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Author: Zach2039
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Created: Jan 21st at 1:44 AM
Last modified: Jan 23rd at 10:00 PM
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A mod for Vintage Story written by Grifthegnome, updated for v1.7.10 and later.

This mod is a reasonably failthful update of Outlaw Mod and should maintain all functional portions of previous versions; that being said, drop rates were tweaked and code was cleaned up a bit. Note that modid was updated, so will not function as a replacement for old versions.



Original Mod Description

Step into a grim medieval world where Foot Pads and Brigands waylay the roads at night; Looters roam the hills for coin; Yeomen stalk the woods with their bows, Poachers hunt the kings game, and Feral Hounds feast on the corpses of the slain. These outlaws rove in bands and will agressively persue the player or flee you in an attempt to escape justice.



  • Fight nine new enemy types based on medieval Outlaw archetypes, each with their own custom behaviors, combat styles, and agendas.
  • Custom archer enemies that you can have ranged fights with.
  • Avoid being ambush by groups of Outlaws or actively hunt them down.
  • Build Symbols of Justice to deter Outlaws from incuring into your lands and to bring law to lawless territory medieval-style.


  • Many new enemy types
  • Dynamic Outlaw Camps
  • Bounties and rewards
  • Outlaw Raids
  • Friendly Travelers and Merchants you can defend
  • And Much More!

I am alway open to sugestions, feedback, and bug reports. Thanks in advance!

Initial prototype was based on modified assets from the COB_Bandits mod.

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.2.3 233 Jan 23rd at 10:00 PM Show
v1.2.2 44 Jan 23rd at 8:07 AM Show
v1.2.1 118 Jan 21st at 6:19 AM Show
v1.2.0 19 Jan 21st at 5:45 AM Show

7 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Mechanist, Jan 29th at 3:59 PM

Any way to lower the spawn rate. the moment i added this just like 20 outside my base. If there isnt a way to lower the spawn rate can u add one pls

💬 Zach2039, Jan 24th at 8:35 PM


Drops are there, but they are quite a bit rarer than the original mod and require the body to be harvested instead of droping immediatley on death. I need to add config options to tweak drops.

💬 Axeman, Jan 24th at 5:19 AM

Very cool idea. Hope it gets a more complete feel soon. Do they have no drops right now? Are there drops planned?

💬 Rhyvel, Jan 24th at 4:33 AM



So far so good, thanks for the quick fix

💬 Zach2039, Jan 23rd at 8:08 AM


Should be fixed with v1.2.2; let me know if issue persists.

💬 Rhyvel, Jan 23rd at 12:38 AM

Hey, thanks for your work, been itching to try this mod. Running into an error when poachers with spears or bows spawn. Game version is 1.7.10, using v1.2.1 of the mod. Using only Outlaw Mod Redux in a single player map.

💬 PeterSanderson, Jan 22nd at 4:52 PM

Thanks for taking up the mantle of this mod. Will you be developing and expanding on this one? Will game features like spawn rates be controllable from a config? I ran Gnome's version on my server but many of the players became frustrated with the high spawn rates. I liked the fact that they would fight each other, but the landscape soon became a dystopian boneyard. Looking forward to see where you take this one.

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