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Author: P3t3rix
Side: Client
Created: Aug 31st 2021 at 2:43 PM
Last modified: Oct 8th at 5:33 AM
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A clientside only mod to save trees by not having to write down the values of your prospecting.


  • .pi - main command for the mod and the default sub-command is to 'showoverlay', which will toggle the rendering of the texture on the map
  • .pi showoverlay [true,false] - Sending no arguments will simply toggle the value of the RenderTexturesOnMap config option. Sending either true or false, will set the config option to the appropriate value
  • .pi setcolor [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] - Set's the value of the TextureColor field in the config & rebuilds the texture.
  • .pi setbordercolor [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] - Set's the value of the BorderColor field in the config & rebuilds the texture.
  • .pi setborderthickness [number] - Set the BorderThickness value in the config & rebuilds the texture.
  • .pi toggleborder [true,false] - Set's the `RenderBorder` value in the config & rebuilds the texture.
  • .pi showgui - Shows the GUI where you can configure the mode (default or heatmap) and select the ore that should be heatmapped


  • TextureColor [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] - The default color to use for the texture. Default: 7 52 91 50
  • BorderColor [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] - The default color to use for the border texture. Default: 0 0 0 200
  • BorderThickness [number] - The thickness, in pixels, of the border color. Default: 1
  • RenderBorder [true,false] - Whether or not to render the border at all. Default: true
  • AutoToggle [true,false] - Whether or not to toggle the texture on map automatically, based on the player equipping/unequipping a prospecting pick. Default: true


Whenever you finish prospecting a chunk, the data is saved into the ModData folder and added to the chunk info of the world map. This is just a 1:1 parsing of the chat message that the prospecting pick sends. 

The mod renders a transparent square of all chunks that have been prospected. If a chunk is re-prospected, the message is simply overwritten. The rendering of these squares can be toggled with the .pi command.




A map mode that displays the relative density of the ores on the map via a color gradient. Can be enabled/disabled and switched between displaying the density of just one ore and displaying the density of all ores (The highest density per chunk is picked).


For more infos, issues, etc. please use the Github.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v4.1.2 1942 Oct 8th at 5:33 AM Show
v4.1.1 1217 Sep 11th at 9:14 PM Show
v4.1.0 438 Sep 7th at 9:32 AM Show
v4.0.1 294 Sep 4th at 2:07 PM Show
v3.2.0 1226 Jul 17th at 10:18 PM Show
v3.1.2 4566 Dec 28th 2021 at 10:38 AM Show
v3.1.1 183 Dec 27th 2021 at 11:12 PM Show
v3.1.0 1678 Sep 13th 2021 at 8:46 PM Show
v3.0.0 585 Aug 31st 2021 at 3:09 PM Show

10 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Yanazake, Oct 10th at 4:04 PM

I can't find silver on the drop down options. Can't the pick detect silver in quartz?
edit: It definitely can, it's probably my translation messing up a bit or me not paying attention. Works as intended and is delicious.

💬 Dreth, Oct 10th at 3:25 PM

Is there a reason Limonite and Hematite aren't displayed on the overlay/heatmap?

Only magnetite is listed....

Thanks for making the mod though, it's very useful!

💬 Ipodbob, Oct 9th at 3:00 PM

This is amazing thank you for keeping it going.

I was trying to search my chunks for specific ores, i noticed the data file is chunks but the maps is in cooridnates.  Will there be anyway to have this also export the coordinate location so in excel i can pinpoint a certain ore and find it on the map?  or maybe change the opacity of the heat map making it easier to find certain things?


💬 KestrelNorth, Sep 14th at 10:30 PM

Love this mod! Thank you for making and sharing it!

💬 Shaidyn, Aug 25th at 11:04 PM

I have no idea if it's possible, but I'd love to see a feature where chunks that have high concentrations of ore have a different colour. To make it easier to remember where to go for mining.

💬 Craluminum, Jul 26th at 12:02 AM

It already does that, maybe configure AutoToggle value in VintagestoryData/ModConfig/ProspectorInfo

💬 seelts, Jul 25th at 10:05 PM

Thanks for the mod.

Would you mind to add an option to show overlay only when prospecting pick is in hand.

💬 Wooza, Mar 21st at 1:20 PM

Seems to work fine with 1.16.4

💬 mumbly_joe, Jan 19th at 3:25 PM

will this mod be updated for 1.6?

💬 Derzhizhabl, Sep 27th 2021 at 10:44 PM

Neat! Nice job 💪

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