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Category: #Crafting #Simplification #Tweak
Author: Rythillian
Side: Both
Created: May 25th at 1:09 PM
Last modified: May 25th at 1:20 PM
Downloads: 258
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Latest file for Various v1.18.x: 1-click install

The default forging values for arrows in Vintage Story are a bit odd. You have the option of making 6 or 9 arrows, both requiring just 1 ingot. Meaning you lose out on arrows/metal if you choose to make 6. This also means if you use a plate to make arrows easier you lose out on 1 ingot.

This mod replaces the recipe for 6 with the one for 9, and replaces the one for 9 with 18 (requires two ingots or a plate). That way you lose out on no arrows or ingots! You can even use plates now to easily "punch out" the arrows with the 18 recipe.
Must be installed on server and client in order to work in multiplayer

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.0 258 May 25th at 1:20 PM Show Install now

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