimaterial chiseled blocks. This can also be used to copy an already chiseled block by adding it and other materials to it.
  • Make Sand from Gravel using the Pulverizer. 
  • Tweaks/adds Nitrogen-based fertilizer recipes.
  • Increases Seed Output from mature plants, increases some mature plant food drop chance. 
  • Adds Titanium Chain Mail Armor for the ULTIMATE in armor.  Also allows for repairing the armor.
  • Adds Chain-mail Mold for obvious reasons...
  • Increases Tool-head stack size to 32 for most tool heads for bulk storage.
  • Adds slightly cheaper Metal Block recipe (3x3 ingot) and Metal Block -> Ingot recipe using a chisel.
  • Make Resin from a Barrel using Honey and powdered Borax. 
  • Mulch Meat and grass into compost in a Barrel as well.

There you have it. If you're wondering how you can possibly poor Titanium into the chain mold, then my Ores O' Plenty mod has you covered as I set Cokes burn temp to 1900. Smelt down that Titanium! I did this because while coke is in the game, there is literally no reason to use it. You make it in very small batches and it's really no better than charcoal which you can make in very very large amounts. So now you have a reason to make coke and a use for it as well. Also helpful in melting down those steel bits and blister steel bits you may get from the Anvil Recovery mod. 

I tried to name all the files in the mod with their general purpose, if you want to tweak the settings or eliminate a function all-together then please do so. Just don't try to release a changed version of this mod as your own.

As always, my YouTube channel is dedicated to moddable games and VS is just plain fun to mod and play. 
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I'm always on the lookout for mod ideas.
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