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Author: ArmsFrost
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Created: Feb 15th at 12:48 AM
Last modified: Feb 25th at 6:29 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.3: 1-click install

This mod adds some more combustible resources, dried firewood and dried peat as well as aged peat to match the existing aged firewood

Firewood and peat if left to dry will turn into their dried version which burns slightly longer and hotter, and if left even longer will become aged firewood and aged peat that burn longer and hotter still.

Peat as a fuel source IRL burns at a much lower temp so I gave it lower temps than before.
Generally, for the purposes of this mod, peat gains burn time and firewood gains temperature as it dries and ages.


Peat 25s @ 300c > Dried Peat 36s @ 400c > Aged Peat 48s @ 500c
Firewood 24s @ 500c > Dried Firewood 30s @ 700c > Aged Firewood 36s @ 900c


I just made this for myself and thought I would share. I normally play with a slower time speed / longer day cycles (30) so wanted something to help keep me warm in the winter as my large stacks of firewood piles got burned through very quickly.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.1.1 1396 Feb 25th at 6:29 PM Show Install now
v1.0.1 692 Feb 15th at 7:50 PM Show Install now
v1.0.0 204 Feb 15th at 12:52 AM Show Install now

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💬 Aristine, Apr 2nd at 2:27 PM

In case it's useful for others, I made a mod for mods like this one to increase the ground storage drying multiplier from 0.25x to 1x.
Without it for example, wood and peat take 4 times as long to dry when stored in ground piles than they do in the inventory.

💬 DancingHoskuld, Mar 11th at 9:13 AM

I am also not able to start making charcoal with dry firewood due to being unable to create a fire pit on top

💬 rampedindent, Mar 5th at 4:52 AM

Do the things convert back if there left piled in the rain?

💬 Calous, Feb 25th at 7:36 PM

VS Server: v1.19.3 ,
Mods versions: v1.1.1 dried fules, v3.4.7 primitive Survival

Pit Kilns are working with all peat, and all firewood.
Ovens work with dried peat and aged peat but not standard peat, work with all wood
Boilers work with Standard fiewood and aged firewood but not dry.
Charcoal cannot be tested on dry firewood due to being unable to create a fire pit on top, Standard and Aged appear to start okay.

Smokers work with standard firewood only. (as expected per ArmsFrost)

Thank you for the update Arms!





💬 ArmsFrostAuthor, Feb 25th at 6:31 PM

Ok hopefully I fixed pit kilns, and you can now use the new fuel types in this mod for them

💬 ShamblerDK, Feb 20th at 10:35 PM

Yeah, this is not working on pit kilns :-(

💬 Calous, Feb 18th at 7:25 PM

Yeah, the dried and aged variants seem to be pretty limited in use at the moment.


💬 An_Sar, Feb 17th at 10:28 PM

We have run into a few other compatibility issues, charcoal pits, boilers, and the smoker which I believe is from primitive survival.

💬 Calous, Feb 17th at 10:01 PM

Dried Peat Doesn't seen to work on Clay Kilns, only normal peat. Can anyone else confirm?


💬 QuantumAnomaly, Feb 17th at 1:39 PM

Rain doesnt really affect real wood dry times TOO much (other than stop drying for that day) but I would set the timers out to be quite a bit further.  3 months first stage 6 months second for firewood would be a lot closer to real (or 6 mo/1year for super realism).  

I was uncertain anything was happening and scared to reset the state of a pile, but removed a log to find it was drying perfectly.  Log piles might need an info popup to help see it's working.

Still, I love the mod.  Thanks for making it!

💬 Ernie, Feb 17th at 1:39 PM

Thanks for the info ArmsFrost

💬 NerdlinGeeksly, Feb 17th at 5:40 AM

If it wasn't for the peats peek tempurature being capped at 400c I would absolutely download this mod as I also want the firewood aspect, could you make the temperatures more in line with the dried peat mod?

💬 SuaveDoggo, Feb 16th at 10:40 PM

A ModConfig file that allows us to change how long each stage takes would be great ! I love the idea but 10 days total to aged firewood is a bit much, that's barely a default in-game month

💬 ArmsFrostAuthor, Feb 16th at 3:39 PM

It takes 120 in-game hours to dry to the next stage which is 5 in-game days, I am currently looking at how I can detect if it gets wet (e.g. rain) and change it to a soaked/soggy variant that needs to dry back to base again or goes rotten.

💬 Ernie, Feb 16th at 9:39 AM

Are any particular conditions needed for the maturation process?  I'm guessing it's either under a cover, or in a room.  I've got a few test piles around since installing the mod, but nothing's happened yet.  We'd be very grateful if you could add a little bit more detail to the description of the mod. Thanks for making this! ArmsFrost

💬 Calous, Feb 15th at 10:06 PM

ArmsFrost Suggestion; include the version number in the file name for future releases. "DryFireFules_v1.0.1" for example.

It helps knowing which file is installed in server mod folders or which is the NEW version in downloads folder, stuff like that.

Other than that, the mod is great!

💬 Iver, Feb 15th at 1:38 PM

Here is czech translation ArmsFrost

"item-agedpeat": "Letitá rašelinová cihla",
"itemdesc-agedpeat": "Letitá rašelina. Hoří ještě déle a s vyšší výhřevností než čerstvá rašelina.",
"item-driedpeat": "Suchá rašelinová cihla",
"itemdesc-driedpeat": "Suchá rašelina. Hoří déle než čerstvá rašelina.",
"item-driedfirewood": "Suché palivové dříví",
"itemdesc-driedfirewood": "Suché palivové dříví. Hoří déle než čerstvé palivové dříví."

💬 Iver, Feb 15th at 6:29 AM

Nice. Exactly what I wanted to create as mod. Good job ArmsFrost :)

💬 SuaveDoggo, Feb 15th at 2:38 AM

How long does it take to change states ?

💬 Snowfall94, Feb 15th at 1:42 AM

Thought this was gonna be a "Keep that firewood dry or it won't burn" type of mod, but still, a very nice addition

💬 Maamessu, Feb 15th at 1:27 AM

A very simple implementation of longer fuel that I always wanted (for the same reason). Thanks!

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