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Author: Taska
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Created: Feb 16th 2021 at 12:26 AM
Last modified: Feb 7th at 4:06 AM
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Meteoric Expansion

The skies burn with balls of fire barrelling towards the planet at cosmic speeds....Is this the apocalypse?


Welcome to Meteoric Expansion!

This mod aims to bring the cosmos to Vintage Story in a very literal sense. In vanilla Vintage Story it's possible to stumble across small surface deposits of meteoric iron...but where did it come from? Meteors don't exist in vanilla!

Meteoric Expansion fills this space. This mod will spawn occasional randomized meteors that will streak through the skies, burning up or exploding like a real meteor would. There's also a small chance that they'll crash to the ground, depositing their riches into the world...!



Meteoric Expansion ships with configurable options!

By default meteors are NOT destructive and will NOT damage the world or player structures. With the destructive option set to false Meteoric Expansion is mostly cosmetic. You may find a few scattered bits at the collision site, but no meteorite embedded in the ground. Risk vs reward...  

To change your config, load up a game with the mod installed and enabled. After the mod runs once, a MeteoricExpansionConfig.json file will be available for edit in...

'C:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig'

Exit to menu, edit this file, then load your save to see the changes!

Further config details can be found by opening the mod ZIP and reading the readme in 'assets\meteoricexpansion\config\'


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Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download
v1.1.1 2175 Feb 7th at 4:06 AM Show
v1.1.0 100 Feb 6th at 9:56 PM Show
v1.0.6 1089 Jan 1st at 8:11 PM Show
v1.0.5 1206 Jul 16th 2021 at 7:17 PM Show
v1.0.4 904 Feb 16th 2021 at 12:28 AM Show

14 Comments (oldest first | newest first)

Taska, May 13th at 2:09 PM

Shion Kinda normal yes... a meteorite spawns at the edge of the crater along the trajectory vector of the meteor. So, in instances where the meteor strikes shallow, it can sometimes be level with the ground.

Shion, May 13th at 3:00 AM

Is it normal that meteorite spawns slightly outside of the crater? Maybe it should be in the middle, or at least 3 blocks lower or something?

Kyks, May 7th at 1:09 AM

@Taska Thanks for the quick response. I am playing Singleplayer at the moment Ill give 1.1.0 a try.


Great job ! 

Taska, May 3rd at 3:24 AM

Kyks I had to remove those config options in version 1.1.1 and haven't found a solution since :/

  The problem is that those config values are serverside only. The motion behavior, which determines the trajectory and rotation of meteors, is calculated on both the client and the server. This means that the clientside won't have access to critical data it needs to remain synced with the server, since a remote client can't access the server config values(that I'm aware of).

I would love to find a way to offer that customization for everyone. If I do think of something, it'll happen.

In the meantime, you could download the 1.1.0 version and run that if you're playing a single-player world for that functionality. The only thing 1.1.1 does is remove that functionality which was causing crashes on public servers.

Thanks for checking out the mod! I'm glad you enjoy it ^.^

Kyks, May 3rd at 12:58 AM

Just installed and tweaked the config to see them every minute just to have a look at them. watch about 30 streak in the sky. But i did not see any hit the ground. Based on your picture and description it is possible.

Is there a config for how often they make landfall ?


Really liking the mod. ! Great job !

Taska, Feb 7th at 4:05 AM

Madman2429 Thanks for the report! This does only affect servers, and not single player instances. I have a fix coming out in a moment that'll address this. Unfortunately, this means I need to cut the speed and scale configuration options unless I can find another way around the problem.

Madman2429, Feb 7th at 1:55 AM

Reporting a crash related to the mod. On non-dedicated server, clients aside from host crash when certain meteorites appear. Was unable to identify specific cause and logs were in native languages. It appeared to be related with the meteorite's model, as it crashed when in render distance only. Wish I had more details but that is all we've found so far. 

Taska, Feb 6th at 9:14 PM

Kirona I'm actually just in the process of overhauling crater sites. I'll share some images of those ones shortly ^.^

I think at most, with default settings, you'll see craters with a diameter of 9 blocks?

Kirona, Feb 6th at 8:32 PM

Any chance of adding in a picture or two of a collision site with destruction enabled? I'm curious about enabling that option, but there's not anything I can find to tell me if I'm risking losing a few blocks, or like a 200-block-wide super-crater ;p

Taska, Jan 15th at 5:51 AM


It should, version 1.0.6  was an update to make it compatible with 1.16 O.o

I've had it running on a new single player world but that's a super small sample size.

Shion, Jan 14th at 9:56 AM

Does it work with 1.16.0? I stopped hearing any meteorites falling down lately...

Taska, Apr 18th 2021 at 5:38 AM

1.0.4 was my sound update =c

Others have asked about further change to the sounds too so I will consider it. I quite like how they sound at the moment, honestly, so it'd have to be something truly epic to take its place. 

WickedSchnitzel, Apr 9th 2021 at 7:04 PM

Any chance that you're overhauling the sounds? In my humble opinion, they do sound a little unfitting. But maybe thats just me.

DearFox, Feb 17th 2021 at 1:13 PM

I made a video showing the work of the mod from a visual point of view in the form of a time-lapse.

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