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Category: #Texture Pack
Author: tobyferrian
Side: Client
Created: Mar 31st at 10:50 AM
Last modified: Mar 31st at 12:16 PM
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Latest file for v1.19.5: 1-click install

this is simply a texture mod mainly affecting the skies, featuring:

  • binary suns - there's two of them now, a big blue one and a small orange one
  • a volcanically active moon - if you look closely you might see the volcanoes, especially during a new moon
  • a new night sky - a view from within the Small Magellanic Cloud, with views of a nebula, the Large Magellanic Cloud, and the Milky Way
  • a darker, bluer daytime sky
  • bluer, more vibrant water

this mod is available in three versions, with different night skybox texture resolutions
1k (1024x1024) available right here on this page
2k (2048x2048) available on my website due to its size
4k (4096x4096) available on my website due to its size

this mod also pairs well with Volumetric Shading ReUpdated, though it overrides my sky color changes


all textures except the sun (which i made myself by hand) were exported from SpaceEngine Pro

this mod should remain compatible with all future game versions, being nothing more than a simple texture replacement

Version For Game version Downloads Release date Changelog Download 1-click mod install*
v1.0.0 434 Mar 31st at 12:16 PM Show Install now

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💬 Flint_N_Steel, Apr 1st at 8:57 AM

Very cool mod! Two suns, I give it two out of two stars.

💬 tobyferrianAuthor, Mar 31st at 6:22 PM

i made a typo somewhere whoops, it should be fixed now thL33tn00b

thanks for letting me know

💬 thL33tn00b, Mar 31st at 6:19 PM

4K part 1,2,3 on your site says file not found

💬 tobyferrianAuthor, Mar 31st at 12:45 PM

thank you for the kind words KedSped

💬 KedSped, Mar 31st at 12:39 PM

It looks great been waiting for something like this

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