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Created: Mar 1st at 1:48 PM
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Meteoric Iron Overhaul


I was intrigued when I first learned that, in certain rare instances, long before wrought iron was even fathomed as a technology by ancient humans, they got lucky enough to not only come across a meteorite, but see it fall from the sky; sometimes interpreted as a gift from the gods, sometimes a foul omen.

What really ended up truly fascinating me, however, was that certain civilizations ended up discovering they could forge these nickel/iron rich meteorites with great ease, much unlike virtually all other iron oxide deposits in the world naturally (other than telluric iron... see the end section for more on that). The earliest dated evidence of meteoric iron being worked goes back to roughly 3200BC in Egypt of some cold-forged jewelry.

So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that meteoric iron was indeed implemented in VintageStory, but also my subsequent disappointment when I also learned the forging requirments are virtually the same as your bog standard iron ore :(


What does this change?


This mod aims to rectify that scarce but fortunate shortcut to the iron age in the game by patching 3 things:

- Naturally spawned meteor blocks are now mineable at level 2(copper)

- Takes a bit longer to mine, but drops 0-6 meteoric iron bits and 0-2 meteoric iron ingots

- While smelting temperatures still require a bloomery, meteoric iron ingots can now be forged on an anvil as low as 800C, and on tier 1(copper) anvils


This allows for the limited ingots mined straight from the meteorite to be crafted into tools as early as the copper age, while still forcing majority of the meteoric iron as small bits that have to go through a bloomery at a later point in technological progression to be used


Drop rates are easily modifiable in the 'Meteoric Iron Overhaul v0.9/assets/mio/patches/survival-blocktypes-stone-meteorite.json' file


Additionally, I thought the worked meteoric iron would look better with the Widmanstätten pattern textured on it + a shiny effect on the ingots when placed down, just like the gold ingots. If you dislike the new texture, you can delete the folder and all its contents at 'Meteoric Iron Overhaul v0.9/assets/game/textures'




I'm considering doing a v1.0 that would allow for meteorites to drop rough chunks with custom voxel models to cold forge on an anvil, to be even more realistic to its historical uses. Let me know what you think or if I should keep it as is


Companion Mods + My Other Mods

Meteoric Expansion is a really recommended and fully compatible companion mod, adding real time meteor strike events to your world rather than solely pre-generated crash sites (set the destructive mode config for best mod synergy!)

I plan on adding a Telluric Iron mod soon; native iron can be found extremely rarely around the world especially around volcanic activity present or past, but the only major deposit has been found in Greenland. I thought it'd be fun to add these rare slightly biome specific deposits as another natural shortcut to the iron age, adding even more reward to exploration

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15 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

💬 Monkaka, Jul 2nd at 5:18 PM

Does this mod make pre generated meteorites rarer? I love the early game boost this mod provides and it seems well balanced. A perfect example of how meteoric iron should be in base game, a rare commodity that feels very rewarding to find at any point of the game. My only gripe is that the armor doesnt have it's texture changed lol.

💬 MrTango, Jun 16th at 11:08 AM

Are the settings toggleable/config, some might not like editing mod files directly (or a lite version mod)?

- Naturally spawned meteor blocks are now mineable at level 2(copper) - I like the idea, maybe bronze?

- Takes a bit longer to mine, but drops 0-6 meteoric iron bits and 0-2 meteoric iron ingots - Feels too different from vanilla balance for me, keeping vanilla yield qtys and items would be nice

- While smelting temperatures still require a bloomery, meteoric iron ingots can now be forged on an anvil as low as 800C, and on tier 1(copper) anvils - I like the idea, maybe bronze; and no temp changes?

Would be cool if from the bloomery, the meteroic iron came out as a pure bloom; that needs reshaping into an ingot, instead of coming out perfectly rectangluar.

💬 CKitt, Jun 13th at 4:44 PM

This mod is still working very well on 1.19.8 if anyone is curious. No issues!

💬 Sevie, May 26th at 1:44 AM

i feel like you get WAY too much with this, found two meteors right next to each other and now i have 32 bars

💬 Thauma, May 19th at 3:12 PM

The patch for meteoric iron block is incorrect, it is using "stone-meteoric-{core}" instead of "metalbits-meteoriciron" for the bits, meaning that instead of bits it drops the stones you can find on the ground. Those also are unchanged and give regular meteoric iron stones without the changes to smelting temperatures

💬 RubberDuckyDJ, Mar 24th at 5:12 PM

The changed texture dosen't affect armor or anvils for some reason

💬 ALandFarAway, Mar 3rd at 10:06 PM

I need those custom rough chunks and cold forging pumped straight into my blue-clay seraph veins

💬 Medic8dGamer710, Mar 1st at 10:37 PM

Very cool 👍

💬 Chainlink, Mar 1st at 10:37 PM

thanks for adding more content without more difficulty! It's much appreciated!

💬 Kyks, Mar 1st at 9:27 PM

i love Meteoric Wxpansion ! This will be awsome with it !

💬 CKitt, Mar 1st at 8:30 PM

The changed texture reminds me of a mason's chisel (of all things) I saw many years ago in a small museum in Massachusetts. Even though it was a few hundred years old, it was visually very similar to what you've made. Allegedly, it had been made from a meteorite found on the mason's land.

I'd have liked to have an XRF gun and permission to analyze that chisel! I imagine it had north of 20% nickel content.

💬 SquonkAuthor, Mar 1st at 4:16 PM

Boyarde Exactly, felt like a massive tease coming across a meteorite in the copper age; especially with how realistic the game can be otherwise, thought it would be fun to reward that discovery a bit more

💬 Boyarde, Mar 1st at 4:08 PM

Met. Iron always just felt like Iron But Cooler and this is a really nice change to that. Awesome idea for a mod.

💬 SquonkAuthor, Mar 1st at 3:57 PM

CherryRook I've only tested it on 1.19.4, but I don't see why it wouldn't on all 1.19 versions. Feel free to test it out and let me know! It can be loaded and unloaded in a save without causing any bugs that I noticed on 1.19.4, at least

💬 CherryRook, Mar 1st at 2:48 PM

Is it compatible with any 1.19 version (specifically 1.19.3) or only 1.19.4 ? Im not yet ready to update to the latest version but i want to give this a shot with the meteoric expansion mod

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