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Author: Mr1k3
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Created: Jul 31st at 10:16 PM
Last modified: 3 days ago
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BackpackPack is a mod intended to be a successor to "QOL Tweaks BetterBackpacks", it is designed to fill in gaps in the backpack progression and even drastically increase the base games backpack capacity with the plus version. It replaces all of vanillas backpack recipes with improved versions and adds some early and late game backpack progression.

This mod has two versions- the "BackpackPack" and the "BackpackPackPlus";


The normal version keeps the storage capacity of vanilla backpacks and keeps the newly added backpacks in line with those numbers. Located here: StandardVersion

The second, or "Plus" version uses numbers similar to the original "QOL Tweaks Betterbackpacks" mod meaning backpacks give you much more storage that is about double of the base games numbers.

Use the normal version if you like vanilla storage numbers, and use plus if you like huge inventory sizes.

Backpack Progression:

(Quantity slot amounts are shown as PLUS version, N/A to standard version)


Grass pouch:


Very early game solution, niche use when you cant find enough cattails, has recipe to reclaim ingredients.



Slightly more expensive, has recipe to reclaim all cattails minus rope.

Hunter backpack:


Uses raw hides now, can now use 2 small raw hides as well. Easier to create now so its competitive with linen sack.

Linen sack:


Slight cost increase, can reclaim 4 twine back with recipe.

Mining bag:


Same changes as linen sack for consistency, can reclaim plates with recipe.



Slight increase in cost, can reclaim 8 leather used.

Reinforced Backpacks-



Can reclaim plates.



Can reclaim plates.



Can reclaim plates.

Temporal rift:


Can't upload any more images but that purple thing has a recipe and uses a temporal gear and diamond.

Storage Numbers:

Plus Verison:

Grass pouch- +3 slots EA. 12 total.

Basket- +4 slots EA. 16 total.

Hunter backpack- +6 slots EA. 24 total.

Linen sack- +9 slots EA. 36 total.

Mining bag- +18 slots EA. 72 total. (Mining limited)

Backpack- +12 slots EA. 48 total.

Bronze reinforced backpack- +14 slots EA. 56 total.

Iron reinforced backpack- +16 slots EA. 64 total.

Steel reinforced backpack- +18 slots EA. 72 total.

Temporal rift- +24 slots EA. 96 total


Mod is usable on existing worlds, however backpacks existing before the mod was installed and across the two versions will need to be replaced (by re-crafting or spawning them in) to have their storage numbers be updated.

The two versions are exclusive to each other, as they have different mod id's so if you load a world that had the standard version with the plus version the other versions items will simply cease to function, but the currently loaded version will work fine, you may want to refund the cost of the items though if you make the switch intentionally. You wont loose the items from mistakenly loading the wrong mod though, just load back up the version you had when you made the items and they will function as normal.

Character backpack graphics (as in being shown on the back) seems to be buggy for some reason, if you want your backpack to show on your back you will have to re-log otherwise nothing will show up on your back, seems to be some issue with the base game.


Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.0.1 98 3 days ago Show
v1.0.0 817 Jul 31st at 10:33 PM Show

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Mr1k3, 3 days ago


-added ability to place down bags on the ground like in vanilla (thank you Craluminum2413 for the heads up)

-removed rope requirement from baskets

-can now reclaim 2 small hides from hunter backpacks

Gazelutza, Sep 5th at 4:52 AM

Great work! Love it!

It is working for 1.15.5?

gamingoninsulin, Aug 10th at 4:18 PM

Dannngggg thank you i was looking for a mod like this <3

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