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Author: Aristine
Side: Both
Created: Apr 2nd at 5:39 AM
Last modified: Apr 2nd at 5:40 AM
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For whatever reason, ground storage has the same dry/melt transition multiplier as chests (0.25x).
This is very annoying when using any mods that make ground stackable items dryable (such as dried fire fuels), as the only way to dry them at the 1x rate is to either keep them in inventory or a dropped bag/basket.

Now with this mod, ground stackables will dry/melt as fast as they would in your inventory!


[HarmonyPatch(typeof(BlockEntityGroundStorage), "Initialize")]
public static void InitializeGroundStorage(BlockEntityGroundStorage __instance, ICoreAPI api)
__instance.Inventory.OnAcquireTransitionSpeed = (transType, stack, baseMul) => api != null && transType == EnumTransitionType.Perish ? __instance.GetPerishRate() : 1;



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3 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 VaelophisNyx, Apr 5th at 2:46 AM

Aristine pile code across each mod that adds them is wildly different and few use vanilla's code due to serious bugs, so I'd actually doubt it

💬 AristineAuthor, Apr 3rd at 2:42 AM

Ramdomman I haven't used that mod, but I'm going to assume so given how simple it is.

💬 Ramdomman, Apr 2nd at 10:03 PM

is this mod compatible with more piles ?

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