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Author: BillyGalbreath
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Created: Feb 14th at 5:17 AM
Last modified: Feb 14th at 5:31 AM
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Starting with v1.19.4 of the game raw hides will turn to rot after 5 days. This mod reverts that change to prevent them from doing so. \o/






Remember, I build these mods for myself and my family. Not you. I owe you nothing. I just like sharing what I've built with others for free. You will receive minimal to no support when using any of my mods.



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💬 DUCATISLO, May 15th at 4:43 PM

based mod

💬 Dynne, May 13th at 8:25 PM

thank youuuu i was so sad bc im a ways off from getting to tanning and leatherworking in my new save.

💬 ColbyFrancis, Feb 17th at 10:13 AM

Based. I appreciate the game's dedication to (semi) realism, but only to a point. 

💬 VaelophisNyx, Feb 14th at 11:15 PM

Blessed, thank you.

Not all systems need to be turbo-realistic

💬 Barhandar, Feb 14th at 9:11 PM

BillyGalbreath except temporal storms have a separate drifter spawn mechanic that ignores everything except collision (having enough space for the drifter), and will happily spawn them in loose stones or even midair, if need be. Stones aren't for panic rooms, they're for safer mines.

Oh, and uh, the devs really should reconsider trying to have that arms race.

NeanderthaI technically temporal storms came about later and chased humanity out of the underground. But yes, trying to get rid of temporal storm saferooms is incredibly foolish, as players will still figure ways to be passively safe during storms - or turn them off - or stop playing your game.

💬 BillyGalbreathAuthor, Feb 14th at 7:42 PM


If you don't like this mod, just don't use it in your game.

Also, side note: If you want your panic rooms back you might like my other mod. ;)

💬 NeanderthaI, Feb 14th at 5:49 PM

@Barhandar    Panic Rooms are also somewhat cannonical, seeing as the last remaining bits of civilization migrated under-ground to avoid the temporal storms and rot, literally doing the exact same thing most players do: build a small confined panic room to avoid danger.

💬 Barhandar, Feb 14th at 4:50 PM

DanaCraluminum "fix" panic rooms? How DARE players do things to avoid hazards in a sandbox game??

Edel_Recke  except besides "realism" being typically mutually exclusive with "gameplay", it also implies things behaving as they do in reality - such as an animal typically having much, much, much more meat, fat and bones than the game gives you. The values on moose I find are ~10% bodyfat, and with moose weighing 200-600 kilograms, that should be dozens of fat items, not 2 +- 0.3 in actual drops. Same for bears, especially bears killed just before winter.

Oh, and usually just enough brain to brain-tan the hide, which is also very realistic, and mutually exclusive with the entire mandatory leathermaking chain present ingame, as it completely skips liming and tanning in favor of directly scraping hair off, rubbing the brain in, then smoking the hide.

What making hides rot does is assure that the player does not have a hide stockpile by the time he can make leather; and that most of the hides harvested from animals are destroyed because animals do not drop enough fat to oil their hides and there are no other sources of oil (without mods, which should be disregarded when talking about base game).

As for "future" with drying rack or salting... why not make the hides rot in the same update that adds drying rack or salting? It's a few lines of change, that wouldn't need to be appended to a "hides now have 3D models" tweak line in the changelog as such a thing would be expected with drying racks.

💬 TRexTheHunter, Feb 14th at 3:57 PM

Thanks! Now I can keep my fat for other usefull stuff! BillyGalbreath

💬 DanaCraluminum, Feb 14th at 2:24 PM

AzuliBluespots Wait until they fix panic rooms so that they become absolutely useless during temporal storms, then it will be really scary

💬 Edel_Recke, Feb 14th at 2:08 PM

AzuliBluespots It's called realism... and normally we, as fans of this game, like this.

You can use fat or the methods of survival expanded to cure it instantly. But i think there will be a drying rack in the future or a kind of salting it; all like in RL
(p.S.: yes i make drums and also once tried to make leather)

💬 AzuliBluespots, Feb 14th at 10:11 AM

Vintage is getting extra scary now.

💬 OpPointBaker, Feb 14th at 7:18 AM

Thank you.

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